How Do I Feel About Him?

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Are you unsure of how you feel about him? You must be, since you're checking out quizzes with titles like "How Do I Feel About Him?":)) So, let's find out now whether you're experiencing love, lust, infatuation, or you just plain out have a crush on the guy!

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    How do you feel when you hear his name mentioned?

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37 days ago
It says lust. That's impossible 'cause I'm omnisexual with very, very little attraction for males and he's 21 years older than me and a former teacher of mine. I've been taking a lot of tests, and they all get it wrong; what I feel when I think about him is platonic love, absolute admiration but nothing that'd go over a hug. This teacher really changed my life and I love him, but just platonically.
55 days ago
It says whant phisical contact.
I mean with time mabey a kiss and a hug and holding hands. But.
It isnt lust!!!!!!!!
I have loved this guy almost two years. I whant him to love me. I what him to think im great. I what to have a future with him mabey if he is really made for me.
199 days ago
all ima say is that all the people that need advice and stuff. go with your gut. if you think you're faking the feelings for your bf. tell them. it might hurt them but it will hurt them less if you tell the truth.
211 days ago
i don't know what to do, me and my bf have a long distance relationship and hes extremely over protective and jealous of everything, i love gaming and i cant do anything or play with some of my friends bc they're boys or they're supposedly "suspicious" or they're trying to take me from him and I'm the type of person to joke around about things that would be weird to talk about to most ppl like sexual stuff. so i went on vacation with another family they were my friends and i wasn't able to talk to him much at all bc i was very busy, always going places and there was one guy a year older than me we went there with and he was really fun to be around and as much as i tried to deny it i kinda of felt feelings for him, when i went back home yesterday I'm just now realizing how much i enjoyed being there and with that guy and i really don't know what to do and i feel so guilty or like I'm faking my feeling for my bf and i don't know how to tell him anything bc hes pretty sensitive and its hard to be in this relationship bc hes so far away from me. im very bad at telling stories sorry about this i just needed to rant
246 days ago
it said I only like him for his looks (he isn’t particularly good looking) I love him because he makes me laugh and I can’t help but smile around him
323 days ago
My bf hates me😣😣
414 days ago
i have a bf and i don't know if he and i are gonna work out i don't know if i wanna be with him or if i don't
450 days ago
It said I'm infatuated. I guess it's true because I do everything I can to make him happy even if it hurts me:(
535 days ago
So, I need help, I like this guy, or in other words love, but lately we haven't been talking much and I know why, and I did know why when he said he would be busy for a few days, but I fear I am losing interest even though I was aware of the situation, he says he loves me, but I really do fear I may be losing interest, I would never want to break his heart ever, but Now I am just way too confused
610 days ago
it said for lust. But I’m not really big on looks. Idk what draws me to him. He just seems cool.
684 days ago
Ok so this guy said he liked me and I didn’t know how to feel but we didn’t talk after that my friends over reacted about it and said things like we were too different to be together or I shouldn’t be with him another said I couldn’t like him
They’ve complained about him being sensitive and annoying which I thought he was for a while we’ve known each other a few years
I wrote a letter to him and left my number because we couldn’t talk with mine and his friends around
He’s a nerdy gamer and while talking I learned so much about him he’s really nice and we have a lot in common he asked me to a dance and I said no but that was the first time we talked since I found out he liked me which didn’t go well at all
I’m not sure how I feel but I told him I didn’t like him about a half a year ago
I don’t know what to do
Also I’m super awkward and my parents wouldn’t be happy with me being in a relationship so idk how it would go anyways
743 days ago
I don’t know exactly why I like him it is just something I cannot explain I don’t particularly like the way he looks buybacks he is cute (without his glasses) but the quiz said I just like him for his looks.
793 days ago
The quiz told me that i am in love with him. (Which i already knew) We have nown eachother for 2 and a half years and loved each other for a year.
805 days ago
I'm not at all attracted to him, yet the quiz told me that all I care about are his looks!!
831 days ago
I've known this guy since 8th grade and we are sophomores now and ever since we first met, I knew I liked him. But I believe in getting to know a person first, being their friend, and then maybe consider a relationship if I continue to like him
Just this year around my birthday and he told me he liked me and I was surprised and so ever day at school he'd make sure to get me to my classes, text me constantly, give me hugs or offer his jacket when I am cold. Overall, much more attentive and I know he wants a relationship but I can't because my parents don't really know how to feel about him and I respect their decisions very much. But he respects my decision of not dating and continues to be my awesome guy friend who I can count on. I fear that at some point he might stop showing interest because he gets tired of waiting or I'd move on. He is an awesome guy and he says I am an awesome person. Idk...I'm kinda confused on what else to do.
912 days ago
I pretty much see him Sunday’s and Wednesday because he the pastors kid and I see him at church all the time but I got to see him every day last week so 😀
970 days ago
Long distnace is so hard. I get to see him about 4 times a year. That is when it is difficult. I miss him and yet this quiz can irritate you because it is so inacurate. I am not obsessed about him and i like him for who he is not his looks, sure if the guy u like has good looks sure but their personality is what should more important.
I am just that country girl
1123 days ago
I'm still confused that I should move forward or let him lose . I even don't know he likes me or not. How should I know how he feels for me
1362 days ago
It's long distance...
1464 days ago