How do you know if it's true love or just lust?
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How do you know if it's true love or just lust?

Want to know if it's real or not take this quiz and find out.

Question 1:When he picks you up for the dance does he tell you?
Complain to you about how annoying his little sister is
Complain about having to wear a tux when it was his idea to go to the dnce in the first place
Tell you how great you look

Question 2:What is his reaction when you talk about marriage?
He looks at you Funny and says he has to go to the kitchen to get a pop
He looks at you kinda sweet and ask you to let him know when your ready
He gets up and leaves the room
He grabs his keys and makes a run for the door

Question 3:You just got home from work and your feet are really hurting when you walk in the door you find him
On the phone talking to one of his boys about the GAME
asleep on the couch radio on full blast
Cooking dinner cause he knew you would be late

Question 4:You say that you need to go to the mall and your car is right above empty and you ask him to borrow is brand new sports car he
he gives you a funny look as if you just ask him to give you his kidney or something
makes an excuse that he needs it to go over to his mothers to do some laundry
Says sure becareful and put some gas in it please

Question 5:Your sisters wedding is in about 2 hours and and one of the groomsmen has the flu so your sister has asked you to ask your man to fill in for the sick groomsman you ask your man and he
I will but only because the dude is sick and I like your sister she is nice
No way I that would be to weird I don't even know your family
I am having dinner at my moms it's been planned for a week I just forgot to tell ya

Question 6:After a date he walks you to the door what does he do
Gives a peck on the cheek and says see ya around
Turns and heads to the door after mumbling sorry i lost my wallet and you had to pay for the dinner and movie!
Tells you that he will call you when he gets home because he loves the sound of your voice and he will miss you!

Question 7:Do you know his favorite Color?

Question 8:Do you know his favorite kind of car
Who cares

Question 9:Have you met his mom?
No way
Well almost but he never showed up!
Ya she is really nice

Question 10:Have met all his friends?
I think so?
What does it matter he hasn't met all mine!

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