Is that someone more than a friend?
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Is that someone more than a friend?

Have you ever wondered if your closest friend was more than just a "friend"? Do you have feelings for this person you never thought you had?

Question 1:You are sitting at a table with that "someone" and you just cant seem to stop staring at them you then:
Look away when they look at you
Keep staring even though they are staring at you in a weird look
Stare at them while thinking of them

Question 2:Have you ever thought of him/her when you were supposed to be doing something else?
Yes! All the time!
No! Not at all!
They cross my mind once in a while

Question 3:What would you say if someone asked you about your relationship with him/her?
We are just friends!
I like him/her
I'm not sure

Question 4:Have you ever dressed up and/or spent time getting ready just before seeing that someone?
Yes! All the time! I have to look my best!
No...I just go as is
only sometimes

Question 5:Do you think he/she is good looking?
He/she's ok
Heck yeah!
not at all

Question 6:Do you get nervous when you are around him/her?
A little bit. I get tiny butterflies but that’s about it
Nope. Nothing to get nervous about.
Yes! It's just a habbit I guess!

Question 7:Do you ever have a daydream of some sort during classes?
Yes! All the time!
No! I so pay attention in class
I did once or twice

Question 8:Do you ever hug and or flirt with him/her?
No. I wouldn’t have the guts to do that
Only sometimes
All the time! I'm a huge flirt!

Question 9:Have you ever wanted to hangout with that person so bad that you would ditch a friend and/or something else important you had to do?
I have! And I'll do it again!
I did once or twice...but its ok!
No. I would never do that!

Question 10:Do you ever think of them more than a friend?
I do sometimes
No. That never crosses my mind.
Yes I do

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