Is it a game, or could it be more than just friendship ?
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Is it a game, or could it be more than just friendship ?

Friendship, or does this boy truly think of you as more than what you ever imagined ?

Question 1:First off, do you like him as more than a friend ?
Still trying to figure that out.
I don't think so.
Are you kidding, of course !
Not sure, skip this and move on...

Question 2:Is there part of you saying go for more than friendship ?
All the time !
I s'pose.
Not sure, skip this and move on...

Question 3:Are there mutual friends between you two ?
Umm, a few but not that many !
Yes, we're like, practically one big family!
Nope, none, I wouldn't be caught dead with his friends.
Not sure, skip this and move on...

Question 4:Does he ever touch you, like, playfully ?
He can't keep his hands off me.
We hug some of the time, but that’s it, promise.
Not sure, skip this and move on...

Question 5:Have you two ever gone out together (e.g. bf/gf ?)
Ugh, c'mon, we're just plain old friends.
A long time ago, but we put that behind us.
I think I'm going to be sick.
Yes, but we just ended up forgetting and went back to being best friends.

Question 6:Almost done... Has he ever lied to you just to make you seem more impressed by him ?
Not that I know of.
He doesn't have to, we're just friends and we know each other like the back of our hands.
Yes, all the time, but its adorable! :: giggle ::
Uh huh, why am I still taking this ?

Question 7:3 more to go, promise!
I can't wait to see how he feels!
I don't get it... :: confusion ::
This is stupid, I should leave right now, but I'm bored.

Question 8:Do you two ever spend more than 3 hours together alone ?
hmmmm.. not sure what to answer here
We're friends and all, but I don't think we've spent more then 30 min ALONE together.
We can't stay away from each other !
What a horrific mental picture you've given me, thanks. :: grr ::

Question 9:If he ever got into an embarrassing situation, and the only way to get him out was to embarrass yourself, would you do it ?
Nope, he's tuff, he can fend for himself.
Yes, I'd do anything to keep him from being hurt in any way!
Uh huh, we'd both end up becoming embarrassed no matter what ! (great times)
Your purpose of making this test was... ?

Question 10:Last question, :: phew :: do you think HE wants more than a friendship ?
Yes, I can't believe he hasn't asked me to marry him already!
No, not really, he’s not that kind of person, neither am I.
I hope not, that would ruin my whole day... :: tears ::
Yay, now I can see what none-sense analysis I got...

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