Does he your "guy friend" want to be your "boy friend"?
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Does he your "guy friend" want to be your "boy friend"?

Here's my quiz... hope you enjoy it! And if you do, feel free to e-mail me...

Question 1:How well does he understand you (ex. how you feel, your values, your level of sensitivity, ect...)
Really well
Fairly well
He knows a little about me
He knows little/nothing about me

Question 2:Does he hug you?
Every time we see each other!
Only when I'm upset or he's proud of me... you know, extreme circumstance type things

Question 3:Does he ever open the door for you?
Yes, he is such a gentleman... but I believe he does it as a friend...
Like always! And he always makes sure I am in front of him... ladies first!
No, he's too slow, I'm always one step ahead of him... literally!
Nope!! ::mumbles "That inconsiderate &$%@#..."::

Question 4:Does he want to kiss you or has he?
I don't know if he wants to or not
He's very free with his kisses...
eeeeew no!
He refuses to kiss me
He wants to, but I won't let him!

Question 5:Has he gotten you a birthday/holiday present?
He (almost) always gives me a present for a birthday or holiday that's important to me
He doesn’t even know when my birthday is!
He buys me presents occasionally
Not only does he buy me presents for my birthday and other occasions (like holidays), but he gets me little "just showing you I care" gifts too!
I have never gotten a present from him!

Question 6:At a party he would most likely be:
With his friends
By your side most of the night
By the "hott" girls
With you half the time, with his friends the other half
Partying like an animal!

Question 7:When with his friends, he treats you:
Like one of the guys
Like a princess
A mix between the 2 above
He has friends?
How should I know, he never lets me hang with his guys!

Question 8:You and him go to a movie as friends, he...
Expects you to pay for yourself
Offers to pay
Pays without saying a word
Expects you to pay for both yourself AND him as well
Pays for exactly half and not a penny more

Question 9:The two of you are now inside the theater, he...
Tries to pull a move on you
Slumps down in his seat and only notices the movie and the food
Sits with his right arm touching your left arm (or vice-versa), his hand dangling down by your side...
Watches the movie, but keeps glancing at you
Wait! With him making me pay like that and all, our friendship is so over!

Question 10:Does he/has he ever danced with you and enjoyed it? (if he won't dance with you, but will with other girls, bubble in the first one!)
Him dance? Yeah right!
Yeah, he loooves to dance (especially with me)
He can't really dance, but if I'm around, he will
He has danced with me but I don't know if he enjoyed it or not
I have never been in that setting with him to know

Question 11:How often does he call you?
Never has
Very rarely but he has
Couple times a week
Once or twice... and that's in a lifetime!

Question 12:How often does he hang out with you?
He comes to my house sometimes
He is always trying to schedule time for us to be together, but I'm just too busy!
We hardly ever see each other
I only see him at school/church/a club

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