Is he your friend or future boyfriend?
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Is he your friend or future boyfriend?

Find out if your secret crush has deep feelings for you or if he's just a friend.

Question 1:   When he sees you passing in a corridor, what is his reaction?
He stops to talk.
He smiles and says hi.
He just smiles.
He just says hi.
He ignores you.

Question 2:   Has he ever complimented you?
Once or twice.
He never has the chance.
He doesn’t talk to me at all.
Yes! Loads of times.

Question 3:   When he is with his mates and he sees you when you walk past does he...?
Leave his mates and comes to talk to you.
Say Hi.
All of the above.
He ignores you.

Question 4:   If there was a room with more popular girls than you, what would he do?
Ignore them and come over to talk to you.
Smiles and says hi but goes over to them.
Smiles but still goes over to them.
Ignores you completely.

Question 5:   Do you think he has a girlfriend?
I don't have a clue.

Question 6:   Do YOU have strong feelings for him?
Yes! Duh!

Question 7:   If he was in danger, would you help him?
It depends on what it is.
Yes, of course!
No. He's not worth it.

Question 8:   Do you think he'd help you?

Question 9:   Would he rather spend time with his mates than you?
I don't know.

Question 10:   Do you dream about him?
Yes. All the time.
Never. That's just sad.

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