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This is pretty there any chance that he might want to be more than friends?

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    OK, first thing's first. Does this guy go out of his way at all to try and talk to you?

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1403 days ago
Hey guys, we need to stick together, right? Also, Alisse, that's sorta weird. I hope you figure it out(lmao I am garbage at relationships). OKAY. Hold on tight cuz we're going for a ride! Sooo I know this guy...and for the sake of privacy I shall call him John. I've known him for a VERY long time. I'm currently in seventh grade. I've known him since either Kindergarten or first grade. Let me tell you, he was a total WEIRDO. He had horrible social skills, doesn't work well with people, was reckless, irresponsible, and did other bad-kid behavior stuff. Not like a BAD-BAD kid kind, like the kind that cusses people out, no, more like a "today I'm going to rip up my work into shreds and poke people in the back of the classroom" attitude. So....I wasn't really his friend at this time. As we got older, he became a bit more normal(thank goodness). Okay, so now it's seventh grade, right? Welllllllll, I went to a friend's sleepover and there were other people there. THAT is where it all started. Let's call her...Sarah? Yea. okay. So she told me about John's current girlfriend-who he was dating against his will. So here is the story according to her:
Jessica(not real name): Hey, Vanessa! Can you get John to date me?
Vanessa(not real name): Sure.
Vanessa walks over to John and says "Do you like Jessica?"
Of course, John is flustered and is stuttering and all this stuff and says, "Well, I like her-"
"Jessica, he said yes!"
He was going to say as a friend.
He felt too bad to break up with Jessica-even though he didn't like her. Many funny incidents happened while they were dating-I shall name a few. So they were in Honor Choir(I don't have this, so this is all from Sarah) and John was sitting on a cabinet thing. Just as he was half-way up, Jessica came and decided, "You know what? I'm gonna sit on his lap(I'm not trying to be offensive, but she is HUGE. I've seen her before)" No sooner than she does, the cabinet breaks.

That's tough.
Another time they were alone in a classroom(or something) and Jessica leaned in for a kiss....let's say it didn't happen.
So I agreed to help Sarah and John. So John sat right in front of me at my lunch table, along with Sarah. So I started talking to them instead of reading/drawing/eating my lunch. I found out many things. Amongst them being A) John is a lot of fun to talk to B) He is so SWEET LoL I am dying C) He's funny

That's when I start to wonder
am I
I started talking to him between class changes(our four cores were basically switched around. I have Science, LA, Math, and Social studies. He has LA, Science, SS, and then Math. He always gets out really late, too. I catch him staring at me in French. I also catch him skipping half of it( and later appearing in my Digital Palette, claiming he was in that class to the sub. The sub didn't believe him. The whole time I was mouthing LIAR!!! Then I started to mess around with him in gym. Yeah, French and Gym are the only classes I actually have with him. Then 3 new girls came and took over where John and Sarah sit. So they moved-unfortunately. I miss talking to John during Lunch. so Sarah had me guess who he liked. I guessed every girl BUT the end I guessed myself and WHAT DO YOU KNOW(oh, just so you know, he broke up with Jessica).
1933 days ago
I think some boy likes me but I've been told he likes a GUY
2523 days ago
*was already flirting*
*tells me to try flirting with him*
*face palm*