Does She Really Like Me, Or Just Want To Be Friends? Quiz

It can be hard to tell whether a girl is really into you or just wants to be friends. I'm a girl, so I would know. I know it's a frustrating experience to like someone you're unsure of, and I'd like to help. Answer my questions and I'll give you my expert opinion. Good luck!

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    Which is closest to how long you've known her?
    Which is closest to how long you've known her?

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453 days ago
ughhh i like my friend and i dont wanna ruin our friendship by telling her.. for now im just tryna drop hints
548 days ago
my friend sadie is um... weird but rude and i think shes gross so im takin this test ^v^
788 days ago
She is always so mean to me but she is soooooooo hot
847 days ago
omg like THESE ARENT HELPING! Yes she walks up to me to talk to me, yes she flirts, yes she always touches me but LIKE IT COULD JUST BE A FRIENDLY WAY! She's bi like me and ik she likes someone since she told me :(
865 days ago
I am the only person who understands she
978 days ago
I do not wanna ask her out I don't wanna ask her out, I don't wanna ask her out daugdeztsdzdu I am just terrified of asking people out because it could ruin the whole relationship with this person!!!! I never dated anyone so I don't have any experience and I just realized that I might like her and we have holidays so I can experience the feeling to be with her knowing that I probably like her!!!!! Help!
999 days ago
wat do i doooo!! i think she likes me(she is my bff so i know her pretty well) and every one of these tests say that she is into me yet she always goes on about other crushes. and once i had 2 fake propose to her becuz of a dare and she just went all "i like u too!!!" *kiss emoji* before going offline, coming back in a few mins and being like no im sorry i love someone else! and im freaking out now cuz i kinda like her too??!!
1018 days ago
40% , i'm crying :=(
1360 days ago
Woah so my Bff might love me back?
1396 days ago
I just wanted take the Quiz see if it’s accurate I know she likes me the we talked about maybe dating and I know that she scared to ask me out because she asked what I thought of her
1452 days ago
I don’t know why I’m even taking this test, I have a girlfriend for sure and i am bothfriend OwO I’m frikin gay as heck
1476 days ago
WOOH MY ENEMY IS IN LOVE WITH MY GF BUT SHE DOESN'T LIKE HIM.I thought She did cause She flirts back with him(sometimes)
1476 days ago
Rose She Likes u as friend
1476 days ago
I asked her out...I knew She would say yes
1630 days ago
Every test I do if she likes me or not gets the same answer
You results aren’t clear
Half she likes you!
Half you guys don’t know each other well enough to tell.
1649 days ago
I’m a girl I have a crush on my BFF (who is also a girl) and every test i’ve Taken says she likes me......HALP
1718 days ago
1890 days ago
I’m just gonna let the shoe drop: there was another girl-you might be the same one as far as I noticed- and she said that she would know if a girl likes us guys back, and it was very much so in the margin of error.
1991 days ago
Why we know that a girls like us more than friend