Do You And Your Best Guy Friend Have More Than You Realize? Quiz

Maybe you've never considered the possibility...or maybe you never stop thinking about it! Whichever of these is the case...take my quiz and find out here and now whether you and he might actually have a "thing" going on! Friendship is an awesome basis for long-lasting love - and besides, stranger things have definitely happened. ;)

  • 1
    How often do you see your best guy friend?
    How often do you see your best guy friend?
  • 2
    Be honest - have you ever brought up the idea of you two together?
  • 3
    Has he ever loaned anything of his to you?

  • 4
    When (if) you catch him looking at you, what does he do?
  • 5
    Does he try to keep in touch when you're not at school, work, etc?
  • 6
    The sweetest thing he's ever said to you goes along the lines of...

  • 7
    Do you think he likes you?
  • 8
    Has he ever touched you? How?
  • 9
    Does he flirt with you?
  • 10
    Guys always tell their friends about their crushes. Have any of his friends snitched on him?

  • 11
    I almost forgot! Do you flirt with him?
  • 12
    Is he single, or does he have a girlfriend?
  • 13
    Do your friends think he likes you?
  • 14
    How long have you known him?
  • 15
    How would you currently describe your relationship?

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2055 days ago
But wait wait!! U haven't tell me he like me or not u just say he may be like u or not
l mean what?? yrrrrrr that what I wanna know is he think about me or not but u just say my question as ur answer what is this man I think of him when he told me he had a gf but becaz of some reason they need to go in seperate way I don't know y ever night l think about it even every day but the fact is I was in love with his friend and he know every thing about it and i know everything about him we are more than friends but less than gf bf actually l also don't know l like him or not but l think l don't so and if l don't so y every time every day every min every sec l use to think of him I'm so confused plzzzz guys help me
2072 days ago
Me and Alex were best friends kindergarten through most of 3rd grade and in 2nd grade I started liking him so I told my best friends and about halfway through 3rd grade my best friend went up to him and said "(My Name) likes you more than a friend." And then Alex went up to my other best friend and said "dose (My Name) Really like me?!?!?!" And she said "I can't tell you..." so she confirmed it pretty much now I'm in 6th grade almost 7th and I was at StarBucks with a friend and Alex and his friends and his friends sat down and walked up to my table and was about to say something then his mom called. I then left with my friend. I still wonder what he would have said
2079 days ago
There is this boy and we just met in the past year and we sit littetally next to each other in class ,buthe has been giving me mixed vibes.
Example #1
We play around with eathother alot like we touched hands and i call him daddy like a game but i dont know if he feel like we are more then friends

Everytime i say that there is someone cute other than him to him or in front of him he always try to make a reason on why the other guy is ugly
I just need to know like i dont want to play no games and waste my time not knowing iif he likes me or not
2080 days ago
Okay so I like him a lot and he always talks about his crush to me and asks me what he should say to them with really makes me sad but I just help him he said I am his best friend and he said I was pretty and he thinks it's cool that I'm funny. Today we were texting and I said wyd and he said nothing than he said wyd and I said nothing, then he said what are you doing tomorrow and I said nothing so he said do you wanna hang out? I said idk but he always tips water on me then when he helps me clean up he looks in my eyes and he always takes the blame for me I think he likes me but he just always talks about his crush who goes to another school😭
2118 days ago
I have a big crush on my best friend he’s so cute and stuff and he has recently got a girlfriend in year 8 when we are in year 7 I have liked him before and then realised we were so different but now he has changed and I’m afraid to tell him so I’m not but I had a moment we’re we almost kissed and when I look at his lips I always blush and look away I was trying a technique online people say we would be great together but we say no we shouldn’t please help me !😁😬
2127 days ago
he tries to give me his jacket like alot
2141 days ago
my best friend has known about my bisexuality for five months now... however before that he texts me every day, sends me selfies on Snapchat. He and I went on a cruise together and he told me not to😍block him.. however he didn’t show any interest in anyone. We got drunk last month, and he texted me as I walked home to make sure I got home okay and another text asking how I was feeling the next day. He claims to be straight but he hasn’t dated anyone in 6 years. Anyone want to form an opinion?
2202 days ago
I have known him since I moved onto a new street aka, since we were toddlers! Him, me, his brother and my brother usually hang out together and sometimes film stuff. Only, problem... he's two years younger than me! Not like I care or anything, just saying. A couple of times, his younger brother (since he's younger than all of us) says for me and my guy friend are his 'mom' and 'dad'. We both pretend to freak out and say 'no no no no!' Another time I was upset that my video camera stopped working and he said somthing sweet and held up my face. What? I don't remember!!! GAHHHH!!! And at the fair (we all went) I offered him a sip of my drink AND HE FRICKN DRANK IT. Lately, it seems we've been closer and when ever one of my friends drags me away to talk or somthing, he seems kind of upset..... and recently I've starred liking him. I'm not sure if it's just hormones or somthing, idk. PLZ HELP PEOPLE!!!!!!
2456 days ago
My best friend (who's a guy) and I are like siblings. We have said that we love each other more than 3 times at least. We send hearts to each other every once in a while. Everyone in school teases us about likin each other. But we don't. We started a little prank that him and I are together. But it's going to be for 5 MONTHS! Idk what to think of this. Help?
2555 days ago
I have a huge crush on my best guy friend. He is totally clueless what do I do. I think he likes me. I might write him a note.
2851 days ago
please help i really like my bff