Do You Like Him As More Than A Friend? Quiz

So, you have this guy friend, and you two are pretty close. You think you might even "like like" him. It's a pretty common situation, actually. Try my quiz now to see if you REALLY like him, or if he's just a friend. You might be feeling confused because you don't have anyone else, or maybe your significant other is being a jerk right now.

  • 1
    When you see him looking/smiling at you, your heart melts and you can't help but smile back.
    When you see him looking/smiling at you, your heart melts and you can't help but smile back.
  • 2
    He has said you are like a sister to him.
  • 3
    You sometimes daydream or have dreams while sleeping about the two of you being more than friends.

  • 4
    You find yourself trying to get his attention a lot.
  • 5
    When you aren't with him, you often think about him or wish you were with him.
  • 6
    When you think about getting married, you picture him as your groom.

  • 7
    You find yourself trying to get close to him whenever you can.
  • 8
    The reason you think you like him is because your friend told you that you would be cute together.
  • 9
    If he asked you out, you would say yes.
  • 10
    If he asked you out, you would say no. This might be because you think he is just playing a trick on you or because you wouldn't want to risk the friendship. Or maybe you just don't like him.

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25 days ago
My entire sitch is complicated!! He has liked me since he met me - I know this because he told his mom (he loves his mom and it is so sweet :D) and his mom told my mom. But I didn't know until a couple weeks ago. But while all this is happening, my best friend likes him A LOT. She knows he likes me, but doesn't know I like him. Which I didn't - until I knew he liked me. I don't have any classes with him, so we don't interact as much as I do with other guys. But now that I know I have been thinking about him a lot. Also I think I hurt him because one time I said something about thinking a guy on his outside of school baseball team was cute, and he started laughing like crazy (he does that around me a lot. It's actually really cute because I know he's just nervous!!) When I asked him why he laughed, he got really awkward and said, "Oh, ummm I must've heard someone else say something." Not true, but I was saying that I thought the guy was cute before I knew he liked me. Otherwise I wouldn't have said it, because I know that would have hurt him!! Anyway, HELP!!!
322 days ago
violet we have a lot in common yk and

yes i think i like him

but i dont know if he likes me back

i mean we have known each other for ages, and my friends are like GET TOGETHER,

and i think hes just the perfect person for me ;)

403 days ago
oh god, I like him. I don't know why. my friends call him ugly. I don't obsess over him, I sometimes don't even think about him. but I always felt kinda like I liked him since the 7th week of school. EVERY quiz I've taken said I like him a lot. btw now it's like the 32nd week and I still have that weird feeling I like him. I don't know why I like him, he isn't good-looking, he is shy, really awkward, but to me, he seems perfect and I like him. a lot. I want to tell him. idk how.
741 days ago
Great quiz! :) I think my result was accurate.
746 days ago
i mean i knew i liked him but the quiz made me realize just how much lol (crying inside)
746 days ago
osidhfuaisdfhapisudfhapsidufhasd so apparently i am in love woo
1105 days ago
So I apparently love this guy I wasn't even sure if I liked… ;)
1106 days ago
here is the thing: i love her a lot, but my friend refuses to give me her number. help me please. i need persuading help. please

also i am a boy so i can't decide this myself
1212 days ago
1212 days ago
Ok so I have this best friend that I’ve known for about 3 or 4 years, and I did have a crush on him for 1 or 2 years, and his sister is 8, and she told me that when she mentions my name to him, he blushes and that he likes me. And my mom told me his mom said that my parents were my crush’s in-laws, and that my crush said to stop it. But then he went to hang out with me. He has asked me, if I’m gonna get married, what kinda guys I like, if I have a crush, how will I treat my bf, etc. but he never says anything about his love life.sooo. He teases me.ALOT! And I know I had a crush on him (I’m a girl btw) but lately he’s been making his siblings cry and say they’re fine and saying he doesn’t care, and that’s kinda like, I wouldn’t say a “turn-off” but kinda. So I don’t know if I like him anymore.. and one more thing, HE GAVE ME HIS JACKET :D soo yeah, I can see myself dating him but I’m wondering if he’s got anger problems :/ that’s a deal breaker for me tho.
1352 days ago
This guy is my friend from primary school. Now I'm 8th grade and i ve been told many times that he likrs me. I am confused and i think i like him. But there' s no way i will tell him!!!!
1375 days ago
Help mee well if you font feel anything towafds them then you shouldnt meep trying its perfectly fine jot to feel anything towards somebody and if the test say your asexual then i mean its your thing yah know so there is no need to make yourself like them i suggest taking so e other kinds of sexualty tests if the asexual thing confuses you erm hope you see this or if it just makes you feel better
1427 days ago
hey...can someone help? I've taken a couple of tests and it says im asexual, however I have these friends who are boys and i feel weird around them. I was thinking it would be that in my old school I didnt really interact with many boys. I've tried to make make myself believe that I like one of them, but it doesnt work!
I just think to myself after, "Ew, why would i want to do that kinda stuff."
So I think i just don't feel anything special for them...
1460 days ago
ahh I'm so confused - I thought I was gay and liked girls (still do like girls though) but I have this one guy friend who's really cute and??? idk what to do because my mum just managed to be on board with me being gay so I don't want to flip flop around
1469 days ago
So scared to tell him! He's been my bff since 1st grade! What will he say?
1503 days ago
Ok I’ve known him since diapers we were never close until this year (8th grade) now I think I’m starting to like him. The quiz confirms my thoughts soooo
1550 days ago
How do you know by your own instincts if you like them??
1562 days ago
Wow um well let's see he's been my friend since kindergarten but we weren't close-ish until 4th grade now I'm in 6th and this quiz said I obviously like him!! I don't think so. I might, but I don't think I do.. I've been thinking about it recently. I wanted to know but I don't think this is the most accurate
1598 days ago
I love my BFF so much!
1639 days ago
It said that I I like him but I took a quiz that said he could see me as more than a crush but for now we should just be friends, I really like him. What do I do?