Is He Just A Friend - Or More?

This is a test to tell you whether your best guy friend could possibly be your love interest, or is just a close friend you enjoy hanging out with. I know this question is on the minds of quite a few girls out there! Good luck! And remember that whatever answer you get, and whether or not it's the one you really wanted, you've got yourself either a wonderful boyfriend or an awesome friend. Don't ever let him go!

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    You look over at him. He's looking at you! What does he do?
    You look over at him. He's looking at you! What does he do?

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242 days ago
So is he just a friend, or is there potential for more? He'd like to spend more time with you to figure out whether he likes you "like that" or not. Keep Friday nights open until later in the week, to give him a chance to ask you to get together! But just don't miss out on anything REALLY important because you're waiting for him.

honey no i don't like him first of all he likes me my Friday nights are always booked and i'm not freeing them up for him we're neighbors i already know he likes me but thanks for clarifying it me and him are sometimes on face time and every few minutes one of his 4 siblings come up and says jayvid has a crush on you and he hangs up lol thanks anyway hon
279 days ago
This quiz was honestly pretty awesome. Good job!
309 days ago
Okay, for most of those I didn't really know how to answer cuz I don't see him in person all the time. Except for the one about him being mad. He won't be, he's super nice, he's never been upset with me. Jesus really changed him. Last year he was a terrible person!
434 days ago
Hey @Name. it seems like he REALLY likes you, but doesn't want you to know he likes you like that. I think you should wait it out.
631 days ago
So i Have a cute boy at my school. he looks at me ( stares) in band. he gives my his clothing per say ( hoodies jackets ). and flirts with me all the time. but when i told him i liked him he just said Best Friends. i have felt weird going up to him now that he has friend zoned me. what should i do? keep going with the BFF thing and wait it out or just plain out give up and move on
642 days ago
I know a boy that is in my grade and he is my sorta friend. We talk all the time and flirt and he stands really close to me. One time I made cookies and brought him one and his friends started saying that I like him (which I do) and he started acting kind of weird. Like seriously, does he like me or not?!??
693 days ago
I have a cute Mexican guy that my friend. I know him for least a year. He says iam perfect and he always miss me. We hang out at his house and hold hands and hug. He put me in the friend. He just wants to be friends. Do I si still be his friend or move on and start a new life with out him. Any advice.
937 days ago
Here’s he thing. I THINK he’s my best friend. I know what he does, who he hangs out with, when he’s feeling sad I cheer him up, I know everything personal that goes on in his head. What he wants to hear sometimes, if he’s okay with being sweet but cheesy, thoughts like that. Here’s the thing though. I don’t know his favorite color. I don’t know his birthday. I don’t know general traits like that, but his personality I’ve got all figured out. Is he my best friend?
1016 days ago
so ive known him for a couple of yrs and he said that he liked me before I liked him, I was so close..... but he don't like me no more bcs he don't want to hurt our friends feelings (our friend has a crush on me ), so I just shut off the switch and problem solved :D
1123 days ago
Q: How long have you known him?
Me: Is since we were born an option?
1566 days ago
He would like to spend more time with you to get to know if he really likes you like that or not. Keep Friday nights open!
1848 days ago
I got that he needs to spend more time with me to find out whether he "likes me like that" or as a friend.
2068 days ago
Wouldnt you rather just find out yourself?
2071 days ago
it is a girl she is my best frienf