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Should I Date My Best Guy Friend? Quiz

I think that just about every girl out there has experienced this reality - either a guy friend likes you, or you are head-over-heels for him. But should you two date, or just leave well enough alone? Use this test to figure it out! I hope it helps!

  • 1
    How long have you known each other?
    How long have you known each other?
  • 2
    How well do you really know him?
  • 3
    Does he flirt with you?

  • 4
    Do you text a lot, and do you feel comfortable around him?
  • 5
    You're both at a dance at the same time. What does he do?
  • 6
    Does he stare at you?

  • 7
    Do you like him and does he like you?
  • 8
    How tall is he compared to you?
  • 9
    Does he make you laugh?
  • 10
    What do other people think about the idea of you two dating?

  • 11
    When he talks to you:
  • 12
    Do you try to look better when you know he'll be around?
  • 13
    Do you think he likes you? Be honest!

Comments (22)


36 days ago
I have had a lot of admirers on Fortnite, I've probably said no to a lot of guys..... XD
36 days ago
So there is this guy, I met him on Fortnite..... He really likes me and I like him a lot but he is not loyal at all, he asked me to be his girlfriend when he already had one, he makes me laugh, he said I was the only girl he has ever fell in love with ❤. He is a cheater that is the ONLY reason I said no a million times.... + I'm not allowed to date, DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD AND MAD THAT MAKES ME!!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMING*
163 days ago
It says I might be confused that they might like me but that I am not sure if I feel the same way... also some of my friends like them and I don't wanna break any codes so help me plz
476 days ago
I have a 16 year old guy best friend who is in high school with me and i like him though and I have a boyfriend as well so I am dating my boyfriend
1146 days ago
The answer was wrong.It said if one of us asked the other out the other would undoubtedly say yes.But when I did he said no.But he was calm about it,and helped cheer me up.I think he thinks differently now,but I cannot pluck up the courage to ask him and I do not want to seem naggy.My whole class knows we are perfect for each other,but I am scared he might say no.I have known him for over half my life,we are neighbours,we go to the same school,are in the same class,and are BFFs.My advice is to think of every major moment together,especcially the bad ones,and ask yourself if you could be together.A quiz has not seen every moment you have spent together and does not know what he likes and if you are the type he likes.Trust your heart about your friends.

1208 days ago
So my crush's name is jason and he is in my class and he asked me out 2day and um idk of what to say of the yes or no and EVERYBODY in our class ships us AHHH!HELP!(me scerming in my pellow)
1314 days ago
My boy bff is great funny and charming I do like him a little because he’s so sweet and he even asked me to a school dance it was the best time of my life I think he wanted to ask me to be his girlfriend because he kept turning to me tryna say something but he didn’t and I think I should ask him but it would be wierd since we have been bffs since 3 years old then we would be more than friends
1375 days ago
Hahahaha my guy best friend i blushed at him at my school
1390 days ago
I have a cute Mexican guy friend. He was shy and quiet and didn't like talking to me very much. He would be mean and talking to my friend. He doesn't go that place anymore. He lives somewhere else. He likes me now. He probably always have he like me. He didn't like people tease him about me. He wants see me. He become more clingy and attached. We just started being friends again after he ran away. He wants hold hands and hug. He wants me to go on dates and be his girlfriend. I like him and had a crush on him. Were just good friends. Iam so confused i don't know why i am so scared to date him. I been through alot of trauma and going through a lot. Iam probably scared of being hurt. And scared ruin our friendship. Should I give him a chance. Or tell him the truth not ready to date him.
1405 days ago
so me and this one guy are really really close and we have been for like three years now and we know everything about each other and tell each other everything. the only thing is that last year he dated my one best friend and now they are broken up... he thinks that i’m really pretty and nice and we are also really alike and have a lot of the same interests. my only thing is that if we do start taking 💝rig am i suppose to tell my friend😬😬😫😫😭😭
1664 days ago
I like a boy for two years. And we both met in 4th grade and were friends in 5th grade but the thing is i don’t know if i should date him or not. Because I don’t like rumors going around in schools and everything 😕 so yeah or I should just give him my number. Cause In 4th grade he told me he has a girlfriend in 5th grade and that a friend of my in 5th grade now told me he likes me so I don’t know what to do. And I don’t know if I get to see him in 6th grade anymore!! But still I think he is gonna be in the same school I’m going to!! 😫 I’m freaking out right now but also excited and nervous!!
1684 days ago
So me and this boy are like REALLY close and one of my female friends said that I should start dating him. I really want to, but I’m fridgit and shy and tbh were both fridgit and shy. Do you think we’d be perfect together?
1722 days ago
He told me I was pretty and funny and he likes my personaltiy
1747 days ago
We dated then broke up but are now back together and we are actually doing good
1769 days ago
My bsf told me he liked me , I dated him so we could c how things go bahotoeheuniiuu
1817 days ago
Dude I’ve been friends with this guy since 2nd grade and we have been best friends since 5th, It’s the summer before 9th😳 he has liked me for over 7 years, maybe it’s time to give this guy a chance?!

“You guys are a perfect match.”
1864 days ago
Wow I'm only ten but I like my bff/ crush hes cute in all but he doesn't like me back n
But we've know each other since 2rd grade and the test said....

Were a perfect match OMG
1908 days ago
This quiz is amazing now I know that we are friends so I think I will ask him out sometime next year.
1922 days ago
I don´t know if he likes me but I like him and this is the test results: You guys are a perfect match. You most likely already do things a normal couple does. If either of you asked each other out the answer would undoubtedly be yes
1974 days ago
We've already been basically dating for years without the physical stuff so why not right? Idk