Do I Like Him As A Best Friend, Or More?

Are you confused about whether you like "him" as a best friend, or only as a crush? You know the one we mean! ;-) It's SO easy to lose the ability to use your brain when your heart is getting in the way! If you want clarity on this situation, try this quiz. Good luck!

  • 1
    First, why are you taking this quiz?
    First, why are you taking this quiz?
  • 2
    How do you feel when you talk to him? Choose the closest.
  • 3
    Have either of you talked about liking each other in the past?

  • 4
    How often do you talk in person?
  • 5
    How often do you text/call/email?
  • 6
    Who starts most of your conversations?

  • 7
    What do your friends say about you two?
  • 8
    What do you like best about him (as either a friend or a crush)?
  • 9
    Do you compliment each other?
  • 10
    Would you kiss him if you could?

Comments (49)


50 days ago
Thank u so much for this it‘s very accurate and exactly what my mind wanted to tell me all the time I just needed someone to confess it so thanks ♡
64 days ago
My BFF is my crush and i like him so much and he is so cute but i don't know how to confess my felings for him.
69 days ago
uhhhh.....I have a lot of guy friends but it is weird between us......what do i do........I am not allowed to date tho
86 days ago
Oh DdDddRRRrrrRrrRreEeEeeEeEeeEeEeAAAaaAaAa AaAaaAMmmmMmmMmMmMMm
103 days ago
@Jordan tell her how you feel, i think she would accept it when she really is your best friend.
tell her that you liked her for a long time but that you know that she likes someone else and that you accept it. also tell her that its okay for you if she doesnt like you back and that you just wanted to tell her, i hope this helped.. i'm not the best at dating advice since i never dated anyone or experienced something similar but yea.. i wish you the best! TPWK!
111 days ago
First of all my best friend is a SHE and I'm a boy. It honestly makes sense now that I think about it. I always liked her. Ever sense we were 3 lol. However I know she likes someone else and so forth a don't wanna ruin our friendship. What the heck should I do? :/
135 days ago
We laugh,talk and complement each other in school and i guess i am kind of liking him but am confused and also he advoids me after school and that breaks my heart every time what should i do please your advice is needed
137 days ago
Yea true ig they're non binary tho and they are into girls so it would match but we probably just really good friends
139 days ago
See, it says you've never had a close guy friend before, but this is a girl (im bisexual). Does that make it different? And considering the fact that we've been best friends since 1st grade??
177 days ago
tell him how ur feeling, if u talk to him or just to yourself ur message will be can't lie to yourself but if u have mized feelings--which it seems u do, tell him ur not ready or dont know yet? sorry if that doesnt help not rlly good at this stuff xx
178 days ago
Sooo, i hav a group of friends and i hang out with them allott but not lately bc of quarrentine. And there is this guy in the group who likes me, and he was legit my last resort for dating anyone in the group, but i said i needed time to think, and he was fine with that. then i told him i like him, but idk if i rly do. like did i j like the idea of us or really us? And we hung out last week with the whole group again, and he kept touching me and i hated it, and he was flirty and it was j annoying, but i don't know if i j liked the boy ik over text or the one in person. but i dont want to hurt him bc he is one of my closest friends who already deals with suicide and stuff, and also, last week, we all hung out, and i was jealous his best friend was talking with my best friend. idk if im j scared to get hurt or really like him. plzzz help me and giv advise on what to tell him if i should friend zone him or what...
187 days ago
ok so i like him? ig idk HELP
199 days ago
lmao why dont they make these gay
201 days ago
Ok so I know this guy and I think he likes me- but I'm not sure if I like him. I'm scared of dating him because we have most of our classes together and I'm scared he wont accept me for me. He keeps on asking who I like- hinting that he likes me. I dont want to say I like someone else but at the same time i don't wana say that I like him.

I promised him that I'd tell him who I like- and he said that he would say who he liked after.

But I'm just so confused :( and I don't know what to do.
I have been hurt in my past relationships and I dont wana get hurt again :(
203 days ago
I like my guy best friend more than a friend sadly he doesn't have a phone and i recently moved schools and we dont talk as much so if anyone has a advice please help a girl out :)
203 days ago
I have feelings for my closest friend
226 days ago
So, there's this guy and we're dating now but recently I haven't been liking him because he is being very annoying and rude. He says he will not devote all his time to me which is basically like saying I don't have time for you, I hate it when he touches me, I don't know why but whenever he puts his arm around me I just cringe and I hate it whenever he touches me in any way, even is it's just a pat on the back. If he asks me on a date I want to say no but I still say yes because I'm his GF. I don't want him to put his arm around me or touch me and I would only work with him in a school project and I hate hanging out with him because he is so annoying and I think that I'm going to break up with him but I don't really want to break his heart but I think I'm going to do it anyway because I'm not going to sacrifice my happiness and my time just for a snobby rude boy like him!
232 days ago
I don't know if I like my guy friend more than a friend, I love hanging out with him, and I get territorial when he hangs out with other girls. I know that he likes me more than a friend, but he can be annoying and a bit immature sometimes. So if anyone can help a girl out by commenting what you think I should do down below, that would be great, thanks!
266 days ago
So me and my best friend have gotten closer then ever during quarantine. Everyone on our basketball team for varsity at my school have been trynna get us together. Although a little while back i used to like him but he didnt feel the same way. we still remained really good friends and honestly things havent been bad. but lately things jus feel like i wanna be with him but i dont. i dont know my real intentions. and i dont know his. i dont wanna get "rejeected" again but im just not sure how im supposed to feel towards my best friend
267 days ago
Ok. So, me and my best friend (well ex bestfriend now) liked eachother a while back in november 2019 and we told eachother how we felt because of our other friends and then obviously we both felt the same way. Bare in mind, we have been bestfriends since 6th grade, now we're both going to 8th grade. We had the best bond and everyone knew us as the bestfriends and even a lot of people shipped us together but we both liked different people at that time so we would tell eachotherr how we felt about those people and share a bunch of secrets. You know, like your typical boy and girl bestfriends. Anyways so after we told eachother how we felt about eachother, we started dating. However it felt so weird and we werent being affectionate at all. after a month (December 2019) of awkwardness we broke up and told eachother it was best if we stayed as bestfriends again. I was pretty much hoping after that everything would be fine. But no. We didnt speak to eachother until lockdown was about to start. Thats when progress started happening. But corona had to ruin it of course and the worst bit as that he doesnt have his social media because of his parents. SO THATS THE BACKSTORY OF WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN US!! Now let me tell you what happened two weeks ago! So I was going to the mall, at this time I was still thinking about him often and missed him a lot. So when i went inside one of the shops, I saw a boy with the same bag as him on the phone to someone but faced away from me. I knew he had the same bag as that guy but i thought nah i dont think it would be him because a lot of people might have that bag. He also looked quite tall. Taller than me. Now my ex bestfriend was the same height as me when i last saw him so i thought nah it isnt him so i continued looking around the shop he was in. So as I walk past him i see from the corner of my that he is looking at me. i dont look back because idek why i just didnt want to. so at this point i still didnt know if it was him or not. so i just walked away from him and further inside the shop. and then i never saw him until when i was finished with my shopping and put my shopping cart away, we laid eyes on eachother for like 2 seconds or even less and he gave me that look that he always gives so at this point i knew it was him. i was beyond shook omfg. it was sooooo overwhelming. i still wonder what he was thinking when he saw me. and omg he got taller and lowkey had a glow up. he normally wore glasses but he wasnt wearing them. but i still knew it was definitely him. then i walked back and he was in a another shop. i thought to myself lemme call his name and say hi to him but i thought maybe he doesnt wanna talk to me. so i just turned away and as i was about to turn away he looked my way and looked as i walked away. ugh it still annoys me that i shouldve said something but oh well YOLO. but hopefully if this corona ends and we go back to school or he gets his socials back then we can speak. and hopefully i just see him walking around. but honestly i dont think i would say anything but ill try my best. anyways if you read all of this i appreciate you so much and ilyy. have a blessed day. you are worth itt!!!