Are we just friends, or does he like me? Quiz

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You know that best guy friend that you've had forever, that suddenly seems like more than your friend? If you want to see if your friendship could blossom into something more, take this quiz!

  • 1
    You've had a horrible day, and you just want to cry. You go to your friend for comfort, what do they say? (or what would they most likely say? Not word for word but what sounds like something they would say to you?)
  • 2
    You mention how cute one of the boys in your class is... how does he react?
  • 3
    You have a huge pimple! He...

  • 4
    You can't get a date for the school dance, and you complain to him. What does he do?
  • 5
    Your dog dies he...
  • 6
    You're birthday is coming up! He...

  • 7
    If you gave him a hug what would he do?
  • 8
    You fall and break your leg! NOOOOO! You're crutches are impossible to use, and you keep dropping your stuff. He.....
  • 9
    When you think of him, you think of him as...
  • 10
    You're walking down the hallway and you see him, what do you do?

  • 11
    When he sees you walking down the hallway what does he do?
  • 12
    You're listening to music and you both reach for your iPod at the same time....
  • 13
    You spill water all over your sweater, but you're freezing! He...
  • 14

    Did you like this quiz?
  • 15
    Last question! Why do you think you two are friends?

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646 days ago
I have a crush on this guy and I think he likes me (he's given me a lot of signs, like saying he loves talking to me and asking if i want to meet up with him) but I'm scared he's just being polite. I really like talking to him and im worried that if i ask him out, he wont like me back and we just stop talking :(
934 days ago
Um...I'm confused...I got this whole, "Be honest, you know what's going on here," stuff, but no concrete answer to whether he likes me or not. I have a worry about something. This guy and I (I'll just call him John, but that's not his name) met through my boyfriend and instantly hit it off as friends. Don't get me wrong, John is cute, respectful, sweet, funny, and altogether is a really nice guy, but my boyfriend has those same qualities too and obviously I'm into him and not John. However, it's been over a year and our conversations as friends have gotten deeper and more profound, while we also still light heartedly enjoy each other's company. I really just see us as friends, but lately I'm getting a vibe based on his tone (we all, him, my boyfriend, and myself, are all long distance, so we can't see each other face to face; we all communicate by phone) and words that he may be thinking...more than friendly. I know he won't try anything, because he's extremely respectful, but I don't want to lead him on either. I'm basically trying to find out if John is okay just being my friend. I don't want to bring it up or make a big deal out of it, in case I'm wrong because that can become awkward very quickly, but to put me even more over the edge, John hasn't had a girlfriend or even been on a date in over ten years (we're adults, btw). When I asked him why he just said, he'd never met the right one. I respect that. I just hope he doesn't have his eyes set on me. I've unintentionally hurt guys before because I'm quite oblivious that some of my personality traits (some which I still can't pinpoint exact ones) attract...quite a few men. I can't compromise who I am, but I really don't want to be the cause of another problem where I accidentally lead someone on to thinking I'm interested in more than friendship just because I'm being myself. It's scary to think I could do that again. I really just want to make sure it's in my head and not an actual possible unrequited crush.
1426 days ago
So I like this boy who is two years older than me. I see him after school, in the mornings, and afternoons. I heard that he is going to the dance with a girl who is in the same grade as him. One of my friends are telling me that they are dating. My crush isn’t allowed to date yet. But my friend says that my crush and that person are dating but not formal. And then my crush finds out that I like him. He told me that nothing was going to change. I realized that he friend zoned me and he just wants to stay friends with me. At that moment I felt that all hope was lost and that my crush and I will never be together. I just don’t get it because he complimented me and hugged me when I gave him my phone number. And now I’m taking this quiz and it says that he likes me. Is my crush just being confused and doesn’t want to admit it?😭😭
1527 days ago
* love him as a friend soo much.. Idk why the phone is there
1527 days ago
He is soo cute and sweet and i rlly like him. Butttt he's my best friend and i love him phone and as a friend so much. Occasionally, he'll do these odd things that makes me think he likes me.. For example, we always take eachother's phone as a joke , etc. But often he'll do really weird things like if we are sitting on a couch he'll take phone and put it beside him so i have to like fall on him to get it so im almost laying on him!??! Idk it's weird. And when he's moving my hand away sometimes he'll juts hold it and I'm like " WHAT R U DOIN!!!!"
1567 days ago
Everyone: Omg! He does like me!

Me on the other hand: I'm still pretty sure he doesn't. *panicking while thinking about wether or not it's bad to like two people at the same time* Someone please help...
1927 days ago
My best friend Zuri always makes me laugh so he might like me
2499 days ago
He likes me! He just broke up with his girlfriend! This might actually work out! My DAD even thinks he's a nice boy and that NEVER happens! I've had a failure love life before this so I don't really know how to ask people out though... What do I do??
2526 days ago
Good luck to everyone who has a crush and may ur crush blossom In to a relationship 😇
2545 days ago
I found it very hard to answer these questions because the answer choices were not my answer. 😞 But from what I entered, there could be some type of spark but maybe not.
2548 days ago
He likes me !!!!!! Ok umm FREAKING OUT NOW !!!!
2567 days ago
But he told me he was gay...
2570 days ago
Omgg he likes me??? Whoahhhhhhhh
2585 days ago
I think me and ray r perfect for each other cause i relly luv him so much
2642 days ago
Thank you I finally realized my crush likes me