Am I In Love With My Female Best Friend? (Girls Only)

So lately, you've started to have feelings for your female best friend, and they're new and kind of confusing to you. Don't worry, this is way more common than you might think. Here's a little test I created to tell you if you're in love with her. Take it and soon, you'll know!

  • 1
    How do you feel when you make eye contact?
    How do you feel when you make eye contact?
  • 2
    How long have you known each other?
  • 3
    How often do you have thoughts about kissing or hugging her?

  • 4
    Have you ever hugged her? If so, how often?
  • 5
    You are having a sleepover together. While watching TV, she puts her arm around you. What do you do?
  • 6
    While at the sleepover, you have to sleep in the same bed. She has to borrow some pajamas. You need to get changed. You:

  • 7
    You are now lying in bed. You:
  • 8
    Do you ever think about going out with her?
  • 9
    Does she ever seem like she likes you more than a friend?
  • 10
    Why did you take this quiz?

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232 days ago
Seeing the comments just make me feel bad for y'all. Me and my best friend have to tell people almost daily we're not dating-
235 days ago
hey basil? if you're there? you know EXACTLY who it is call me rn
318 days ago
To my dear coconut,

I am really praying to God that you wont see this post. I am, the chances are very low but still, me the usual overthinker.
I am so confused. You make me feel so confused. Do I love you in a platonic way or in a romantic way? I really want to know what my feelings are. Is getting butterflies while hugging or staring at you normal? Is it normal to feel like i want you so bad to be mine? Is thinking about how cozy life would be with you normal? Is it normal for a friend to want to hold you, kiss you and have you?

I always think about you. You are so beautiful. Just like a Reinassance paiting. My reinanssance paiting. My sweeg coconut. You are so charming, you attract everyone around you. And that… kinda 🐤a bit. I dont want to be another fish in the sea for you. I may be too arrogant or possesive, but I dont want to be part of the many people that like you. I want to be the only one that likes you. But… do i like you? I really dont know.

Please, tell me. Do you see me more than a friend? Because Im scared I do. We always joke around about these things; how we are a couple, how we are married, you liking me, me flirting with you etc. You are joking, but am I too? Im not always joking, I think sometimes I really mean what im “joking”. Im kinda scared tho that for you, its really just a joke. A playful thingie between friends. You do that with so many people, joking about liking them or wanting them in a sexual way. So, that stops me from feeling special. If you do that with everyone, then it means Im no different. Right?
Just tell me, already. I dont know if its all in my head, but i always catch myself hoping that you may be feeling the same things as I. “I think she likes me.. Does she have a crush on me? What if she thinks she has a one sided crush on me…?” Stupid, right? I might say even pathetic. I many times catch myself daydreaming that maybe you like me but you dont wanna say it cause youre afraid of rejection.

When did I become like this? When did it all start? Im so 🐤 confused… why am I like this? I feel like im using you to make my life more interesting and I hate that. I also hate that im listening to Girl in Red while writing this. Your drama queen in action.

🐤 this, coconut, I think I like you. You make me feel things i wouldve never thought i would feel around girls. You make me question myself. See how special you are? You love me so much and you give me so much affection. You make me feel loved. You make me feel pretty. I feel like I could spend my whole life with you. I dont want you to be happy with someone else, i want you to be happy with me. I want you for myself and i want you to want me for yourself. I want you to see me as yours. Please, for the remaining time that we have left, dont fall in love with someone else. Please be mine for an year and a half, even if its platonic.

I dont know in which way, I do not care if its platonic or romantic, but I love you. As a friend or more, it does not matter. You are my dearest friend and nothing can change that.

Thank you for loving me and i hope the universe will give us more time. Maybe in another life, we couldve been more. But here, Ill be just your bestie. Its okay.
Sleep well, my baby.

With love and regrets,
399 days ago
i been dating my best friend Maya for 3 mouths we happy together she chose me over her family when they make her chose I want say I love you to her she is everything to me I am really happy with her .
427 days ago
its hard being friends with someone youve known for more then a year why? because we eventually fall in love with them and then we have trouble confronting them because we dont wana ruin the friendship or maybe scared to get rejected yk?
449 days ago
She’s always my bestest friend but why will I kinda get a weird feeling from her ;-;
526 days ago
Idk if I should approach her... I end up doing weird things when she's around...I even follow her around at school
531 days ago
my result is 'why arent you dating' So im 12, shes 13 we were bff for 2 years. She touches me smt, and last night i had a sleepover at her house, she hug my waist when we are about to sleep. and we stay like that for a while. I am happy and some butterfly ig? im still questioning. she said shes straight but not sure.
577 days ago
OKOKOK sorry for commenting twice but I wanna talk about this girl. My best friend introduced me to her and we have lots of classes together and are really friendly. She's very nice to everyone and is always playing around and hugging people and stuff. Today, we had a small school dance and everyone basically went to it. She was dancing like crazy and eventually got me dancing too (she is like the def of "life of the party." she just lights up the whole room by smiling). We were dancing with each other to "call me maybe" and jumping around. after we sang the line "so call me maybe!" at the end of the chours, she laughed "maybe i will!" SO LIKE???? WAS SHE FLIRTING WITH ME?? SHE IS BISEXUAL... idk- BUT LIKE??? and we were doing the dance to "cotton eye joe" where you link arms and dance in a circle then switch arms and stuff (called a round dance?) and we were both laughing and it was so fun i was so happy. she also accidently held my hand in the dnce place and we both laughed rlly nervously and embarassed so idk if she's just being her friendly self or if she likes me back. :/ rip, anyways ima go tell my friend who introduced me to my crush and freak out
577 days ago
*sigh* yep, deffo in love. thankfully she's bi so wish me luck ig lmao. she's kinda dating a guy tho so i might not tell her idk
606 days ago
So I AM in love...I just really hope she likes me back. X3
610 days ago
Ooooo just remembered something quite funny, and I think it will be relatable for the people taking this quizz.
So I was putting chapstick on bc I have some mother-💑 dry lips all the time, and she was in the room, she looked at me and sniffing the air, she bluntly told me that she didn't like the smell of my chapstick, I acted sad (was in denial back there but was truly sad I think, because what she thought of me mattered, (matter, stop the denial girrrl)) I played around, still in denial, kinda faking sobs and all and she 💑 said ; "why does it matter anyway, it's not like I was going to kiss you'' And I stood there. I don't remember how I brushed it up so It shows how much I was panicking. Now I think I really started to question myself at that point. Should I change chapstick tho ? Oh no I'm just embarrassing myself at that point
610 days ago
Alright so first ; English is not my mother tongue so sorry if the phrasing is weird.

I am kinda confused right now, I've thought a lot about the possibility that I might have a Crush on my friend, I think of her as one of my best friend, but it does not feel like how I feel about one of my other best friend ; I find the 2nd very cool and snarky, and like cute in some ways (when she talks about her crush she has that very cute smile, it makes me wanna rub her hair, and she is the epitome of cool, like she has muscles. If I had to fight for her, i would, even tho I would get demolished).

But the 1st one It feels a bit different, she is a bit lanky and I've never thought of her as magnificent, but she's def cute. She makes me kind of crave contact ? When we do sleepover, I wanna sleep next to her so bad... But never acted on it because I feel it would be weird and I don't want to be a creep.
She likes head massage and like I've done it a few times for her and no matter how greasy or full of dandruff my fingers would get, I didn't stop until I had to (mostly hand cramps). She's cool and I think about her not everyday but close (not in the same school).
When she got a Boyfriend, I didn't felt sad, just a bit jealous ? I am not sure about this one, when they broke up, I felt a bit happy I think.
When she texts me I immediately smile and I laugh a lot at her texts. But I don't think sexually of her, I've thought about the possibility of being ace tho, I'm not sure I would like to kiss her but cuddle would be great.

And it makes me wonder ; Am I a possessive friend, or just crushing over my friend ? ( For the end of the story, even tho she's bi she hasn't shown interest in me (at least I don't think so), but I know that even if she was interested she would never act on it, kinda like me.)
So having written all that, I'll give myself some time, and try to not ruin the friendship. It being a crush seems more like a probability that before I wrote all of that.
I am a bit worried she could find that text but hey, if she finds it on that particular quizz I might have a chance heh ?
631 days ago
Oh... Um... Well... I took this quiz cause I sort of think I like my friend. But... It's complicated. She has sort of already admitted that she might like me. It seems perfect, right? Except the fact we have only met online. Yep. And... Well, even before this I was questioning my sexuality... but what if I'm wrong? What if I don't really like her? I'm just confused. And worried. And I think I really like her. I don't know why I wrote this comment, but I did.
700 days ago
so i met this girl in english class on the first day of school. i immediately thought she was cute. she sat at the same table as me and made funny jokes. we started to become friends and i downloaded snapchat just so we could snap each other ive never had social media before lol my parents are super strict. anyways, we would snap everyday 24/7 sit together at lunch everyday we’d facetime etc. she even started working at my job with me; a pizzeria. but she had to leave cuz her mom wanted her to focus on grades :(
anyways she always says she loves me and made me a whole romantic playlist and hugs me all the time and wants to cuddle and watch scary movies. we’re both bi lol. she’s so pretty with her green eyes and light brown hair. and i think one time she even tried to kiss me. we were in the bathroom at school and she was walking ahead of me and i said as joke ‘why’re you leaving me? you’re so mean’ and she turned back to me and put both of her hands on my face and said she would never be mean to me she loves me. but my anxiety kicked in and i panicked and just ran into the stall :/
idk what to do tho bc it seems like she doesn’t like me as much as she used to a few months ago. i used to be her lockscreen and now it’s some guys drawstrings over his thingy. i wanna tell her i have a crush on her but i’m scared. everyone tells me she has a crush on me and most ppl think we’re dating. we plan on being roommates together after high school and sleep in the same bed which seems pretty gay to me lol but i’m still not sure if she has a crush on me. i wanna be with her so bad
707 days ago
i have met this girl last spring (another friend introduced us) and at first, we didnt seem to like each other that much for some reason but when that specific friend started body shaming her, we both dropped her and it was just me and her. we became closer over time and i consider her as my best friend. i have never met someone i can fully be myself around without judgement in my entire life. i never really figured i had ¨feelings for her¨ until i started making up random scenarios of us and i started to think she was kind of beautiful. i also started to feel really attached to her like i would lay my head on her shoulder (she would do it back to me) and i felt so peaceful that we literally fell asleep on each undefinedothers shoulders lmao. but idk its just the way she looks at me and her smell and the way she touches my hand and thigh just makes me feel something but idk what. i am straight and i have been straight my entire life until i met her. we share hoodie and clothes and we hug each other A LOT. i also always say that i love her when we are about to go home from our bus stop and she would say it back and we would hug (and id even kiss her on her cheek as a joke if i get the chance) and idk it gives me so many butterflies. there was this one time i was eating frosting on the bus (dont ask lmfao) and SHE LITERALLY TUCKED MY HAIR BEHIND MY EARS AND SAID SHE DIDNT WANT MY HAIR GETTING DIRTY AND OMFG MY HEART WAS RACING SO FAST but i didnt show any signs abt how i felt bc it would ruin our friendship. she did tell me once that she was pan so idk if she would feel the same way tho. i feel like i gaze into her eyes so much that i literally know their exact color. her left eye is blue with a part of it brownish green and then her other eye is blue and they are gorgeous. so yeah idek why im writing all this tbh but ig i just needed to let all this out and see if i truly love her and ig i do but the biggest problem is that she has a boyfriend of like 2 years and she loves him a lot and all she talks abt is pretty much him lmao and it hurts sometimes but i really dont care that much anymore. oh and i forgot to mention that there is this other girl (not gonna say any names bc my biggest fear is ppl ik reading this) but that girl is also really good friends with her and it makes me so pissed that she is trying to keep her all to herself and she is pretending that they are best friends and she makes tiktoks abt her and idk it makes me mad and kinda sad that she prob found someone else that makes her happier than i do :/
755 days ago
I have known her for almost three years now. And I really like her idk if it's romantic or just normal liking and as close friends we always hold hand and rest our hed on the other's shoulder and hug. But nowadays I feel so weird when I hold her hand you now I get those butterflies and I keep wanting to hold her hand. And when she laughs I love the way her eyes looks. Ugh I just wish it was normal for best friends to kiss ಥ‿ಥ but I don't wanna ruin our friendship so I won't tell her how I feel and btw my feelings aren't so strong either.
759 days ago
I’ve know you for a few months but it feels like I’ve known you forever. I love hugging you and holding hands and laughing together and when you lay your head on my shoulder. I’ll always hug you back and lay my head on top of yours and laugh when you poke me. You can make me happy with a single glance and today we accidentally said ‘I love you’ to reach other and I don’t know if it is platonic or not. Even if it’s always platonic I’ll always say ‘I love you’ back. I’ll always be your friend and cheer you on when you have a crush. I’ll always encourage you and help you achieve your dreams. I’ll root for you to ask out your crush and bring you the schoolwork and teach you the lessons when you’re sick. I’ll stay up all night on the chance that you need help writing an essay. I will always be there for you. I don’t know if I’m confusing platonic feelings for romantic, but no matter the connotation, I will always say ‘I love you’ back
798 days ago
I dont even know why im writing this.. i guess i need to vent? Ive been pretty confused lately and i dont know if these feelings i have towards you are love or just physical attraction. I wish id know. I havent had a crush all my life long and if i did it was just to cover up the fact that i didnt lmao. I feel sad when i think about you because i know youll probably never like me back or even think abt me in the same way. You most likely only see me as your best friend. And i guess thats okay. I want to be your best friend too but when i imagine myself being with you, holding your hand or laying my head on your shoulder i really wish we had that kind of relationship. Something more than just friends. I dont even know if you like girls. And i dont want to make things awkward just because of some stupid little crush but its the first time i feel like this for anyone and i didnt expext it to be such an ugly and beautiful feeling at the same time. I hope this passes and it turns out that i was just overthining everything and we can go back to the way things were before.
I hope we can both be happy, together or not
799 days ago
Hi Halie
You will never ever see this. I know that now. I guess I always knew I'd never be able to tell you the truth.
We met when I was 5 and you were 6, and from that point on you were the only thing I ever thought about. As a kid I would get jealous of your other girl friends and wonder if you saw me as ugly compared to them. I would wonder if you actually meant what you said when you told me that we were sisters and that you loved me so much (as a friend) and ask myself why being sisters didn't seem like enough.
Now I wonder who you have a crush on since you've come out to me as bisexual. I wonder if you ever thought of me as more than a best friend/sister and if you ever lie awake at night thinking about me.
If you haven't guess it already, I've fallen head over heels for you.
If you know who is typing this message then I'm so sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, and if it does please forget you ever saw it. Please.

But...y'know if you ever...liked me back or something...just know that my feelings for you haven't changed in the lifetime it seems that we've known each other.

I will always love you with everything in me, if not as a lover than as a sister.

Stay gold, beautiful girl.