Is He Just Your Friend, or Do You Have a Crush on Him? (Quiz For Girls)

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Have you been friends with this certain guy for a while, but now you act different around him? Is he just your friend, or something more? Take my test and find out now!

  • 1
    Do you act differently around him than you usually would with your friends? (Like, you're extra nice or super mean to him?)
  • 2
    Does your heart beat faster and your face turn red whenever you're around him?
  • 3
    What do you do whenever you make eye contact with him?

  • 4
    Have you ever dreamed about him? (Don't worry, it's completely normal!)
  • 5
    What do you do if/when he approaches you?
  • 6
    Have your friends ever asked you if you like him?

  • 7
    If he were to say something that's not even funny, would you laugh anyway?
  • 8
    If he told you that he liked you, how would you respond?
  • 9
    If he asked you out, what would you say?
  • 10
    Was this quiz useful? (Your answer doesn't affect your result.)

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45 days ago
I've had a crush on him since kindergarten, and I want to ask him out, but I don't know if he's in a relationship. I mean, he walks with this other girl back home... But I catch him staring a lot. I really like him, and I really want to kiss him. I'M IN LOVE!!
137 days ago
okay so these few days he hasn't been talking to me alot online and we really don't talk alot irl but we do talk for like a few minutes and thats it.And i've literally been making excuses to talk to him online like if my bff has a question for something school related i'll "oh how about i ask him?" or sometimes she asks me to ask him and i get kinda exicted?or happy im talking to him?or that i got his attention??but im sure he doesn't see me in a romantic way.
137 days ago
There's this guy that i went to school to from like grade 4 and he's also in my scchool rn.I didn't really talk to him when we were in middle school but that we are in highschool i've talked to him so much this year (online).Like he's funny.and kinda good-looking i guess?But i don't know if i like him because i've never liked anyone in my whole entire lifee.IDKK.And btw my bff asked him today if he liked me and he said no and she also asked me and i also said no.but idk maybe i like him?at this point im literally gonna go crazy trying to figure out if i like him or not.
247 days ago
I've tooken about a hundred of these quizzes and only one of them I scored just friends on so... But i m scared to ruin our friendship
480 days ago
Theres this kid in my class and I think he likes me but I dont know. I have a tiny crush on him but I'm still unsure. I mean, he literally writes "Hi" in my workbook at school (we sit next to eachother), He randomly draws a stick figure in my workbook and puts "Hot", and also whenever he does something stupid he looks in my direction to see if I laugh and of course I laugh but I try to hide it. One time, he found out I was having a birthday party and he asked me if he could go. I made an invitation for him but I'm too nervous to give it to him. And whenever he sees me drawing at snack break, (We're in 5th grade) he asks me if he could have some paper from my notebook and starts to try and copy what I draw. I have absolutely have no idea on what the frick to do... :
520 days ago
so he told me that he likes me my face was soooo red and hes was to cuz my friend told me that he likes me but he plays with my hair and hes kind of cute and my face does turn red when he plays with my hair sooo i guess i like him to
540 days ago
dude he literally leans against me, plays with my hair, gets close to me, makes non stop eye contact and literally smells my hair and i used to like him as a friend but idfc what changed my mind lmfaoo
651 days ago
Okay 👍 but I don't think that was actually accurate, sorry but I know I do like him but I just don't want to date anyone I'm only in 7th grade and plus I'm also friends with him and his brother and there friends so it would be awkward and kinda weird if I did date Wyatt and plus I don't think he likes me in that way but we are definitely friends I've known him for a whole year almost.2 years. So yeah we are still in the friend stage but if he ever does or did ask me if I like him as more than a friend and if he told me that he likes me then I would say ok and that I also really like him and that I think he's awesome but I wouldn't really want to or be able to date him because it would make everything akward but if things were different I would definitely say Yes.
680 days ago
I've been best friends with boy this Alex since the sixth grade and now we're both in 12th grade and I actually had a little crush on him when were still in middle school and now that we're in high school I think my crush has come back because in 10th grade during lunch he told me that he used to like me and I was too nervous to say I liked him too anyway I just think my crush could be back because a few days ago he actually asked me for my phone number
719 days ago
I’ve known this boy for 8 years. We’ve been really close since we first met, in fact, I went over to his house literally last week. Anyway, I haven’t liked a soul in a loooong time, so I’ve generally forgotten what having a crush feels. I, for a fact, know that I’m not the type of girl to blush furiously, stare, look away at eye contact or daydream about a guy. But I had this one dream once. It was Christmas (I always go visit him on Christmas, also, he got me a necklace last Christmas and earrings for my birthday), we were in his room and I was like “I feel bad, I always get you like 1/100 compared to what you get me!” And he just sighed and kissed me. Honestly, it aroused me from my sleep but it’s been stuck in my head since. It was so weird, I have a feeling he doesn’t like me... I just don’t know what to do. Do I like him or not! What does it feel like to have a crush?
779 days ago
Okay,so, ive known him since I was born. He’s two months older but in a different grade bc of the cut-off. Anyway, he’s my neighbors grandson, And yes, I know that sounds lame. Anywho, I started liking him two years ago and haven’t told him yet. The reason being I haven’t seen her seen him bc of COVID. They only come for Christmas ,summer, & sometimes Easter, so i don't see him that often. I’m probably just overreacting and I’m probably just a little girl who’s thinks she’s in love..... but I rly to like him. I don’t think I’m going to tell him....I don’t ruin anything. Plus my mom won’t let me date yet. What should I do!!!???
792 days ago
We’ve been best friends since we were 6 months old and we were neighbors but he moved away and we only saw each other a couple times every year. He just moved back to town and everyone says I like him but I tell them no. We hang out all the time and now one of my friends has a crush on him. I tell her to go for it but I still wonder if I might have going feelings for him. Do I?
804 days ago
Omg omg omg omg ommmmmmggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg i like him (i did this cause he tottally turn red when i say something to himmmmmmmm
872 days ago
I do an RP with this guy and i started to think he was cute, and i dreamed about us kissing, so i started panic-googling since i didn't know what to do. I found this and i got "You like him" so eeek kinda exciting kinda scary, but yesterday i was looking for a lost item and he helped me ALL. RECESS. he's so nice! :) :) :)
893 days ago
I thought my friend liked me. She did and I liked her, we're dating now. Im happy :)
895 days ago
I've been friends with him for over 2 years now and I had a crush on him at the start but that died down bcs I was in different relationships but whenever I broke up with them, he was on my mind. He's rlly sweet and he likes to come over to my house and take care of my pets with me. We talk neatly every day now and he likes to check up on me a lot. We're currently watching an anime together and he loves it sm. The problem is he's gay and I'm trans so he'd never be anywhere attracted to me. I'm way too feminine bcs my family r not supportive and idk what to do. I also don't want to ruin our relationship bcs he's the only friend I have rn. What do I do????? He's coming over later as well and my hearts beating too much and I have no clue what I'm supposed to do 😅
912 days ago
So... this guy, Hunter, bullied me for 3 years straight... but everyone has told he hes got a crush on me. He's my neighbor and we take the same bus route to school. We became friends last year and he's actually one of the nicest guys I know. He really like me and listens to me when I talk. He flirts with me and I really feel my face burn up when he's close. Now we're in 10th grade, and he has gotten into lots of fights because of people saying mean things about me behind my back. He even beat up my ex cause my ex brused me up bad. He always hugs me and I yell that were just friends... his parents don't like my family cause we are the "perfect" people on this street while they r rednecks. Hes in wrestling and football and I go to his games since I'm in band. He's already gave me an entire speech about how he loves me... what am supposed to do??? I like to run in the rain sometimes and I caught him looking at me....😳
932 days ago
I have a crush on this guy. We're close friends, but he doesn't know I like him, or he might have guessed by now. I have no idea. All I know is that he's in love with my best friend. I've written songs, and sent them to him. He doesn't know that he's the reason that my heart is broken.
961 days ago
Brielle- I’d start of slow, maybe flirt a little. Twirl your hair around your finger. Something little, then you could move to something else if nothing works.
966 days ago
I can't stop thinking about him!!!! Omg! I'm in 7th grade and I love him so much! He's so funny, cute, and sweet, but I don't think he likes me back, his name is Josh, any suggestions?