Are You Friends Or More?(For All Girls In School)

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In my 20 question test, you can very quickly find out if you and your guy friend are friends or crushes. This test has no questions any young girl would feel uncomfortable answering in any way.

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    How long have you known each other?

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416 days ago
also is there another est i could take to help me?!?!?!?
416 days ago
i got this one: Well, you are stuck in the middle of this relationship/friendship thing.
and idk?? its not really accurate because i know that i am so totally in love with him, but then i also now he likes me a lot as well, but we are both too shy to do anything and i reeeaaalllyyy dont wanna be the one to confess first!! ive kind of (subconsciously) decided that im not gonna confess till he does, but what if we never get together/!?!? idk what to doo!! i need help! (also im only 13)
746 days ago
I loved this test it was great
826 days ago
Also, (Forgot to say) me and my crush are both a little shy......So his response might be like, "oh…." and neither of us would do anything but prob blush about it 'cause we were too akward.
826 days ago
OMG! This is totally accutare!!!! The answer I got is totally true!!!!! Just one thing, on question 15, I was supposed to just answer on so I said staring, but my crush does ALL OF THE OBOVE!! sooooo…...what do I do about that? and, i'm kindof a chicken and even though I have slight proof, I'M TO CHICKEN!!!! I can't really walk up to him and tell him I like him *shudders* to his face! SO WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DOOOO!!!!! *wails*
938 days ago
Thanks for liking this quiz. Hridika, you and I are in the same boat. I suggest if you feel comfortable, telling your closest friend. Faith P, you could just tell him or you could take another quizdon't answer the do you like this part or maybe just hang out with him more. Emma Balmer, if you can't even talk to him, is he really your friend...? But, moving on, maybe tell someone that you're close to or just tell him. I don't know what that situation entails.
963 days ago
Lol, ik i'm in "Le Friendzone", though it's a nice friendzone and i'm happy with what I have. I was just bored and thought "💑 I'll take a random quiz." It's pretty darn accurate tho
969 days ago
Lol not accurate at alllllllllllll
969 days ago
i quite like him but i dont want to date him. I get feelings that he likes me, but i know he likes somebody else... what confusion!
979 days ago
HI I really like him what do I do
980 days ago
what if i cant even talk to him
985 days ago
Thank you so much! This really helped! :D