Do you like him as more than friends?

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Are you unsure of if you have feelings for him? If so this quiz is for you!:) we’ve all been in a situation where we r not sure if we like him as a friend or more than friends.......also.....wondering if he likes you back is the worst......take this quiz to find out if you like him and if so......does he like you back

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    Do you blush when you talk.... and does he also blush?

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97 days ago
241 days ago
I AM ALSO VERY SRRY FOR FRIENDZONE PEPS (cuz me and my friends might be on the same page ;)
241 days ago
I am actually crushing on a girl but hey gotta improvise well I am bi and I like one of my friends (because how I know is cuz anyone I have in my dreams I 100% have a crush on ) and I think it's not a big one (I hope)
409 days ago
Hey Loo - you’re not ugly, trust me. I’m also a Christian and am not the prettiest - I admit I used to think some people were ugly but now I know that in God’s eyes, everybody is pretty on their own way - but what really matters is what’s on the inside. I don’t know if my speech is boring but I hope u see this cuz I have an adult friend who plays a wolf game and he thinks he’s ugly but I know he’s not I don’t think he is a Christian but I hope I can change his life around it’s too bad that I don’t talk to him much anymore - I mean like I haven’t actually met him in person but ya know...
409 days ago
I stare at every boy outta curiosity. I admit tho I have these three boys which I can’t seem to get over...except for one mebbe. Anyway...I only met this guy twice and he doesn’t stare but I do stare.
712 days ago
this quiz is accurate...*sigh* stuck in the friendzone...(I've taken other quizzes too)
752 days ago
my results were so accurate!! he likes me, but i don't like him! wow
843 days ago
This quiz was right (I think.)


Don't worry, show him that you don't like him and he will move on (hopefully.)
978 days ago
Quiz: -loading answer-
Me: -crossing fingers and pleading-
Quiz: -friends-
Me: - runs away screaming, “GOD IS STILL ON MY SIDE”
999 days ago
this test is totally wrong. it says i only see him as a friend but i likr him a lot. what the heck?
1007 days ago
Other one, so my ENEMY!!!! Likes me so much. He steals my stuff pulls my hair and hits me ( my Mom said he likes me and HIS SISTER DID AND HE SAID IT TOO!!!!!:'( )
I hate him so much. I don't want to hurt his feelings though and now my friends are saying WE LOOK CUTE TOGETHER!!! LIKE NO NO NO!!! THIS IS MY BIGGEST NIGHTMARE!!! HELP ME!!!!! Then my brothers ( 6 l know alot ) started saying l like him. And l just started my period so l get super duper mad and sometimes.... hit them.... DON'T JUDGE ME YOU WOULD TOO IF YOU KNEW THEMM!!!!
1007 days ago
Someone help! So my crush and l only have piano together l still don't know if he likes me? Someone plz help! So when we do see each other he normally bluses and stares at me then l still then him looks down and sometimes smiles. And l we had a sonatina festival today and l got 1st place ( 18 other people 7th, 8th and 9th grade ) and he said l did well. Then ( before that ) when he finished playing he looked at me for a second then went back to his seat. He got runner up l thought he should have got 1st place ( probably just because l likehim but whatever ) and l said " congrations ( his name ) " then he said "thank you" then he blushed alittle bit and smiled. So does he like me? He is litterly the cutiest person l have ever seen! Besides Jason mamoa and Chris pine but still no one can beat THEM!!! THERE SO HOT!!!! UGGGGHHHH!!! I AM DIEING OF THE CRUSHIES TELL ME SMEONE PLZ!!!!!
1026 days ago
I kinda sorta thought I did, cause in music class we were singing a song
1186 days ago
BTW this tests results are wrong, I definitely like him.
1186 days ago
The question about how long we have known each other should have longer choices. I've know him since a few days to a week after he was born. His big brother used to play with me as a baby. Our dad's have known each other since they were between 14-16. I like him, I was sad he had a girlfriend they broke up tho. My parents said I can't date till I'm ready to marry and when my dad said ( the boys mother) said it would be cut if we grew up together and married. I of course said eww, I mean it was awkward, my brother was there, my dad was there, his brother ( the one I talked about a minute ago) was in the other room. He said eww too, I don't know if he said it like I said it, you know because you don't know th others feelings. I don't know if he'll ever like me, if he doesn't now, I mean I don't know. I'm ugly and fat, he's losing weight as well. And I'm Christian, I grew up in a household where we were taught right from wrong. He does things I absolutely do not approve of, but I still like him. Oh man, I hope he doesn't find this and figure out it's me... that would be awfully embarrassing.
1187 days ago
Totally true!! He likes me, but I don’t like him! OMG, so true!!