Are you REALLY 'just friends'?

We all have close friends of the opposite sex. But sometimes when you're close to someone, the feelings can gradually change to something more. (Ever watch When Harry Met Sally?) Find out if you and your guy friend are JUST friends, or something more!

Question 1:You and your friend are walking in the mall when a cute guy passes you and makes an embarrassing suggestive comment about you, laughing and joking with his friends. You are mortified. Your friend reacts by:
doing nothing; he didn't even notice.
laughing telling you that the guy really couldn't help it because you're soooooo sexy!
totally losing it and chasing the guy down to tell him off
you can't really read his reaction, even though you are trying really hard to see what he thinks; you worry over what he thought of the situation for the rest of the evening
putting his arm around you, noticing immediately how embarrassed you are, and telling you that the guy was a jerk and what he thinks doesn't matter

Question 2:You are home sick from school for a week. What does your guy friend do?
brings you a beautiful floral arrangement and a care package with the latest copy of your favorite magazine, your favorite movies from Blockbuster, and all your favorite snacks, then stays for a little while to cheer you up; you always feel better with him there
nothing; he doesn't even notice you're gone
brings over your three favorite movies and a ton of goodies and spends every afternoon after school catering to your every need and 'nursing' you back to health.
he doesn't know; you told your best friend to tell him you're out of town, because the last thing you want is for him to see you like this!!!
calling you every afternoon to catch you up on what's going on at school, and coming over Friday evening so you won't be alone all weekend

Question 3:Does your guy friend have a girlfriend?
yes, but she's not good enough for him; you hate her
no, in fact, he hasn't had a girlfriend since he broke up with that girl a week after the two of you met
yes, and he's always asking you for advice on the relationship
yes, and whenever they get in a fight he spends more time with you to make her jealous
of course not

Question 4:Do you have a boyfriend?
no; every time someone gets interested my guy friend talks me out of it, telling me why it would never work
yes, and he doesn't get along with my guy friend; he says he treats me badly
yes, and he and my guy friend are really close
no, I haven't really liked anyone in a long time...not since I met my guy friend
of course not

Question 5:It's a week before prom and you're still dateless. Your guy friend...
doesn't know you don't have a date, and won't even notice you're not there, because of the hot date he's been raving about for weeks
has talked a few of your close friends who are also dateless into skipping the prom for a private little party at his place...and you're the guest of honor!
that would never happen; my friend always asks me at least three weeks before any dance or event
is already going with this annoying girl that I can't stand...I don't know what he sees in her! But he tries to hook me up with his best friend
well, that's a silly question; of course we'll go together; we always do

Question 6:How well do you know your guy friend...really?
I know everything there is to know about him, likes, dislikes, social security number, daily minute-by-minute schedule...
I really don't know him that well...he doesn't really spend that much time with me
not that much; he doesn't seem to ever talk about himself when we're together
we're pretty close; we tell each other almost everything
I know absolutely everything about him; there are no secrets between us

Question 7:How well does he know you...really?
he doesn't really know me that well...all we ever talk about is him
he doesn't really know me that well; there's a lot of stuff I'm too embarrassed to tell him
he must know everything by now; he never stops asking questions
we're pretty close; he knows me better than most people
no one knows me better; there are no secrets between us

Question 8:Be honest: how physical is your relationship with your friend?
not very; he's not physically affectionate at all since he suggested adding that 'benefits package' to our friendship and I said no
just the usual friendship stuff...holding hands, hugging a lot, you know...
I'm pretty touchy with him; I crave his attention
he's pretty touchy with me; he can't seem to get enough attention
just the usual, casual touching, occasional hugs, you know....

Question 9:What do your friends think of your guy friend?
they've been teasing me for months about my 'boyfriend' least I think they're teasing!
they hate him; they say he treats me like trash
they think he likes me
they tell me I spend too much time with him and not enough with them
they get along with him great

Question 10:What do your parents think of him?
Are you kidding? I would never introduce him to my parents! They don't know I hang out with people like him!
They don't like him; they say he's too clingy.
They tell me to be careful that I don't get too emotionally attached.
They get along well
they are already planning my wedding.

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