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Are You Falling In Love?

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Everyone wants to be in love, right? So, sometimes our brains mess with us. Test to see if those love feelings you have inside are real on the outside.

  • 1
    How often do you think about him?
  • 2
    How long have you known him?
  • 3
    What do you like about him most?

  • 4
    If he told you to change something about yourself, would you do it?
  • 5
    If he were to ask you out, what would your answer be?
  • 6
    How does he make you feel about yourself?
    How does he make you feel about yourself?

  • 7
    Do you ever daydream about him?
  • 8
    If you said "Yes"/"Sometimes" to the last question, do you ever daydream about him kissing you?
  • 9
    How often do you get to hang out with him?
  • 10
    Answer this TRUTHFULLY....Do YOU think you're falling in love with him?

Comments (36)


581 days ago
When I think about him I feel like I'm rocking back and forth on a floating cloud with him.
667 days ago
I love him I’ve known him for 8-9 months and liked him for 7-9 months loved him for 8-9 months
762 days ago
I love him so much. I've liked him for 3 years + now. I wish he liked me back. I really do! He knows and at one point I swear he tried to make me jealous but today he admitted it! HE HATES ME! Well, I guess he doesn't hate me, well he says that he doesn't ALL THE TIME cause I ask him ALL THE TIME cause I always feel like he hates me. I haven't told anyone except you yet cause I feel like I'm gonna sound like a dork. HELP!! Should I tell anyone or not?? If you want to tell me yes I should, or no I shouldn't, just start off your comment with I_am_insanely_in_love and I'll make sure to take a peek cause I really need advice right noww... HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLPPPP MMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
775 days ago
So I've been playing a mobile game where we could chat and all,and apparently I end up talking to some guy and a few moments later he ends up confessing his feelings to me and I pretty much fell for him too and now I don't what to do can sOmEoNe pLeAsE hElP mE!??! The 😖😣
1132 days ago
Also I'm a girl and I'm mostly into girls so I'm not fully a lesbian but I still like prefer girls :)
1132 days ago
I like both a guy and a girl so idk the quiz said in 50/50 on the guy but I'm still really confused about him. But I know I like the girl. (Sorry if that was confusing, my brains a mess right now.)
1137 days ago
Excuse me, who says it’s a guy?
1313 days ago
I'm in love with him until I gotbped in to me ????
1347 days ago
you know what, it has been 3 months since i first saw him. actually 15th August was the first time. After a week or so i felt something. i saw him everyday, enjoying himself. i thought i may be like him. So, i decided to text him, know him better. But all it was, he was stubborn, it was cute at first and also he was never rude but he had overconfident and totally opposite of me. All i did was messing up with him. Won't say he hate him but he don't like me either. i decided to leave and move on. I knew i still liked him. He is a 2 year senior from me and shares the other building so i don't see him mostly. 2 3 days ago, i saw him sitting on his class window, watching me. I was only able to see his eyes and a suddenly my breath skipped and a thought came, what if he leaves school or goes somewhere or i will not be able to see him again like this and i started to cry there. I was so scared. i don't know what was that. just help please if you have time.......
1374 days ago
Ok, so I'm lesbian, and I met this girl while I was at Roller Derby. I think I might be in love, but i m not sure if she likes me back. I got alot of mixed messages, like she definitely called me cute, but nothing else. She is also les so idk. I really like her, but I don't want to tell her just in case she doesn't like me back. We share all the same interests and she only lives in the next town over from me. I wish I knew what to do...
1422 days ago
I got 80% in love. I am demisexual/romantic, and he's the first guy I've ever felt anything for. He always makes me smile, even if we're just talking about random things. I realized I loved him 3 days ago. It's insane how much he's changed my life...
1438 days ago
And I not gay either cause I am a girl
1438 days ago
Also I am not a lesbian!!!
1438 days ago
Oh, and btw I also kinda love another guy too. But he is my first grade teacher's son. It is so awkward. Lol
1438 days ago
I think I am falling in love with him but at the same time I am so mad at him!!! He flirts with other girls but it also seems like he likes me. Jacob, if you are reading this, just tell me if you like me or not!!! I am so confused!!!
1439 days ago
I love you so much priyanshu ......baby..
1464 days ago
Profile A? Okay... the guy I like... well, most people think he’s pretty strange. He doesn’t have very many friends, and his friends are pretty strange too. I can’t stop thinking about him and get a warm feeling every time I think about him... come to think about it, I am pretty much the only girl he talks to. The guy I like had a best friend... let’s call him Y. Y seems to like me. He broke up with his gf a few months ago, and since then I feel like he’s trying to get closer to me... I don’t want to hurt Y, and I really enjoy my friendship with Y and the guy I like. I might confess soon, hopefully it’ll go okay...
1515 days ago
Well, I've just got the result as Profile A. I think I was a little bit obssesed with his purity. It made me to comtemplate once more. Thanks.
1515 days ago
I'm a gay. I think I'm in love with my male classmate. This is the first time that I feel like that. He is a top student in class and we never talk to each other. I'm worried that I will never meet him again because this is our last year in high school and there's only 2 months left for the final exam. He doesn't know that I love love him and none of my classmates know.
Sorry for my bad English 😀
1541 days ago
if i love my bf sorry typo