Do I Have A Crush On My Teacher? (Girls Only)

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Every teen girl goes through this stage: crushing on your teacher! You might have seen him before, but now that you see him up close, feelings you remember only having with crushes start to rise in you. Are you ready to admit the truth to yourself, or is this just a surge of hormones (again)? Take my quiz to find out!

  • 1
    How long have you known this teacher?
  • 2
    How did you know of him before seeing him in class?
  • 3
    What was the first thing you thought of when he began teaching your class?

  • 4
    What do you like most about him?
    What do you like most about him?
  • 5
    Do you really hear what he's saying, or do you just focus on him physically?
  • 6
    What do you feel when you start crushing on someone?

  • 7
    How good-looking is he?
  • 8
    Do you want to impress him with good grades in his class?
  • 9
    Have you ever thought of being in a relationship with this teacher?
  • 10
    Lastly, what do you think you'll get as a result?

Comments (61)


11 days ago
I have a tiny crush on my history teacher who is 30 years old.He has a wife and a child. At first I saw him as I would see any other teacher. But his lessons are always so engaging. And he is so kind, so funny, so charismatic, and so cute. He's literally so charming even though he does not look that good. People tell me I am his favorite student, but I am always so awkward and shy around him. When I see him I blush. Today he talked to me and I keep biting my nails because I was so nervous. I try to deny feelings for him but it doesn't go away. I have never had this before and all the boys I had crushed on were typically my age. I am so awkward around him, and I just feel like I am a really bad person for liking him because he already has a wife. But I will not flirt with him or anything, and I will definitely just keep this a secret. Maybe I will tell him when I am older and graduated, but I will definitely not ruin my teacher and his wife's relationship.
30 days ago
Heh Um lets talk about something else
42 days ago
I feel weird about my music teacher. I get pretty good grades at school and that includes music. I can play multiple instruments and I’m in the school choir, so I was one of the best musicians in my class.
It didn’t feel like anything different at first, but I just gradually began to feel something about him. Now, I’m a girl, and I’m actually just getting over a crush I had on my ex best friend (who is also a girl). I’ve never considered myself straight before and I have no idea what is going on.
My classmates hate my music teacher. People see him as moody and overly strict in general, but maybe because I’m good at his lessons and don’t see him that way, he’s pretty nice to me. Still, though, compared to some teacher, he is strict indeed.
The thing is, I’m kind of into being in an unhealthy relationship. Not really anything 🍦, I just sometimes want to be physically harmed (especially cut) by my possible partner, probably due to my history of self-harming. I just can’t stop considering him when I think about it.
I’ve never had a favourite teacher before, in this way, so it just feels weird in general. I don’t even know what I like about him at all. Just kind of curious, so here I am.
49 days ago
Pretty sure I'm the only guy here with this problem, but duuuuuuude, she's gorgeous.
74 days ago
I'm a teen girl.. Like normally I also have crush on my teacher. Though he is way too older than me the good thing is.. he is still a bachelor 🤩😜 I often daydream about us being together as a couple ( It might be awkward in reality but whatever) 😭..I try my best not to let him know about me crushing on him but I want his attentions too 😞🤞I know the fact that a teacher dating his student seems to be inappropriate but sometimes we should forget what others think and start doing things as we prefer.. I just want him to have that feelings for me 🙄 But I think its just impossible 😫😢 He is a very friendly matured guy so he probably might not have some other type of special feeling for me.. But just treat me same like he treats everyone ..just a student to whom he has to teach〒_〒.Moreover I will be seeing him only for some few more days after that he won't be teaching us anymore . I don't want to get awkward by showing or letting him know that I really like him but I also want to let him notice me..
Things would be really great if we get together
But it seems next to impossible ‘︿’

I think many teen girls like me are facing the same thing ...we all share the same story.. A secret sad story  ̄へ ̄
120 days ago
I’m 17 and I have been crushing on this teacher for a while now. He’s 42 I think.
He started as a substitute teacher and I had walked by in the hallway one day and accidentally made eye contact with him. I immediately told my friend about him and that his arms were freaking huge. It probably didn’t help that his shirt was rolled up.
So like the next week he is substituting for my class and my stomach explodes with butterflies. After a while I was chill, and him and I had this “game” we’d play where we’d give each other different names starting with the first letter of our name. I know it doesn’t mean anything, but I sure felt like it did. A week went by of us doing that game and he was just so chill...I was literally becoming obsessed though. I remember finding all his social media and researching him. Anyways, fast forward through summer break. He is now officially working at my school, and I thought I was over my little crush. But gosh I still think about him all the time. And you want to know what makes this even that I recently found out he lives at the end of my street.
152 days ago
I'm 16 and I have a huge crush on my new biology teacher who just transferred to our school in March. He's funny, relaxed, really kind and whenever I see him, there is this weird butterfly sort of feeling in my stomach. it's as if the insides of my stomach are doing flips. I try to deny my feelings for him but it's just impossible. I see him at least thrice a week. And everytime I try not to like him any further, things just never seem to go the way I want it to. He is super kind. Never in my entire life, has a male teacher made us sit in a circle and talk about our feelings instead of having a normal lesson. We even have our exams coming up, yet he is more focused on our health than our studies. While we were talking about our feelings, I couldn't tell anyone what I was going through at all. So he told me "you can call me or text me anytime you want if you want to talk to someone." He didn't say this to only me but also the others. In my mind, I told myself that maybe I shouldn't talk to him about personal stuff. I mean, he's a teacher and I'm a student.

Ughhhhhhh.. Help me. I'm messed up.
163 days ago
it feel so awkward i had crush in my sport sir. He used to teach me sports . and he quite handsome . i used stalk him on instagram . so i have two account and i follow him on second account. and one i was checking my followers his bestfriend was following me . OMG
164 days ago
Sad that this quiz is only for females that have feelings for a male teacher
191 days ago
It feels so odd to be on here when most of you are around 13/14. I’m 17 and I think I have a crush on my maths teacher. He doesn’t actually teach my class but he takes me for roll call. He’s a little socially awkward but I think it’s the cutest, the way he puts his hand behind his ear when he’s talking or when he can’t really make eye contact when addressing our class. Of course I know it can’t be anything more than a crush but I always find myself back on this website when I think about him. I guess I’m secretly hoping he’ll see this..
197 days ago
I’m 13 and crushing on my female teacher (27) right now :” she’s just so gorgeous like GODDESS level and I can’t help but stare at her when she’s teaching :( I’m really really creepy and I’m basically stalking her lmfao I’m sorry I’ve found all her social media but they’re all private oops and the worst thing is she doesn’t even know my name :”””
203 days ago
I had a crush on my student teacher i was 13 he was 24. i could not stop thinking about him. he was so kind and sweet. he was cute like a 7/10 but his personality was a 1000/10 i saw he staring at me at times then when i looked he looked. then he needed to go to a different school which was sad but i knew his full name so i found his Instagram.
210 days ago
I'm 15 and since I was 14 years old I have a crush on my Maths teacher (he is 42). I didn't like him at all at first, but then during the lessons he was just so funny and kind to me and I sort of started to develop feelings for him. I don't know what feelings that are, it's all strange. So I started to like him more and more and I think I was his fav student. When we did a trip with my class to a lake, I really had fun with him. I played Volleyball and frisbee with him and other kids and sometimes we just talked to each other. And every time he looked at me and smiled I couldn't do anything else but to smile back. We had a great time.
So when the year was over, we all thought we would have him as a teacher the next year too and he never said anything against it. I was happy, because my class was great and I liked everyone and we always sticked together. AND I would have my teacher the next year again. But at the last school day when he said "Goodbye...and my name.." I didn't realize that he said goodbye forever. He looked really sad and had tears in his eyes and I couldn't understand why.
So now my class was devided and I'm together with very nasty people. I've got awful teachers and out of all that: I havn't got my Maths teacher any more. So I kind of deal with the situation, because I sometimes see him in the breaks and then he smiles to me and I feel like omg everything's okay.
But yesterday I found out that he is going to another school. And I still can't believe it. So this week I'm going to see him for the last time of my life. I'll never see him again. I can't believe it. It hurts so much and I feel like, I can hardly breathe. But I hope I'll never Forget him and I'll find another one in my age. hopefully.
220 days ago
Ok. So... I have a ginormous crush on my English teacher... and it’s not good.
I wanna start by saying I’m only 12 and I don’t know how old my English teacher is - I’m guessing around 37? Also... I’m a girl and she’s a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues at all with the LGBTQ community, I just never thought I would be bi... because I’d never had a crush on a girl before. It was a bit surprising for me but it’s okay.
So when I started secondary school I didn’t think she was any different to any of the other teachers. She was nicer than quite a few of them, but she didn’t strike me as more special or anything. But like halfway through the year, I had a dream about her. I dreamt that she had a crush on some new science teacher we had and when she told me, I was super upset. When I woke up, I was really confused but I didn’t think it was anything.
Later on in the day, I had English, and I just couldn’t get that dream out of my head. She was late for class that day and when we were waiting outside the classroom, I kept looking over my shoulder to see if she was coming and every time I thought about her I got butterflies in my stomach. We went inside and when she came in, I tried to pretend nothing was up to my friend who was sitting next to me, but I just couldn’t stop staring at her blue eyes. I felt like I could get lost in them forever... until I totally embarrassed myself when she asked me a question and I realised I had no clue what she was talking about because I was focusing on her so much.
Anyway as time went by, I started getting really exited for English classes and I started noticing little things about her, like how she had small hazel-ish flecks in her eyes and how she had a slight smile all the time when she talked about English. I could tell how passionate she was about it and to be honest I loved it.
Then the time came when we were going into lockdown because of the coronavirus, and it was our last day in school. It just so happened that English was our last lesson of the day and this teacher lost track of time talking about her favourite book. I could tell everyone else was getting bored, but I didn’t care anymore. I wanted to just sit there all day listening to her talking.
Now, we’re in lockdown, and I always look forward to getting feedback from her on my work just so I can see something she wrote herself.
I don’t know what to do and how to get over this crush. It’s painful to like someone so much and know there’s no chance they’ll like me back. But reading your comments has helped because I know there are more people like me. But any advice would be really helpful.
261 days ago
I didnt think much off him when i first heard of him or saw him. In fact, everyone in the class was scared of him because of his authoritative voice and demeanor. Yet I would never let a teacher get the satisfaction of asserting control over me. I guess i have an authority issue... haha yeah I definitely do. But what first intrigued me about him was how he had an obvious sense of superiority and was somewhat boastful. He talked about his past careers and how he was a cop. He definitely knew how to keep kids in check by the way he would raise his voice and command a student to stop their tomfoolery. And believe me, thats hard, considering my class was filled with goofballs. Yes, I admired him, but I wouldn’t admit it and proceeded to treat him like any other teacher—with a laid back tone and confidence. Before continuing on, I’d like to say that I do this thing where I never break eye contact with someone first and always sound assured to assert my, well, dominance. When you get into a bit of trouble like me, you’ve got to always sound sure of yourself or they’ll eat you up alive. But onto the moral of the story, I suddenly felt the desire to push him (my history teacher) and challenge that stone-cold attitude. I would make jokes with him and mess around in his class. He would respond good-heartedly and I felt that we had a trustable rapport of two “self-assured“ people conversing to each other. One time he randomly asked me my age and birthday. He guessed 16 but I told him I was actually 15. We talked about other stuff and I learned that his birthday was 2 days before mine. After that conversation I could see that he picked up an interest in me too, even if it was minor. I think I messed up though by slipping and showing too much kindness. He extended the due date for an essay for me and reduced the amount of work to do. Of course I was shocked and grateful that he’d do that so maybe that’s why I choked, but he was probably just doing his job and would’ve treated any other student the same. But I took the chance in that interaction to get close, lean over him, and stare into his ocean green-blue eyes. They were as clear as fresh water and I just took the time to admire his smile and his physique. When I looked into his eyes, I could tell from something there that we would get along. The best part about it was he didnt break eye contact either. He held my gaze and continued talking. In that moment I felt as if I was alone with a close friend. I don’t know if the connection was infatuation, attraction, or just admiration, but whatever it was I’ll be bold the next time I see him and make my moves to get closer. I would stay within reason but keep in mind that I’m a daredevil and can’t even predict myself.
289 days ago
My teacher is SO cute. Everyone else in my class says he's weird but he's not. I'm 12 and he's, like, 38 , but I really don't care, he's so nice and funny and kind! I am totally crushing on him!
319 days ago
h e h a s c h i l d r e n a s o l d a s m e

send help i have daddy issues
356 days ago
I have a crush on this history teacher..I found him attractive. He's always so kind and understanding with me, and we both have in common. But sadly I'm not in his class anymore ( my counselor changed my history class ) so I was literally crying no lie. But I still visit him, I told my friends about it some of them tease me about it, eh whatever their my friends. I'm actually so in love with my history teacher...but whenever I tried to talk to him I get so nervous and get shy around him.
372 days ago
Hey! I am a teenage 15 year-old girl and all I have to say is that I am in love with my teacher. I am 100% sure that I am in love with him but I will never do smth with him! He is 60 years old and he is married-has a family.. I know you are like "what he is 60 and you are 15? How can you love such an old man".. I don't know how I fell in love with him! He is just treating me so perfectly! He smiles at me, he talks to me and he has hugged me.. I just feel so good and so happy with all this but I will never reveal I love him! I just can't do this to him! First of all I don't want to ruin his life and make him feel bad or nervous and last of all I don't want to ruin my relationship with him..I feel so happy now, even though I want to kiss him etc. I just love to see him happy and that makes me happy! The worst think is that I am leaving the school in 6 months and my heart hurts so bad!!! I don't know what I am going to do without him..
400 days ago
Thanks thanks but his name is tharun