Do I Have A Crush On My Teacher? (Quiz for Girls Only)

Every teen girl goes through this stage: crushing on your teacher! You might have seen him before, but now that you see him up close, feelings you remember only having with crushes start to rise in you. Are you ready to admit the truth to yourself, or is this just a surge of hormones (again)? Take my quiz to find out!

  • 1
    How long have you known this teacher?
  • 2
    How did you know of him before seeing him in class?
  • 3
    What was the first thing you thought of when he began teaching your class?

  • 4
    What do you like most about him?
    What do you like most about him?
  • 5
    Do you really hear what he's saying, or do you just focus on him physically?
  • 6
    What do you feel when you start crushing on someone?

  • 7
    How good-looking is he?
  • 8
    Do you want to impress him with good grades in his class?
  • 9
    Have you ever thought of being in a relationship with this teacher?
  • 10
    How often do you think about your teacher outside of school?

Comments (93)


18 days ago
I think i kind of like him but i dont want anything w him im 12 and hes 28💀
40 days ago
i am bisexual chaos. first it was my fem maths teacher, then my male humanities teacher, then maybe my fem language teacher, then maybe a male language teacher…. HELP why do i have a thing for teachers :’)))
43 days ago
HELPPP PLS I am 13 in the 8th grade and I kinda like my history teacher... His smile is very nice and he is very funny oml. HE IS LIKE 40 HELPPPPPP
50 days ago
I don't want this, she is so nice but nothing for me. I'm feeling safe in by her, 🚔 no!. Really I don't want this no, I can cry because of this, 🚔.
191 days ago
So like I think I have a teeny crush on my dance teacher? She's 22, super quirky and hilarious (i actually really enjoy talking to her) and she's soooo freaking prettyyy.
Like, she has these deep dimples and bright green eyes, and almost a ":3" smile idk how to explain it.

And she has really cool piercings and tattoos.
(I wanted a septum before but I think I want one more now eloell) (i'm 15)

But she's too old for me (and a whole college student, to boot!!)+ I'm pretty sure she has a girlfriend.

I hate how I'm going on (currently in my cringe gay era) ..."and she and and she ANDDDDD" so I guess I'll stop now.
350 days ago
I had a crush on a teacher in high school. He taught me in year 8 and at that time he was just my favourite teacher but in year 9, he didn't teach me but i saw him and was overwhelmed with feelings for some odd reason, i was 13 at the time and i think it was just hormones or something like that but after that i was completely obsessed with him, i would follow him at lunch and chill near him or go past his area just to see him. He made me feel happy ad i loved going to school just to see him. He taught me in year 10 and his face when he saw me, hahaha he was like oh god, he knew i liked him, i wish i wasnt so stalkery or wierd. After he left the school i matured alot and realised how wierd it was, i still think of him now, years on and i do miss him but im moving on and i do stll think f him ans i hope he has a nice life . I got a crush on my history teacher now hahaahahahah. i need therapy, seriously. lolool sorry i need to type that story.
375 days ago
Well if I am being honest, I do, but my teacher is so like a student, I mean he is only just starting work experience but he is literally like 70lbs and I think I probably weigh double him
432 days ago
I might as well get this off my chest here with strangers, instead of telling people who could tell him. I'm 16 (17 in a few months) and I've been in his class for a year now. He's just turned 32, and I met him through my brother (we're both interested in the course, but my brother's a year older than me so he took the class first.) The class also takes up a lot of free time, meaning not only do I see my classmates all the time, I see him all the time. Over breaks, after school, on weekends, etc. He's driven me to and from school before, we've sat close to each other, stretched together, etc. I can't seem to get him off my mind. I think that fact that I even took this quiz means I already knew the answer. It feels weird knowing that I like my teacher, and I try to keep him off my mind and to respect teacher-student boundaries. When I dream about him I try to feel like it's weird - which it is. (And my classmates from his class are usually there too so..) When I daydream of him, I try to change the face to someone else's. I'm really trying to get over this because I don't want to feel weirder than I already do around him. Especially since I still have the rest of this year and next year to go in his class. And if I want to be a super senior or possibly secure a job as a TA in his class - which I really do - I really need to get my 😘 together. Usually I get over someone by not seeing them and doing my best not to think about them. That'll be pretty hard in this case but I'm sure if I at least try to think of him as nothing but a teacher, I'll get over him eventually. God I really hope I do. And soon.
516 days ago
I'm bi sexaul and I'm 10 in year 5 and I have a on my female teacher and her name is Mrs Darlington her real name is Hollie I don't know if she has a crush on me but everyday she stares at me let's say flirting probably dunno but I know that I'm really preety so I'll say my nose is small I god medium ears I got medium for head and big lips BTW not being racist but I'm mixed with every think :Chinese, Indian, African, Jamaica, Welsh, Japanese ,British ya..
619 days ago
send help i'm in too deep
635 days ago
forgot to mention i'm lesbian so it's probably just an obsession with a cool teacher haha
635 days ago
honestly i don't think i have a crush on my history teacher but i think about him more than i should. not romantically though. he's funny and i genuinely look forward to my history mainly cos of him. it feels like i'm being obsessive.
686 days ago
so I have a crush on my teacher I am 17 I will turn 18 in one month and he is 22 or 23 years old I don't think I stand a chance with him but he is an incredible human being I respect him and I think he has a girlfriend even if he does not it is inappropriate to have a crush on him as a teacher his job will be at stake he smiles at me every time he probably thinks I am a stupid kid
746 days ago
I'm gonna loose my mind if I don't talk about this, so I might as well say this on a stupid quiz website. I'm 17, and about to graduate high school soon, and I have a BIG crush on my theology teacher. But here's the catch - he's a priest. I came across him by accident on my campus, and we started talking just by chance. He's about 29-30, and he's absolutely charming. We have interest's that are practically the same, and he's a huge nerd (which I find very adorable)!!! He's not conventionally attractive, but I find him endearing and he wears sweet little glasses. I've only told one friend about these feelings, since I feel extremely embarrassed over having a crush on a heccin' priest. I even have been trying to impress him by dressing more attractively and by wearing makeup- which I never do and my friends are starting to gain suspicions. I hope I just get over these emotions, but tbh, I really like dreaming about the two of us together, just doing basic vanilla things nothing gross or overtly "unholy". In the end, I know I only like him since I'm really romantically lonely, ad I don't go out enough to meet anyone else. But hey- I'm thankful to know him just in general, since he's such a nice person.
870 days ago
I have this very hot male PE teacher. I have a crush on him and cant stop thinking about him. My heart flutters every time I see him. I am a 12 year old girl. Is there any way I can stop? He is just a really nice person as well. He is also over 6 foot tall and very fit
882 days ago
@Huh (57639) plsss see this istg because we are in EXACTLY the same situation and we need to talk about it
886 days ago
Am so in love with my biology teacher the way he looks into my eyes he makes me think of him every time.
889 days ago
I should have figured out by now that if something says ‘for girls’ it won’t assume that the girls can like either gender, it just assumes all girls like men. Well, I’m lesbian so 😘.
916 days ago
sooo im like really late on here, but dangg this slapped. i remember during the first semester of my sophomore year in high school, i had a pretty decent crush on one of my teachers. but those feelings went away after some time because i developed feelings for ANOTHER teacher. how crazy, right?!
938 days ago
@🥸 I thought the same thing!!!