Do You Love Your Teacher? Quiz

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If you get that strange feeling in your head about a certain teacher, then take this quiz and find out the truth about whether you love them.

  • 1
    What do you do if you find your teacher chatting to another student?
  • 2
    What would you think if your teacher came to your desk, even though you didn't raise your hand?
  • 3
    If your teacher stood in front of the whole class and said he recently got a girlfriend, what would you do?

  • 4
    What do you usually daydream about your teacher?
  • 5
    How often do you daydream about him?
  • 6
    What would you do if he scolded you for the smallest thing?

  • 7
    When your teacher leaves the room unexpectedly, what tends to be your first thought?
  • 8
    How old is your teacher?
  • 9
    Which of these words best describes your teacher?
  • 10
    When you see him, how do you feel?

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95 days ago
When I was in high school, I always stay after school in that classroom with my crush (my teacher, lets call him Willow) and was very close with him. When helping me in class he touches me, no i dont mean my shoulder, but down to my 😻 like rubbing them and i kinda enjoyed it. Fast forward a year, and we have taken this to doing the nasty in the classroom after working hours, almost every day, and almost every knew it, and supported and shipped us tgt. Even all the staff knows about this, also the principal knew. Which i found funny because I hooked up abt 5 times in his house before and mr willow had no problem with it cos hes so madly in love with me. After I graduated, mr willow quit his job and we got married. Mind you I was only 19 or 20. And b4 we got married, I had his first child which everyone in the school adored, like kids from diff grades took turns taking care of her and stuff which it seems shocking. Also my mom and dad were pretty okay with it since they knew mr willow's parent and they were business partners as well as besties, lol shocking, ik. I am now a happy house wife with 7 kids, and im pregnant with 2 more :) so cute!! We came from a big family and always dreamt of have one so yeah.

Fun fact, the principal ended up with my sister Jadeleigh and they are getting married next week. Also Jadeleigh is already pregnant with the principal's kid and they r very happy.
228 days ago
i just looked at her linked in and saw she wasn't at my old school anymore and now i can t get my little brother to say hi for me. Im crying. i cant see that picture of her in the straff directory now i only have one pic of her. i love her so much i wish there wasnt such an age gap so that she can like me back. i hate her boyfriend shes too good for him. like just take me. i have maladaptive daydreaming disorder meaning i daydream for multiple hours everyday (for me abt 3+) i only think about her. i never think about the real world and how ill never see her again but i cant get it off my mind now. please be mine, i need you
256 days ago
I am so in love with my teacher, but there is one prob. She's female. I don't have just a crush on her. I think I'm seriously in love. But I think she doesn't really think I'm intelligent or something. And is it normal to go suicidal, if the person with whom u are in love with has got a girl- or boyfriend? I mean, I would be happy for her. For me just matters that she's happy.
And I'd rather d!e then tell any "trustworthy" adult about her, or the fact I'm in love with her. I also don't want to come over her. I just wanna be in love with her, even it isn't realistic to have a relationship with her.
But it's a pretty good quiz.
393 days ago
My teacher is like super hot, idrk if he likes me but i like him. He is pretty cool and handsome
1078 days ago
i love my teacher and i he is my favorite teacher i wish he will like me back i am not good in has class and don´t respect him but i change a lot and i told him sorry i am happy now he knows that he is my favorite teacher i love him as a teacher.i like him and i would never forget him i mam leaving going to high school and wish i could stay back
1552 days ago
i hate my teacher :P