Does My Teacher Have A Crush On Me?

Your teacher certainly seems to be looking in your direction a lot lately. Is it only your imagination, or what? What does it mean? Could it be your teacher might have a thing for you? If you want to know if he could have a crush on you, try my quiz right now.

  • 1
    Does he look at you often, and in a way that's different than teachers usually look at you?
    Does he look at you often, and in a way that's different than teachers usually look at you?
  • 2
    Does he talk any differently?
  • 3
    Does he give you extra attention?

  • 4
    Does he smile at you when he sees you?
  • 5
    Does he flirt with you? (In other words, does he make comments other teachers wouldn't, or tease you?)
  • 6
    When your friends (playfully) make fun of you, will he side with them or with you?

  • 7
    When you have a question about something, does he help you in a special way? (Like joking while explaining, trying to make you feel secure, etc.)
  • 8
    When you are on a trip with the school, does he make an effort to joke around or play with you? (Like scaring you for fun, telling you funny things, making you laugh?)
  • 9
    If you have made some fun but dumb comments, does he tease you about that? (Playfully, of course!)
  • 10
    And last but not least, does he gives you compliments? (On your looks, work, grades, etc.)

Comments (20)


115 days ago
are you 🌻 serious. You gotta be kidding me!!! Tch
115 days ago
uh so, my teacher haas a crush on me but I don’t like him. Big problem?
142 days ago
Uhm...I guess it’s fine(?) to like your teacher but your teacher liking you back is a real big no-no! Especially if their married and/or have kids. That’s just messed up!
168 days ago
I'd do anything to get him to like me back T_T
229 days ago
Yo my teaher likes me im a student in his G period class. And 💋 is he hot
507 days ago
bruh i took this is a joke because my friend used to have a crush on a teacher but y'all really out here simpin over married men and women who could go to jail for making moves on you smh
574 days ago
That moment when your teacher crush walks up to you and starts randomly talking about his ex-wife......
596 days ago
this is a lie he let me wear his suit jacket yesterday so bleh
716 days ago
Sorry but you guys are weirddd, I took this test as a joke and I obvs don't like my teacher and my teacher doesn't like me, but there's so much of you lot who took this test seriously like what the hell, calm down, its illegal to date your flippin teacher!!
734 days ago
im sorry but kids are sometimes 🦄 i was looking up how to avoid getting called and stumbled upon this and i'm like dying of is illegal to date your teacher bruh and also i just did this test for fun and recorded my answers and i promise u i got a different result with the same answers. this tests fake and stupid, half the time ur teacher is probably happily married and yall pathetic.
740 days ago
Well this very weird but i think i have a crush on my teacher the best things that she is only 3 years older than me and i’m 20 years old and i have feelings that she may are inlove with me too. Because she hugging me so many times and i’m a bisexual and she is lesbian. She is so beautiful pretty hot and so kind and very good attractive young teacher she is really good to teach me stuff on class i’m very impress over her she is amazing. I would like to hang out with her one day.
878 days ago
i love my sailing coach, so much i think he likes me to, i think im going to message him. he is always talking to his friend after he talks to me and he seems happy aand exited he is only 22 and im 13 i genuenly love him
1358 days ago
Sexist, he? 😻 have some respect for Lesbians
1360 days ago
omg i already knew that he has a crush on me but that is only make me uncomfortable ahh i cant believe i am thinking about him now
1363 days ago
Well yeah i guess he dont like me as a girl
1381 days ago
I think she loves me
1385 days ago
She loves me I love her to now we're going to date
1402 days ago
Its very uncomfortable with me ,i don't like my teacher in that way cause I think him like my parents ,,I think he has to understand it 😭😭 why its me I don't want it
1420 days ago
I love my teacher but I just want to see if he have a crush on me
1443 days ago
I think that my teacher really loves me. She is very friendly with me. But sometimes she feels very disgusted when I disturbed or nagad a lot. Sometimes she becomes so angry that I felt very sad. But after sometimes she tells me a lot of things for keeping my mind. So the problem arrises that for this reaction of my teacher I get confused that she really loves me or not...