Does My Male Teacher Have A Crush On Me?

Students spend a lot of time with their teachers. When school's in, you might see them more than you do your own parents. It's not unusual for one or both to feel attraction when working closely together. Take my quiz now to find out whether a male teacher in your school might have a crush on you.

  • 1
    How long have you known this teacher?
    How long have you known this teacher?
  • 2
    Does he look at you often?
  • 3
    Does he choose you to answer questions?

  • 4
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 5
    Does he ever say you're clever, or compliment you on your good grades?
  • 6
    Do you think you're reasonably clever in his subject?

  • 7
    Does he give you extra help when you need it?
  • 8
    Does he joke around a lot?
  • 9
    Does he ever make comments/remarks that could be construed as flirtatious?
  • 10
    Has he ever accidentally touched you?

  • 11
    When he is talking to you, does he seem comfortable and smiley?
  • 12
    What's the difference in your ages?

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71 days ago
So I have this really hot male sport and health teacher, I legit get butterfly's whenever I am near him, what can I do? I don;t want to be distracted by him. By the way, I am 12 year old girl and he is about 20-24
81 days ago
yes it can be pedophilia BUT not when you look like an adult and have the body of an adult! OK SO STOP SAYING THAT
90 days ago
So my teacher stares at me and sometimes even looks away when i look at him. i also noticed that he actually likes being alone with me in his class. also i know his d- i mean heart is big..... luv ya ;)
312 days ago
Wait what if he states at u all the time in his class and has stares at ur erm privet and when I'm in class he hangs around me and I even moved to sit next to my friend he didn't mind and he hangs there more now even my friend notices
351 days ago
im scared to be alone with him
359 days ago
It was a long sotry about me and my teacher I think he is older than 22 and im 14 at that time mw and my teacher went to a trip in mountain that time me and my teacher start a relationship till now those year was gone when we are happy and when our principles and our miss always seems that their hate me but now we married together he was a good daddy for our kids and always cute husband
413 days ago
Ok so I think it was two months ago but I posted a comment on here about me liking my teacher, things have happened since then.
1. He ALWAYS complements me (all the time)
2. He constantly smiles at me
3. He has a wife and a daughter :(
4. He had been away from school for two weeks and I’m worried
5. I manifested and my diary that he would acknowledge me more, like me and come back
6. I have been slowly giving hints to my most trustworthy friend that I like him.

At the moment I have been asking her who would she date and stuff and I feel like I want to tell her because I trust her A LOT. The sad thing is, is that he probably will never like me because I’m ugly/chubby and he is married.
I’m trying things to get his attention more but not too much do he doesn’t find out.
427 days ago
THINK OF IT THIS WAY - if your teacher likes u, then he is a PEDOFILE. dont get him in jail
432 days ago
Actually he is a lecturer.. Yes i am a college student and he is my lecturer. We only have age gap about 4-7 years. The result said "He likes you. Although he doesn't quite have a crush on you yet, he's definitely warmer toward you than toward your other classmates. He doesn't mind being around you, and if you try, he'll probably become more confident around you." Well sometimes I thought this too. He always smile at me. Sometimes i feel he is kinda different when he talks to me, his eyes looks like he is so happy to talk to me. When i raise my hand to ask a question, he looks happier than it is anyone else. When we need to ask through social chats, he reply my chats sooner than he reply my others friend's chat, I don't know why he acts like this to me. I don't really like him, only sometimes i find him cute but basically he is not my type. But his way talk to me, smile to me, looking at me, and act differently to me makes me often think of him. Lately, since we are all work and study from home, i become more often think of him like i miss something that usually happen. It is confusing me, i still don't know how my feeling is. He is still not my type, but his way act to me makes me forget that he is not my type.
440 days ago
i have a science teacher to whom i am very attracted to. it's really hard to keep liking him because i always needed to pretend that i don't so that no one will pick up on it and it really hurts me to stab him in the back even though i really don't mean it. my friends and batchmates doesn't like him because he's known to be a strict, cold, and just that teacher you don't want to hang out with.
i do see these traits in him, however i see something more in him that no one else could have noticed. i see that he's so hardworking, i see that he is passionate about his job, i see that he is very direct and keeps his mind organized and i see that he is a very lovely person.
if he were my age, or i to his, i'd probably still like him the same.
And of course the sexual attractions won't be out of this. His eyes when he talks to me sometimes are something different. there are times when it's just us, the way he positions his body, the way he looks at me, the way he moves, i dont know but everything about him when it's just the two of us makes me feel so different.
i dont even know why i even feel this way. he isn't even that type of teacher that looks good or attractive. he's not that handsome at all. to other students, his looks are very normal and ordinary.
I'm just attracted to him, and only because it is him. it's definitely not about the thrill of just having a really big age difference because i dont care what age he is. i'd look at his photos when he was my age, and i'd imagine how he was like when he was still young like me.
i really dont know, but he's special to me. very, special.

last week, my batchmates were fed up with the school workload because it was too many and one of the reasons why we have that is because his subject (science), had so many activities due in the dates that are so close to the date of when it was given, so naturally, my batchmates were mad at him. they planned to make a letter complaining about him to the school's head director.
i got worried because he wasn't even doing nothing wrong and it was just simply because we were having a hard time, yet he could still get in trouble because there were complaints from a number of students with their parents' silver spoon feeding help, and so i tried to protect him from that. i told my batchmate that lead this whole thing to not mention any specific teacher and only generalize the whole workload thing so that in that case, if any of the faculty gets in trouble, it'll be all of them and not only one.

i really like him to the point i might commit to loving him if he would confirm to me if he likes me too.
456 days ago
Ok so Im in grade eight and I like my teacher. He is probably 30-40 years older and I feel a different way about than any other teacher. Since he is a lot older it might be strange for him or other people. Most people just say he’s there teacher but I feel an attraction towards him. I have not told anyone and do not plan on doing so, he compliments me in HPE and always smiles at me. He is really nice to me and even sometimes touches me (for HPE) which makes me blush 🥺. Last term we had to do fitness workouts and I got complimented for working hard and becoming more fit, he also said that I improved the most in the class. He also compliments me sometimes when I work well and play sports well. He is very nice and sometimes stares in class. I really like but I don’t know if he likes me back! I also want him to acknowledge me more but since I’m 14 it might be weird for him. Idk what I should I should do or if I should stop liking him? I’m young and this is probably odd and I haven’t told anyone. I decided that I would let it out here 😞 I’m also scared of judgement.
471 days ago
I joined college this year and I developed an immense crush on my professor in a matter of months. He's way older and married but I'm not going to act upon my feelings, so I think this is just a harmless little crush. I get all lightheaded and nervous when he takes class. And I always pay utmost attention and enjoy his classes a lot. He definitely knows I like him lol. I'm the topper in class for his subject so he always encourages me to study more. He's handsome and very intelligent and that's what drew me towards him. I've caught him looking at me while I'm looking elsewhere and also if he sees some boy trying to talk to me he'll interfere and shut them up I think it's kinda cute that he does so, I really dont mind. Also when he enters class he makes it a point to look right at me and hold his glance which makes me blush like crazy and look down. After a moment when I look back up at him he always has a huge grin on his face like he's just had a good laugh. I dont think it'll be a problem if we both dont act on it. He's an amazing person and I'll surely miss him next year ❤
485 days ago
so this new art teacher joined my school and whenever i had an art class he would always stare at me and it just created an awkward and intense feeling in the whole class. he would joke around with me and sometimes even "accidentally" touch me. my friends and classmates knew that there was something fishy going on. one day after school i saw him in the cafeteria and he asked me for my instagram username and it was disgusting.
498 days ago
He loves me i think? he 44 and im 15.
every day on the corridor i see him and wonder when will you teach me and at the start of this year he teach my fave class math. he look me in the eyes and say corridor girl and i never knew he recognised me every day staring. i stare a lot. I take pictures when hes not looking and print them out and cut the faces out and stick them on my wall. Bit strange i know but the feeling of not being around him makes me lonely. Today in class when i was about to leave he shut the door after everyone else and said stop right there corridor girl and i was so shy and he grabbed me by the waist and said one kiss for your special teacher just kidding this was a dream but i think tomorrow it could be reality?????????
520 days ago
My teacher crush is a female teacher and I was madly in love with her and she felt the same for me well 10+ years later we are now married and have kids together and she is still sexy as hell and always have been she’s bisexual so I never thought a female teacher would ever date a female student
558 days ago
Ok!!! After seeing the stories written all here I decided to tell my story. I was 13 and went to a camp organized by my school. Usually, these trips will be so dumb. He was my instructor, at first I thought he was cute but later on, I started to have more attention towards him. Since my Bff was not able to attend the camp on that time I was unable to share my feelings with anyone. At first, without any reason at all, he started to come over me and start a conversation. Soon as we chatted a lot I got to know about him and found that we have a lot in common. He usually picks me out to answer his question even if my hands are not up. Soon I think I started to crush on him. I would pay special attention to his classes. He would sing songs all along. My campmates started to pick him out for doing these things. He always had this special connection with me. He always used to do a lot of pranks and jokes around me. And the moment we walked together in the rain was a fairytale moment for me. And at one part of the time we unknowingly bumped at each other and he looked directly into my eyes and he blushed, but I was unable to make eye contact with him. He always used to give me extra information and he makes sure that I am safe. He always makes me feel comfortable. And one day we were all provided with some snacks and at that time he was handful and unable to receive the snack so I got his part and waited for him do get free but once he saw me waiting beside him he opened his mouth halfway and said open the packet and keep it in his mouth(like feeding) that time heart was like it was about to burst. And as I did we were laughing together. Whenever he sees me he used to wink and smile at me and that made me feel like I was at heaven. I always used to feel like he is a prince and I am a princess. Our age difference is also very less only around 9. And we share the same birthplace so this got a lot more interesting. He also once saved my life from a snake in the camp. He was like a hero to me. But unfortunately, we need to depart but at last, he gave me a long hug which left all my campmates shocked. And after coming home I am stalking him in the social network for 4 months.BY THE WAYS HE LOOKS SO CUTE AND HOT!!!!!!!
583 days ago
Okay let's be real we all seem pretty little lairs we all know the Ezria somehow they both end up married point is I don't know why but I'm sharing my story I just kept ceiling to find someone who experience something similar but yeah November 2019 he came in I was dating a girl back then we loved each other just as he walked in I could tell all the girls had their eyes on him I tend to like a lot of teachers but just a matter of time I got over them point is I swore to myself that this would only be just an admire and that I won't develop feelings or anything because I know that I'd end up hurt anyway and so December came I didn't catch any feelings yet though I was active on the thought that I liked him once he complimented me like crazy for the whole period he was complimenting me on my answers on how creative and how good it was when really it's just something simple girls got their jealous eyes at me somehow even though I don't show that I like him at all but then the ooh first day of December thought it'd be my first time spending Christmas with someone to keep me warm she broke up with me and so yeh she broke up in a text worst way of breaking up with anyone really but I just texted her "k" but yeh it ended then the day right before the test on his period he came right over touched my shoulder and say good luck on your test his eyes were quite something I lean into him he lean back in smiley lol cringe but he smiled any chuckles it was like a moment we had where we jsut stared and with me starting to panicky I asked him if he watches stranger things and blah blah blah jsut talking and eye contact then the day on the test he was sitting in the chair I looked at the clock above him actually having intention to look at the clock to see how much time I have left and so I could tell he was looking at me to make sure I looked back at him and he was actually looking at me I blushed and continued with my test a few minutes after I tried to see if he was still looking and yeah he was anyway it was pure pressure point is Christmas Eve I think I made him thought that I was a lesbian and that I hated him eight days of holiday I had I totally panicked couldn't rest my mind school open Jan I went to Japan a chorus contest came back got third place in telling you I almost brought him a gucci tie lol almost went insane but I gave him a lush when I came back he wasn't at his desk I left the present there and left few days later he came back there was this campaign thing school had to interview our teachers while me and my friends were going I saw him opening my present as my friend whisper "omg he's opening your present" it's that happy feeling I got and he just said that he loves it and thank you in the interview script they asked ho he spend his weekend with he said alone with himself instead of me saying "me too" I said really? Alone? Forever alone huh and yes I couldn't flirt most stupid thing I ever done then Monday I came to apologize for saying that he's forever alone and all that he told me to stay after class which once the bell rings he just walks towards my desk and said that he wanted to talk so I talked about my family my life and all that how my life 🐤and all that he comforted me and I was happy we were so close lights were off people was in the room a few then they left my friend interrupted us like four times until the fifth time he said that he'll let me go I said I could continue this in homeroom Onny the way out he hugged me from be hind and kept touching my shoulder like crazy but I didn't talked to him in homeroom but on Tuesday we bumped into each other he talked to me asked me how I was and I said that I was okay and he said that we could talk again in homeroom for Tuesday which when that conversation ended my friend looked at me in a weird way and I was like what she said that me and him reminded her of "the scandal" a shorty dirty novel I wrote back in grade six about a teacher student relationship but on homeroom I saw him but he didn't approach me so I let him go once on my work he drew a smiley face and a smile I thought ..wait wait wait.. this this can't be happening.. am I friend zoned? Lol but no I'm not tho last day of school he completely ignored me I made like five excuses to go to places mad him and yet still didn't say anything school closed I missed him so much I know this sound crazy but for a moment I afualky thought that he was the one that he was gonna be who isn't he spending my life with them again it sounds crazy I mena I could've felt this for anyone but it jsut had to be a teacher I wrote poems sonnets songs god I've written about him ever since Christmas Eve never stopped them until now I decided I'd put myself on a break get loosen up from his chains and let go and forget that he exist so I'd spend my summer all happy instead of miserable and that I can grieve but not too much I'd then think about him when school opens and end of story
601 days ago
That moment when your teacher crush walks up to you and randomly starts talking about his ex-wife.......
639 days ago
I am literally in love with him! I know this isn't a good thing because I will get hurt anyway.. I know it is illegal to have a relationship with him and I will never do that! He is just so good to me and he smiles at me.. he is just so good, but I'll never tell him I love him. I am sure he doesn't like me back but he loves me as a student and he says that I am the best kid of the whole school and that he loves me so I am happy with that!!😊
652 days ago
This is horribly wrong! If your TEACHER has a crush on you that is not ok. This quiz and these comments are glorifying pedophilia