When Will I Get A Boyfriend? Quiz

Have you been wondering and wondering WHEN WILL I EVER GET A BOYFRIEND? Well, you're definitely not alone on this question! The good news is, most girls get one eventually. However, here, I mean IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Take my test and find out when it will most likely happen for you!

  • 1
    What traits do you think a good boyfriend should have?
  • 2
    What are boys most likely to say about you?
    What are boys most likely to say about you?
  • 3
    You have a crush but he hasn't asked you out. Why do you think this is?

  • 4
    Which are you most likely to be doing on a Friday night?
  • 5
    It's the last day of school and you give him your yearbook to sign. He:
  • 6
    You are at the mall over the summer and happen to see your crush. He:

  • 7
    You're talking to your crush when a hot girl walks by. He:
  • 8
    You're at a dance. Without permission, your best friend asks your crush if he'll dance with you. He:
  • 9
    If you are already dancing with your crush, he would:
  • 10
    If you were to ask your crush what some good things about you are, he might say:

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22 days ago
Hi this test didn't actually work for me like seriously I'm confused and I'm scared of telling him how I feel
28 days ago
73 days ago
I like this boy. He blushes in front of me (i also blush in front of him). I asked him out. He said he’ll think about it. It’s been 2 weeks. He still hasn’t answered but he talks to me and i catch him staring alot.
131 days ago
@I am the boss from this website you all of you, uhm what the gosh name did I just see?-✋🏻
131 days ago
@Anastacia, Gurl you got this! Just take 3 deep breathes and go tell him you like him! Go for it! If he does not like you then that’s okay you will find someone better!❤️
131 days ago
🥵dO🎶yOu💕rEmEbEr✨oUr😐sOnG🙈sTaWwWp🥵 *Runs into wall and completely dies😇”
133 days ago
Lol, I hang around a lot of boys and we like to challenge each other with things like sports. It's really fun, but there's these 2 guys that I really like. Both of them seem to be pretty casual around me and don't really seem that interested. Idk if I will ever find one. Ahhhh help! 😅
159 days ago
hiii i love this
163 days ago
I'm gon' get miself a boyfriend eeeeeyy
183 days ago
ugghhhhh i like somebody but they are my friend but they like my other friend and its complicated and weird help meh plz😰
187 days ago
Hey, i like this boy and his friends say that he likes me but he's scared i'm Taken and because i'm 19 i'm probably Taken but i don't know how to tell him. Idk what to do
187 days ago
well dat's aight cool like an ice cube thanks for the test
192 days ago
i really liked the answers
208 days ago
I want a boyfriend, the guy I like has a crush on me, but is to afraid to talk to me. He thinks I'm with someone else and will reject him. How am I supposed to hint that I'm single?
222 days ago
im getting a boyfiend eehh
227 days ago
228 days ago
228 days ago
I am in 14 and my crush just asked me to go out with him!!! It has been one week and we are now "dating." Although I wish he would jut kiss me already.
233 days ago
I have never been kissed and I am 18 ...
233 days ago
I have never benn kissed and I am 18 ...