Will I Ever Find Love?

Aha! It looks like a hopeless romantic is checking out my quiz, wondering when you'll finally meet that special someone!:-) Do you think it might not ever happen for you? Take the quiz and let's find out about you finding the love you need and deserve!

  • 1
    Have you ever kissed anyone?
  • 2
    Have you ever been asked out?
  • 3
    Have you ever had a relationship with somebody?

  • 4
    What does your ideal partner look like?
  • 5
    Do you enjoy Valentine's Day?
  • 6
    Where would you prefer a first date to be?

  • 7
    Favorite color?
  • 8
    Can you see yourself getting married someday?
  • 9
    Do you like anybody right now?
  • 10
    Last question: Does your crush like you back?

Comments (27)


80 days ago
Seeing the creators response to my result cheered me up a bit lol.
I used to be in a relationship with a guy in my class during my primary years but he changed the next year that came so we got seperated and I concluded that we have broke up but he came back after another new school year and I started avoiding him cause it was awkward. I told my friends abt it and they said I was stupid.T.T It's not my fault I was still young back then and they're blaming my younger self=_=
246 days ago
So I’m homosexual and I have a crush on one of my friends ( I go to an all girls school). Please make an LGBTQA one, I am seriously doubting if anyone will love me ir it at the moment
( my crush soes not like me back)
247 days ago

284 days ago
are these signs or just boy things

sorry for bad grammer
284 days ago
my story so about a year ago my gf broke up with me ( i am a girl and bi ) but now my guy bestfriend i like him and i told him if i had a crush i would not show or tell anyone he asked why i said cause i don't want them to know so recently i hung out with him and he like me touch his hair a lot i tried not to and he thought i was or something and he put his head down i still touched his hair i asked would he sit on my lap and he said yea he asked me the same thing (me lowkey blushing) i said yes
373 days ago
Yes, an LGBTQ+ one would be nice. Anyways, here's my story: On August 9th, my ex gf broke up with me, saying that she didn't know if she liked me or not. I thought I was over her, but I don't really know. I feel like since I came out as lesbian (although not sure if I'm that either) my friendships have changed, I can no longer tell them that I love them without saying "no homo" and our hugging is a bit stiff. I don't know, I might be too young for love? (I'm turning 13 in April) But I'm honestly just confused. If you actually read this, thanks for putting up with my random garbage.
443 days ago
I'm Asexual so idk and yes can someone plz make an lgbtq one
460 days ago
can someone pls make this lgbtq? pls?
473 days ago
Ahhh!!I will find my love in 3 years they said!! Then I would be 18!! But I have just stopped thinking about some serious true love... So, I had this boyfriend who was my crush for 4-5 months... He was 3 months older than me... I admit I didn't have deep feelings for him tho, cuz I am not a type who remains in a relationship for years... But still I wasn't willing to let him leave cuz I loved him and he was my frst boyfriend.. but seriously what did he give me?? When I proposed him he said he kinda crushed on me too and so I thought I got a good ending... We got close to each other, we shared things and couple things you know( not any physical contact, no kissing and I am still virgin) and then after some good days kinda few weeks that 💑 asked me " Can I leave you?" It was the dumbest sentence I have ever seen in my life... Then he began mocking me and taunting me about my feelings... He began to be rude to me... And then too I did let him go cuz he was special for me but I guess he never deserved it!! I came to know later that he was a kind of a 💑boy who kept changing girlfriends... He had got good looks which he is most proud of!! And then suddenly I broke up with him and began to be very rude on him.... But he said we can remain frnz and I agreed.. after 4-5 days he blocked my number and deleted it!!! Like how dare he play with my feelings?? They were not as deep as Pacific tho but still they were there!! Unlike him who just played... And now I have deleted his contact too... We no longer see each other now and I am relieved about that!!!
559 days ago
It said I'll find them in a year or so.
I caught my girlfriend cheating on me.
I literally watched her get up from laying on me and run up to my best friend and kiss him.
She denied it but her best friend recorded it because she wanted to see my reaction so I have proof.
I am depressed.
I'll never be happy again.
She was the one to me.
She said she has never felt better in her life.
My best friend is telling everyone that she has always loved him.
She only used me for my best friend.
This was a month ago.
Now she wants me back.
I said no and she said I was making a mistake.
I said she made a mistake when she cheated and she started crying and everyone started yelling at me.
578 days ago
My results -----THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE! Maybe you're just too picky, or you haven't found the one yet. Either way, people love you! You'll meet someone within the next year! Be sure to give people chances - don't reject too many people, or you might not meet someone for a longer while. Good luck!: D ..... Lol what do u mean G!!! I will never Pick Any Guy in the street corners...............
629 days ago
I dont believe in love anymore since i got my heart broken 💔💔
677 days ago
Yes the one I am with
725 days ago
Next three years? I'm not even allowed to date until after high school and also I don't want to date in university because I want to get a job, it looks like we're in for the long haul XD
729 days ago
I only hope for the best when it comes to love and I know that it will come to us in due TIME.
738 days ago
Right. Sure. (sarcastically) There will be no human female that I love who will ever love me. I want to quit the feeling love.
784 days ago
I am fat so i had a doubt will it worked out for me
819 days ago
My boyfriend just broke up with me today...guess he wasn't "the one" I'll find him one day...hopefully...
841 days ago
my result says for me to find love in a year or so :)
my boyfriend dumped me a few days ago, and it shattered my heart since i loved him with all of my heart...
i caught him about to cheat on me, he claimed he was losing interest in me, it was such a sad day that i lost him, he meant the world to me.
i just hope i will find someone who wont take me for granted, someone who will hopefully be endgame for me.
if you read this, thank you for caring, im going through so much right now, and i appreciate you giving your precious time to reading this comment.
God bless, and i hope all of you meet the love of your life soon!
911 days ago
3 years!!! come on man. i've been alone for so long. :'-(