Will I Ever Get A Girlfriend?

You've heard the old saying, "There's someone for everyone." But does it still sometimes - or even often - feel like that's true for everyone but you? Try my quiz now and find out if that gf you want is ever going to be yours! I am betting yes...good luck!

  • 1
    If a girl were to walk up and start a chat with you, you would:
    If a girl were to walk up and start a chat with you, you would:
  • 2
    If you liked a girl, you would most likely:
  • 3
    You pass gas while kissing. Which of these is most likely to happen?

  • 4
    We know you're not violent, but let's say just for fun that you kill her ex because he wasn't nice to her. Which of these are you most likely to say afterward?
  • 5
    You accidentally pee on her after the two of you have "baby time." Which do you do/say?
  • 6
    She says hi. You accidentally burp (at least we hope you didn't do it on purpose). Which do you say next?

  • 7
    She says, "Hi, Sexy!" Which is your most likely response?
  • 8
    She says "bye" to you. Your most likely response of these?
  • 9
    She says, "I hate you." Of these, you'd say:
  • 10
    Thank you for taking my test. Please press any possible answer to get your results.

Comments (29)


14 days ago
I need a girl crying 😢
29 days ago
I- ok so I am a bisexual girl, does this test still count lmao
62 days ago
thank u for inspiering mee .just see what happens
70 days ago
i need gf forever love
87 days ago
today valentines day eve

i got them result yes, ill get a girlfriend. i took another test on when ill get a girlfriend, well, it said tomorrow.

tomorrow valentines day
90 days ago
I know my bois are reading this 😂👋 imma head out...........walks away Simping
116 days ago
yay i will have a gf *cries slowly*
124 days ago
I mean my best friend who is a girl said that she wouldn't care if I was dying in front of her so the whole hating thing isn't too unbelievable. I am sad. She's not even angry or anything.
126 days ago
she said "i hate you!" so this is fake.....
132 days ago
Thanks... But im a scaredy cat and she also rejected me... Soooooooooo, yay🙂🔫
142 days ago
yoooooooooooo im getting a gf (: i feel satisfied
164 days ago
I’m a lesbian doing this. I JUST WANT A GIRLFRIEND OMG
169 days ago
i want a girl friend and i like a girl named serenity and shes cute and if your seeing this serenity
i admit it i like you i love you you make me feel happy and safe
175 days ago
lol this is LAME but i already got me a gurl p.s imma gurl
190 days ago
190 days ago
I thought this was for lesbians as well
192 days ago
I want a girlfriend to I'm in the very lonely
203 days ago
Yay ill get a girlfriend
211 days ago
This quiz wasn't for lesbians...

Oops. Oh well.
243 days ago
On a lot of these questions I would do none of the answers