Will I Ever Get A Girlfriend? Quiz

You've heard the old saying, "There's someone for everyone." But does it still sometimes - or even often - feel like that's true for everyone but you? Try my quiz now and find out if that girlfriend you want is ever going to be yours! I am betting yes...good luck!

  • 1
    If a girl were to walk up and start a chat with you, you would:
    If a girl were to walk up and start a chat with you, you would:
  • 2
    If you liked a girl, you would most likely:
  • 3
    You pass gas while kissing. Which of these is most likely to happen?

  • 4
    We know you're not violent, but let's say just for fun that you kill her ex because he wasn't nice to her. Which of these are you most likely to say afterward?
  • 5
    You accidentally pee on her after the two of you have "baby time." Which do you do/say?
  • 6
    She says hi. You accidentally burp (at least we hope you didn't do it on purpose). Which do you say next?

  • 7
    She says, "Hi, Sexy!" Which is your most likely response?
  • 8
    She says "bye" to you. Your most likely response of these?
  • 9
    She says, "I hate you." Of these, you'd say:
  • 10
    Thank you for taking my test. Please press any possible answer to get your results.

Comments (51)


18 days ago
This quiz was so 🦄 funny man
33 days ago
a former classmate broke me. she got a bf whos *gly, stxpid and mean. the whole package. my best friend thinks theyre not 2gether anymore. the other one thinks they are. ik she would probably say yes if i asked her out, unless she was already taken. but she severed ties with almost all her old friends and hasnt used my number once despite my giving it to her...
33 days ago
says im BF material. I personally think im gf,so and/or partner material, but NOT bf. Sorry, quiz dev, but this quiz is a teeny bit insensitive. btw alex is not my real name
74 days ago
You should just go ahead and ask her out. There's a good chance she'll say yes. You might not have the confidence you should, but just fake it until you make it!
If only you can trust someone in this world.
83 days ago
omg thank u so so so much i had a crush on this one girl for 3years now and i can tell she likes me but i dont have the nerves to ask her out
106 days ago
Thank You so much. there is a girl in class that i have been intrested in for about a few weeks and now im confident
201 days ago
I thought I would never get a gf! Thanks a million!!!!
201 days ago
i thought i would never get a girlfriend thanks a million
218 days ago
nice and very lovely website thanks you 3000
256 days ago
Hope it's true, i guess
257 days ago
well hello guys i will never get a gf just to know I live alone
289 days ago
@Vivian same here lol
305 days ago
aaaa me being here as a lesbian
332 days ago
Whats wrong with my life
345 days ago
Well let's see if I'm able to get one lol
366 days ago
Hope I am able to get a girlfriend
501 days ago
515 days ago
Did the test, I passed it .
Got only one question.
We're the hell is my Girlfriend dude😔
559 days ago
I meant "what is this test, what's with the gross questions"? The ice-cream doesn't really convey the confusion.
579 days ago
You are definitely boyfriend material. I have been rejected by two girls so far... I just want to love someone.