Do You Have a Future?
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Do You Have a Future?

Are you and your significant other going to last? Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1:On a regular date, you...
Sit around and watch the TV until one of you falls asleep.
Debate about where you should go, and do whatever sounds least boring.
Do something you normally do, like go to a movie or dinner.
Try something new, but decide that it wasn't such a good idea after all.
Go for something spontaneous and come back satisfied.

Question 2:When you're around your partner, you...
Think of an excuse to make him/her go home.
Secretly wish he/she would go home.
Wander around, running into him/her every once in a while.
Hold hands and make conversation.
Are around him/her constantly. You love their company!

Question 3:When you haven't heard from him/her in a while, what do you do?
Think, 'Yes! FINALLY some time to myself!'
Let out a happy smile and pamper yourself.
Don't think any more/less of it.
Leave a message on their answering machine, and go take a shower. He/she will call you sooner or later.
Wander around the house, wondering if they're okay. You've called twice, emailed 5 times, and you can't stop worrying.

Question 4:What do you look for in a relationship?
Some hot make-out sessions. No more. No less.
Little or no strings attached.
A good time, but not having to be completely dependent on your lover.
Some good loving, honesty, and happiness for at least a few months.
Your soul mate. You need it all.

Question 5:How many times a day do you think of him/her?
What? I don't even THINK, let alone about him/her!
As little as possible if I can help it.
Every now and then, but I'm usually busy.
Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night.
All the time! It's hard to concentrate!

Question 6:Have you planned your future?
Hell no!
I don't need to think about things like that during this point of my life.
We're just trying to last a few months.
We've talked about it a little.
Are you kidding? We already have our kids' names chosen, our wedding date, our Honeymoon getaway, and where our headstones will be!

Question 7:How much do you know about him/her?
Nothing. And I don't care in the least.
I try to keep things as simple as possible.
Hmmm... We've never really talked about it, but I do know a few little facts.
I know his favorite color and band, the usual.
I know absolutely everything about him! Okay, maybe I'm still learning.

Question 8:Why are you taking this test?
To make fun of my 'lover'. Ech!
There's nothing better to do right now.
I'm passing time, and this test seemed kind of fun.
I'm trying to see how much a test can prove.
I really would like to know if we'll last.

Question 9:If your significant other was sick, what would you do?
Find another dance partner at the club.
Think about it and shrug it off. They'll be better soon.
Call once or twice to check up.
Bring over some hot soup, tissues, and a shoulder to lay on.
Bring them all the medicine in your cabinet and call a doctor. You can never be too safe!

Question 10:If you were bored with your partner, what would you do?
Dump him/her on the spot.
Throw some hints here and there, then dump him/her if they're too dense to get them.
Try talking about it a little. If nothing changes, you'll try to ride it out for a couple more weeks.
Sit him/her down and explain in a kind way how you feel, and suggest something new.
What? We've never, EVER been bored!

Question 11:When out to eat with him/her, what are you most likely to choose?
I expect to get what I want or nothing at all.
On a good day, I might settle for something in-between.
We'll meet in the middle somewhere.
I'm most likely to go for whatever they would like. I'm not too picky.
It would be their way 24/7.

Question 12:If they lied about something tiny, how would you react?
I wouldn't care. It's all fun and games.
*Sigh* I'm used to it.
I would confront him/her about it. But a tiny thing isn't something to get all worked up over.
I would say something about it and see what happens.
I can't stand liars! I would sob uncontrollably and run off.

Question 13:If he/she broke a promise (that wasn't their fault), what would you do?
I don't even make promises, and neither does he/she.
Promises are over-rated. Never promise anything.
I'd try to get them to make it up.
I would get a little upset, but it's nothing a little talking over won't fix.
That ranks about the same as lying!

Question 14:Do you have any pet peeves that he/she violates?
Only if they try to tie me down. Ugh!
Maybe just the way they wear that ugly green shirt. But I doubt that we'll last long enough to really care about those kind of things.
All I can really think of is the way their mind wanders, but I can fix THAT.
I can name a few things, but doesn't everyone go through those kind of petty differences?
No way! They're PERFECT in every way!

Question 15:What would you buy them for their birthday, V-Day, etc.?
Nothing. I've never been with anyone during those times.
Nothing, because I don't know what to get.
Sometimes I have a little trouble, but I end up at least getting a card.
I try to get them something meaningful to show I care.
I outdo every gift anyone's ever gotten them.

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