How Strong is Your Sex Drive?
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How Strong is Your Sex Drive?

All of us have desires for physical pleasure. Just how strong are your desires?

Question 1:   How often do you and your partner make love?
Almost Never
Several times a week

Question 2:   You are alone for the day and your partner will be gone overnight. You read a steamy romance novel and find it quite sexually exciting. You would:
Put the book away and do your housework.
Draw a steamy bath, relax, and pleasure yourself to orgasm.
Think about masturbating or touching yourself, but don't fulfill your desires.
Call up a friend, invite him over, and let the party begin!

Question 3:   You meet someone at work who you find very attractive and who seems to feel the same way about you. You:
Make an effort to talk to him and flirt a little.
Avoid him, it could cause trouble.
Flirt with him a lot, with a lot of sexual innuendo.
Make an effort to go to bed with him.

Question 4:   If you were all alone on a desert island, how long could you go without masturbating?
A day
A month
A week

Question 5:   How many of your friends and acquaintances, besides your partner, do you find sexually appealing or exciting?
Two to five people
No one
One other person
Over five people

Question 6:   If you haven't had sex for a week, you react by:
Thinking about sex a lot, watch a sexy movie, or read a steamy novel
Doing nothing, it's no big deal
Find someone to have sex with.
Set the mood with candles and soft music and pleasure yourself.

Question 7:   When you see a picture of a hunky guy on tv, in a magazine, or on a billboard, you:
Notice the man's body, but pay little attention to it.
Read the advertising and ignore the picture.
Check the guy out thoroughly.
Wonder what he'd be like in bed.

Question 8:   When you see a cucumber or sausage in the refrigerator, you think:
"There's a cucumber or sausage"
"Can I sneak that off to the bedroom to use as a sex toy"
"Looks kinda like a penis"
"Wow, that would make a great penis"

Question 9:   Speaking of penises, what kind do you prefer?
A thick one
A medium size one
A little one
A long one

Question 10:   If you were looking for love and were attracted to someone, how far would you go to have sex with him?
I would talk to him and let him make the first move
I would make it clear I wanted to go to bed with him
I would flirt with him suggestively
I would do nothing-I'm too shy

Question 11:   How often do you turn your partner down when he wants sex?

Question 12:   On a scale of 1 to 4, how strong is your desire to make love at this very moment?

This Quiz has been designed by Allen Jensen.