How Strong Is Your Sex Drive?

Ever found yourself pondering just how potent your sexual desire is? This playful, yet insightful quiz is designed to offer some clarity. It measures the strength of your sex drive, ranging from very weak to overwhelmingly strong. So whether you're perpetually simmering with desire, or you find your passions kindling only sporadically, this quiz will help shed some light on your libido. Remember, there are no wrong answers - everyone's desires are unique, and all ranges of sexual desire can be a part of healthy and fulfilling relationships.

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    How often do you masturbate?

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171 days ago
I don't even have a partner? How would I make someone who does not exist in my life unhappy with my high drive?
420 days ago
So ok im not a part of the LGBT(don't know why I'm commenting bout this but ok I should stop talking now )community but it only says...the opposite 🐬.. What about the LGBT community??? Homophobic a little?
524 days ago
All this opposite😻chit chAt- me in the corner being gay af and I plan on being gay till Satan comes and finds me💃🏳️‍🌈 I jus thought I’d say that this is kinda getting on the homophobic side my g💀 like girl u gotta add ppl of the lgbtqia+ into this! i- im getting a lil emotional here 🥺🫣
537 days ago
"your😘drive is very strong and almost dominating! "
Me being a very submissive bottom that only wants fun time when my partner does: ... Guess it's time to switch roles , gorl
654 days ago
Im gay but anywayssss how am I forcing her if shes the one always wanting some first 💀
669 days ago
Ummm....I like guys in a friendly way but otherwise I'm a lesbian...? So like no
669 days ago
@Silver Same! So insensitive!
758 days ago
"what do you like best about the opposite sex" 🦄 im gay
818 days ago
Stuck on the first question because there’s not an option for never…like, come on, people. I didn’t even realize it was so common that people do it multiple times a day. Seems unhygienic tbh.
(Before you ask, I’m not a child, I’m just uninterested and wouldn’t touch “down there” unless it was for cleanliness reasons.)
872 days ago
Eehm lil bit homophobic girl I‘m gay…
882 days ago
oops I did it wrong last time
882 days ago
this is a bi homophobic

944 days ago
90% my 🐬 drive is strong
956 days ago
The questions are very personal. Why do they have to be so personal? I mean I'm fine with that but I was just wondering. But other than that I'd say it's a good quiz. I love it!!!
975 days ago
i got 60% like NOICE!!!!
also its really funny and interesting, also good to consider about your partner (if i had one, or image lol!), thats sweet of you~
anyway amazing test you made! also thank you!!
1013 days ago
What quiz plugin are you using, may I ask?
1035 days ago
I have NO🚔drive whatsoever.... I think I will be a virgin for the REST of my LIFE
1087 days ago
Uhhh what if I'm a single virgin:/
1159 days ago
Ummm this is slightly homophobic
1163 days ago
you make it sound like having a low🐬drive is bad