Are You Good in Bed, or Not So Much? Try this Quiz

This quiz will tell you whether you're a sex goddess or a sex geek. You might think your love life is fine, and that you're good in bed - or you might already know that you need to change up your love life a bit. Like, talk dirty and try some new ideas when you're both in the right mood! Basically, to do anything that two people could both enjoy! Answer these 20 true/false questions and closely pay attention to your result (please don't get insulted, because I am only trying to help you have a better sex life and to be good in bed!). You can always improve your love life, and this quiz is a great place to start! Although this assumes you're a girl hooking up with the opposite sex, this can be for same sex if you're a guy.

  • 1
    Guys like blow jobs a lot ... sometimes more than intercourse!
    Guys like blow jobs a lot ... sometimes more than intercourse!
  • 2
    Guys don't care if your legs are stubbly or not.
  • 3
    Guys are obsessed with sexual thoughts.

  • 4
    Guys are addicted to porn.
  • 5
    Guys like it when girls are on top more than being on top themselves (usually).
  • 6
    Guys don't like it when a girl moans loudly during an orgasm.

  • 7
    Guys hate it when girls shout their names out during sex.
  • 8
    It really turns a guy on when you suck on his tongue.
  • 9
    When you bite a guy's shoulder hard enough to draw blood, he gets off.
  • 10
    Guys claw at girls' backs/arms/thighs when they are really enjoying the sexual experience.

  • 11
    Most guys don't moan when they are enjoying the sex/blow job.
  • 12
    Guys get turned on when you nibble on their ears.
  • 13
    Guys like to keep the light on during sex, so they can see your body and facial expressions during intercourse.
  • 14
    Most guys hate girls with blonde hair.
  • 15
    Soft touches turn most people on really easily.
  • 16
    When you talk about being in love (unless you have talked about it before), it scares guys away and turns them off.

  • 17
    Guys don't care about pleasing you in bed - they just want you to please them.
  • 18
    Guys dig girls who are bisexual.
  • 19
    Guys would love to have a threesome with you and another girl.
  • 20
    Guys don't like to watch girls masturbate.

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92 days ago
i am 15 and it said i be good in bed🤐🫢😳
166 days ago
Be being 16 an still a bed outcast,maybe my fat gets in the way.
278 days ago
me being 11 and got a realy good score...
289 days ago
Hoi gooys iam 5 yeers oled aend IT saied somting I condldn't undrstnd can somone healp mei
507 days ago
I am 13 as well! It said I was a bed outcast good then I don't want to be good at being in bed my parents would kill me.
681 days ago
me a 13 yo girl idk anything abt guys I prefer girls XD