How are you in bed?
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How are you in bed?

Ever want to know what they're not telling you? Now you'll know.

Question 1:How does your lover respond if you ask them if they liked it?
It was pretty good, I guess.
Oh my gosh, give me more.
Dang, i've never had that before.

Question 2:Which of the following does your lover say?
More, more, more!!!
When this going to be over?
Why did I pick you, josh? (when your name is Hunter)

Question 3:Which of the following sounds do you hear?
eww! gross.
OOO, ummm,yes

Question 4:After you've had sex, which of these are said by him/her?
Next time it'll be longer.
Umm, maybe all you need is more practice.
oh my goodness, when can I have more?

Question 5:Must your lover do any of the following before having sex with you?
Call his/ her ex.
watch porn
nothing, your lover wants you cause you're the best they've had.

Question 6:Does your lover ever bring up the following?
Hey, let's get another guy to be with us.
Do you wanna watch me and another person have sex.
Baby, let's you and me have sex cause you're all I need to have a very good time

Question 7:Have you ever heard any of the following?
Umm, it's okay, it happens to a lot of guys.
If there is a next time, do you think maybe you'd have something I could feel?
Dang, I am going to have to get used to that thing, how's tomorrow night?

Question 8:How long was the last time before your partner said, 'okay that's enough?'
Last night.
Never, once they get with me, they never wanna stop!
The last time I had sex, maybe 3 years ago.

Question 9:Which of these have you not heard while having sex?
I should've never left Josh.
I shouldn't have came over here tonight, i was afraid this was going to happen.

Question 10:Has your lover ever asked you one of the following?
Honey, umm can I make a suggestion how to make you better?
Where did you learn that?
Are you a virgin?

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