Do you need help with your sexiness? (For women)
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Do you need help with your sexiness? (For women)

Are you sometimes unsure of how you come across? Maybe you don’t really know what to make of those stares that men always give you. Are they disgusted or praiseworthy? Find out by taking this quiz! It’s 10 simple questions of situations so decide just what your sexiness level really is.

Question 1:How tall are you?
5’0 – 5’4
5’5 – 5’9
5’10 – 6’3

Question 2:How much do you weigh?
100-120 lbs
121-140 lbs
141- 160 lbs
161- 180 lbs
Over 181 lbs

Question 3:What ‘shape’ would you describe yourself as?
I really don’t have a shape – my nickname is “The blob”

Question 4:You’re getting dressed and you know you’ll see a hottie you’ve been seriously flirting with for a long time. What do you chose to wear?
Tight jeans, tight shirt, make-up, etc… You really want this guy.
Whatever comes to hand- if he doesn’t notice you while your dressed normally then you don’t want him naked and covered in chocolate and whipped cream anyway.
You find your classiest clothes- you’re going for the ‘I’m going to try to impress him’ route.

Question 5:You find out your ex will be at a restaurant you’re going to. He was a total jerk and such a complete waste of you’re very valuable time. To this day you still don’t know why you stayed with him so long. You’ve been wanting to get back at that poo-head but you have been thwarted time and time again due to circumstances. What do you do?
Do nothing and act normal. Revenge towards him isn’t the motivating force in your life anymore. You’re past all that now.
Dress your sexiest, gather up all your girls and make sure you saunter slowly and seductively past his table. He needs to know what he’s missing.
Dress your sexiest and invite all your guy friends. You make sure he sees you flirting and having a good time with them. He needs it hammered home that you are so over him.

Question 6:You’ve neglected to do your laundry because, well, you’ve got better things to do with your time. Unfortunately that leaves you with only one set of clean clothes- your black leather pants and your silk shirt that’s more ribbons and rhinestones than fabric, not to mention almost completely see-through. What do you do?
Wear something dirty. You may stink but at least you don’t look like a prostitute walking around.
Wear the clean clothes but don your knee-length jacket, pray for cooler weather, and keep it buttoned all day.
Not only do you wear the outfit but you also spice it up with your sling-back black spike heels. Hey, no sense in wearing the clothes if you don’t follow it up with the proper accessories. Flaunt it if you got it baby!

Question 7:The guy you’ve been hitting on (he flirts with you a little back) meets your eyes and grins from across the room. What do you do?
Act like you didn’t see him. You aren’t looking your best today- you dropped sauce on your shirt earlier, you aren’t wearing make-up, and well, you just couldn’t take the thought of having him get a good look at you.
Wave, wink, and blow and kiss, but don’t go talk to him – you don’t want to seem desperate.
Saunter over and establish territory by hugging him and then staying in physical contact with him, perhaps by holding onto his arm. Other women need to know they shouldn't bother- you’ve claimed this one.

Question 8:You’re in a car with your friend singing and dancing to your favorite rap song. You’re stopped by a red light, and, still jamming you look over and make eye contact with the hunk in the car next to you. He’s staring at you and laughing at your antics. What do you do?
Smile back, keep jamming, and write your destination on a piece of paper and slap it to the window so he can’t read it and follow you there. Hey, maybe this’ll be you’re dream guy.
Wave, keep singing, but take it down a notch. Even though you play it cool you’re still kind of embarrassed at your goofy behavior.
Turn bright red, stop singing and dancing, look down, and slump in your seat. Oh why is this red light taking so long?

Question 9:You’ve already gotten completely ready for bed and you are on your way to dreamland when someone knocks at your door. You open it and see a Brad Pitt look-alike standing there asking if he can use your phone. What do you do?
When you open the door you stand there staring at him with your mouth hanging open. Great impression you’re making, huh?
You stare for a second then quickly regain your composer. You invite him in, make some coffee, then sprint to the bathroom to try to salvage the evening by putting on a little make-up and trying to fix your hair.
Being paranoid, you looked out the peephole before opening the door, saw him standing there, ran quick damage control on your appearance before opening the door looking fresh and seductive. God does answer prayers after all it seems.

Question 10:You’re at a dancing club when a guy that’s falling down drunk stumbles up to you and says, “You must be from Tennessee because you’re the only 10 I see.” How do you react?
Laugh and answer back “Do you wash your pants in Windex? Because I can see myself in them.” Hey, he might be drunk, but he’s still cute!
Stare at him coldly and walk away. You have no respect for people like that. If you can control yourself then they should be able to as well.
You stare at him in shock. He’s hitting on you! A guy is actually hitting on you! But unfortunately before you can make a response he throws up all over you then passes out. What a lovely way to end the evening. Maybe you’ll think twice before you go to a dance club, eh?

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