Would You Rather...

Sexual situations and the choices you might make. Would you rather...?

Question 1:Would you rather...
Have sex with a co-worker
Have sex with a stranger
Have sex with a friend

Question 2:Would you rather...
Have sex once a week
Have sex every day
Have sex once a month

Question 3:Would you rather...
Watch a porn movie
Watch a romantic R-rated movie
Read a spicy novel

Question 4:Would you rather...
Have a partner with 5 inches
Have a partner with 9 inches
Have a partner with 7 inches

Question 5:Would you rather...
Fantasize about someone you know
Fantasize about a co-worker
Fantasize about a movie star

Question 6:Would you rather...
Have sex with two men
Have a one night stand
Have a long term affair

Question 7:Would you rather...
Have anal sex
Receive oral sex
Give oral sex

Question 8:Would you rather...
Admit all your sexual fantasies
Get caught masturbating
Catch your partner masturbating

Question 9:Would you rather...
Tell your partner all your fantasies
Tell your partner complete details of your sexual past
Tell your partner what you really want in bed

Question 10:Would you rather...
Use a dildo
Use a vibrator
Use your fingers

Question 11:Would you rather...
Sleep with your pastor
Sleep with a relative
Sleep with your boss

Question 12:Would you rather...
Have sex in public
Have a one time fling with someone attractive you know
Have sex with your partner and another man

Question 13:Would you rather...
Your partner's "equipment" be thicker
Your partner's "equipment" be smaller
Your partner's "equipment" be longer

Question 14:Would you rather...
Have sex with a 25 year old
Have sex with an 18 year old
Have sex with a 60 year old, if he's rich

Question 15:Would you rather...
Talk your partner into a threesome
Have an affair and your partner catches you
Have an affair and your partner never find out

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