Are you a little to demanding when it comes to sex?
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Are you a little to demanding when it comes to sex?

Ok, so you know that you are ready. But your girl/boy isn't that quite sure. Are you starting to pressure him/her into it?

Question 1:When the two of you are messing around do you....
do things that make him/her uncomfortable even when they complain for you to stop
Try to get him/her excited to the point where they want to do it
Let him or her start things so you only go as far as he/she want to go

Question 2:When you and you Girlfriend/ boyfriend start to talk about sex you.......
Ask questions but do not mention any thing that will make the other mad
Keep talking about it for hours and hours hoping she/he changes their mind
talk about until you feel that he/she is getting tired of arguing

Question 3:Who normally brings up the topic of sex?
S/he does because I don't want to sound pushy
I do, because s/he doesn't really know how to bring it up
I do, because s/he never wants to talk about it

Question 4:How long are you willing to wait for your boy/girl to have sex?
I don't really know not longer than a year
3 months at the most
Whenever she decides that she is ready

Question 5:How important is sex to you in a relationship?
It's not that important but it makes the relationship more meaningful
I think that it is a important part of the relationship and it comes to a point where it is needed
it has to be in the relationship for it to work

Question 6:When do you think two people should decide to have sex?
When both of them want to and agree to it
When you find a place where you are alone
When both of them are in love and committed to one another

Question 7:Have you ever pressured a girl/boy into having sex?
no, if they don't fully want to do it then we won't
yeah but they wanted to do it to
no but I have persuade someone

Question 8:You and girl/boy decided to have sex. But when you start they tell you to stop you.....
pretend not to hear them the first time but if they say it again you will
Don't listen if we got this far then I can't stop, I won't stop

Question 9:why do you want to have sex
Because it feels good
Because it feel good and I want to have that experience with my girl/boy
Because it feel nice and it shows how much I care

Question 10:If a girl/boy you were seeing did not want to have sex you.....
Would still be with him or her sex isn't every thing
Couldn't be with her/him
Try things out because s/he might change her mind

Question 11:When you and your girl, boy talk about sex you.....
ask her/him how s/he feels about having sex
We don't really talk about it
ask her/him when you are going to have sex

Question 12:What is the most important thing to you in a relationship?
the sex
the connection
the commitment

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