Mating Rituals
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Mating Rituals

We might as well be animals when it comes to mating. When one is in the act of mating, one can become a predator stalking their prey. Uncover your true nature, reveal the wild animal that controls your mating style.

Question 1:   When your prey sees you crossing the room, the thing that they first notice about you is...
your silky skin.
your piercing eyes.
your big smile.
your bulging chest.

Question 2:   When luring your prey into your clutches you could be seen...
cooking lobster for a romantic evening at home
practicing a strip tease in front of the mirror
dimming the lights and putting n Marven Gaye.
taking a moonlit walk and lying under the stars

Question 3:   After a first date how do you go in for the kill?
a little nibble on the neck, your hot breath will send shivers down their spine
a strong, bold kiss to knock him off their feet
a quick peck on the lips, careful not to rush anything
a gentlemanly caress on the hand or cheek, chivalry will get you everywhere

Question 4:   When choosing a movie to watch with your date, you usually like to watch...
action, adventure
science fiction

Question 5:   The wild characteristic that others notice in you is...
your strong, stubborn ways
how you will never be a follower
how you influence people
you are always right

Question 6:   Your favorite meal is...
I eat anything I can grab
fruit, mainly apples
red meat

Question 7:   You view the mating, dating, scene as...
there is just so many fish in the sea
independence can have perks, but someone special would be nice
a search for the one to start a family with
try and shed my past relationship as quick as possible so I can have a new one

Question 8:   My favorite time of the day is...
daytime, when the sun is blazing down on me
daytime so I can get around easier
nighttime and on rainy days, gray suits me
at night, I love the dark

Question 9:   If you change one thing about yourself, it would be...
my reputation.
my fear of getting caught.
my flat face.
my big hair.

Question 10:   Where would you want to get married to your mate?
by the sea
up on a cliff
in an outdoor setting
in a park

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