What is the type of your Father Gigolo Complex?

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A self-knowledge test for adult females who’ve dated – father gigolo complex is the female version of mother whore complex, otherwise known as virgin whore or virgin slut complex. As the experts opined, these psychological complexes affect the way we view and interact with the sexes. It may even affect our worldly success. So, is your sexy male image more fatherly or gigolo? Does “fatherly” translate to the same thing for every girl? Check out the shape and size of your Father Gigolo Complex, and get ready for some in-depth, thought-provoking feedback!

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    1. Pick the first answer that feels *instantly right* to you. A castle is burning. A princess, sword in hand, leads an army, defending the main gate against enemy barbarians. Tension builds. Mayhem everywhere. Where is the PRINCE?

  • 2
    2. The king is not there. Where is the KING?

  • 3
    3. What is the QUEEN doing right now?

  • 4
    4. What did you envision the PRINCESS wearing?

  • 5
    5. If you really had to choose one of them as your romantic paradise island man...

  • 6
    6. Your feeling as a sibling is

  • 7
    7. Oil painting class students. Today’s theme: Romantic Embrace, with two human figures. You’re now putting finishing touches on your romantically embracing human figures. On your canvas…

  • 8
    8. I think I look like

  • 9
    9. Family scenario: girl brings new boyfriend home to meet parents. Mother likes boyfriend. Boyfriend behaves and looks different from father. During dinner, father starts to make hostile remarks regarding boyfriend’s hair and career choice. Girl should

  • 10
    10. Party hot topic: Middle-age Hollywood diva dumps her successful film producer husband for a new pop sensation 25 years her junior. Junior boy proposes with a 20 carat designer ring. She says yes. Everyone’s very excited. Your most likely response -

  • 11
    11. At the least, your ideal male sex object must have

  • 12
    12. Have you been with someone who fits this ideal male sex object description?

  • 13
    13. How close are you, physically, to someone who’s an ideal male sex object? He…

  • 14
    14. Can you imagine being in love with your ideal male sex object?

  • 15
    15. The latest of an escalating two year old drama: distraught younger brother at older sister’s door. His certified super bitch girlfriend has finally moved her Mr.Fling into brother’s new flat, and locked him out. He needs a bed and time to sort things out. Sister should

  • 16
    16. Ideally, how to sort the dinner bill for the first date?

  • 17

    17. A new couple having strong disagreement: man and woman in new relationship. Man demands woman to reduce closeness to her male best friend. She’s giving in.

  • 18
    18. A girlfriend at her best

  • 19
    19 A girlfriend at her worst

  • 20
    20. Someone dear gives you a metal animal totem pendant. You prefer…

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505 days ago
Why the hell is there so much writing
880 days ago
For 35% you are: The state of your Father Gigolo Complex = Glowing Complexity

Women always tell you how lucky you are. You always have at least one thing they want really badly but still do not have. Often, it’s a style that’s just naturally sexy, or seemingly easy material success, or natural social grace, or creative genius, or satisfying work life – but, especially, a glow about you that attracts men. When you have a steady one, you glow. When you’re in between men, you glow. So lucky, they say. You chuckle. It’s ok, you don’t argue about these luck or fate things, nor do you act all modest about your feminine power. You do have easier than average relationships with men. But you have faced some serious trials of your own. You’ve had your fair share of tearful revelations, even fierce battles with men - the disciplinarian, wise, stern, critical, protective, contemptuous, present, absent father figures, the good, the bad, crazy, tame, smart ass, bad💑boys of your life. You’ve seen them all, in the family, at work, at play. You’ve heard all the excuses and confessions. You’ve survived lies and self-deception. You’ve glimpsed a few truths, gain plenty of gritty street smarts and higher wisdom. You’re over your loss of your father’s special love, and have accepted whatever men managed or failed to give you. While other girls whine and threaten self-destruction, you paid attention to reality, and the truth of your own feelings. You know why we do what we do about love now. What a relief, really. You’ve come to terms with the reality of the sexes, the reality of who you are. That’s why you feel a lot more relax and feel sexier these days. No father the godly judge to certify or reward your grades, no shallow gigolo boys to soothe your ego. You’ve seen the light: men are not just provider gods of things and love. You generate enough of those for yourself, and more – a wonderful result of having integrated the virgin and the whore within you. The easy confidence that comes from a sense of wholeness and centeredness. You’ve found your invisible spine, your divine ground within. You’re not afraid anymore. You know you have the power to get whatever you need, on your own, permission or approval not required. It’s not that your love life is story book perfect, or the men in your life satisfy all your desires - but that you have a passion in your life, with or without the love of this man or that boy. That makes all the difference. Passion for something greater than yourself give you more lasting meaning and regular supply of pleasures, more than any men could ever give you. Passion keeps you flowing, keeps you glowing, keeps you feeling alive. Passion keeps your heart open to the open-hearted men who could reciprocate. Lucky him, whoever he is. So, do glow on.

This is only partially true. One, I am a naturally passionate person, and I have seen a lot of different personality types in men in my life.
But the thing is, I am DESPERATELY afraid of most men. There are only a select few that I trust. And I've found the one that I trust the most, and I want to be with for forever. He's in the other room making us breakfast (Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream).