Are you pregnant?

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Signs you're pregnant, the higher the percentage the more you need a test. Hope this helps!

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    When was the last time you had sex with someone of the opposite gender?

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3 days ago
@YourAunt thx for that good advice!!idk why do people have the address but idk so I went to the doctor the doctor was like hmm does your parents know and I said …no and he said oh ok have you been 🚔 active I said no but I was r@ped and they said oh no ok we will take you to the hospital for a pregnancy check and they did that and I am now 5 months pregnant and my clothes are kinda tight so I am wearing oversized stuff but yeah
5 days ago
To all the little kids out there please listen to this! When you first start to get your period or even into the first 2/3 years, they can be very irregular. As in some months you may not get your period. This does NOT mean that you are pregnant! If you haven't had sex, which at 10-13 I hope you wouldn't be, then it is IMPOSSIBLE to get pregnant so please do not worry if your period is late.

Also to all the kids here, please do not have😘until you are an adult. This is for your own safety and sanity. If your are around 16+ and sexually active please make sure to have a safe and consensual relationship with your significant other and correctly use PROTECTION. Otherwise you run the risk of getting pregnant.
38 days ago
Hi I am 12 and I was 🍦ed I think bc I was almost kidnapped and I fainted so I have a bf so my mom will probably blame it on him but I think I am 4 months pregnant so I am very scared and so I told my mom I needed some stuff from cvs and I went grabbed a pregnancy test I did it and umm I am pregnant!! So I called my dr right now asked for an appointment tomorrow and so I am going to look at my baby!! I am excited but real scared I am getting kicked out sooo yeah! Any advice?
42 days ago
Ok so just got back so my doctor said that I have gained 17 pounds which is a lot and so she was very worried and said I looked like I had put on that much weight and I was like oh and she measured my stomach because she thought I was sick so she did and I used to have a 22 inch waist and now I have a 30 inch waist so that’s why I had to sneak my moms pants and bra on so she was like you might have a abdomen issue so she took me to this other part which was like a hospital and I got checked in and they where like looking at me asking for my symptoms and then they asked have you had 🚔 and I was like umm yeah 3 months ago and then they started rushing me into the teen femenine care thing and they got me a test I did it and waited it came back positive so they had to do an ultrasound to look at my baby and they where like oo yeah you are real pregnant so they think I am having twins and so they had to weigh me again and I had a few snacks and stuff but I had gained abt 20 pounds now and I look real fat so I am sad and they called my sister in and told her (bc she brought me) and they talked abt all that stuff and she is grown and my mom has to go on a trip so she said she would take me so nothing happens to me but now I am not pregnant and the baby’s daddy is coming to talk about it so yeah any advice on what I should do?
42 days ago
Ok so I had 🚔 to with my bf I am 13 bty and I had 🚔 3 months ago and I haven’t had a . sense so I have all of the symptoms but don’t have access to a test and so I talked to my bf abt it and he said that he would not leave me if I am and my stomach it getting really big and I have gained 10 pounds and I am getting bullied bc I was petite and my bra was kinda big before but now it is soooooo tight I can’t even put it on and I am waiting at the Dr office right now for a regular check up so I go by myself so I will ask my dr abt it and she is probably going to talk to me that I am gaining enough weight but I will give you guys an update in 10 minutes
116 days ago
Bruh. I am a virgin and it said that I am freaking pregnant even tho I literally finished my . five days ago 🤔 I do not trust this
146 days ago
I had ses in the school bathroom 1month ago now I'm pregnant help also my bf cheated on me 😭😭😭
146 days ago
I'm 12 and I took a pregnancy test and it came positive pls help 😭🙏
178 days ago
To all, those who are prgnant
I’m jealous
178 days ago
I’m 14 and have a giant basketball tummy now I love my baby bump my boyfriend sleeps on it
Best advice for young girls
Find yourself a hot sexy man and get pregnant it’s do fun with a massive tum tum
My baby bump is a 😘 kicking table at the mo
My boobies have never been better and my boyfriend is loving my massive tummy
196 days ago
what can ido if im pregat bc abotion is ilegeal in utah help pls!!??!?!?!?!??!?!!?@?@??!?!
196 days ago
im 12 almost 13 it said im most likley pegant i never kissed a boy but i sat next too a boy and im worryed im pegrant it happend 3 moths ago i think im 3 moths pergnat hellp!!!@!!!!!!!!!!
225 days ago
I took 15 more quizzes and they all said congrats your pregnant I’m so so so scared and if I am pregnant my family will have two options disown me or live out on the streets. Oh now my stomach hurts
225 days ago
I’m 10 I don’t have my period and I never had it and it said I’m probably pregnant and IM FREAKING OUT!!!!! Pls help
225 days ago
I’m only 11 and it says I’m pregnant I’m a virgin tho help also I took about 10 other tests and it said that I was pregnant 😭😭😭
254 days ago
this thing says im pregnant............and im 13........and im not a virgin.......and in FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz help
267 days ago
I'm 13 and never even had my first kiss yet and it said I could be🤨🤨🤨
284 days ago
So I'm 13 and I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I am terrified for the birth, please help.
369 days ago
I'm 10 and I have never had 💝.but my period is 4 days late and I have been nauseous every day for the past week I think I might have been💝d or something and I was unconscious or something so I didn't know. I'm just really nervous and I keep on taking these types of tests and it comes back with Your pregnant! Congrats 😰I don't know what to do should I tell my mom if my period doesn't show up in the next 2-3 days? Please help I'm freaking out.
387 days ago
OMG 😲I am 17
And pregnant please