Are you pregnant?

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Signs you're pregnant, the higher the percentage the more you need a test. Hope this helps!

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    When was the last time you had sex with someone of the opposite gender?

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it says i might be pregnant my period is a 8 days late and i have been having a lot of stomach problems and have been wanting pickles but i don't eat pickles and have been feeling sick

what should i do
67 days ago
ok guys let. me. break. it. down. for .you. there is not medical or scientific way for you to be pregnant if you DON'T HAVE YOUR PERIOD or if you HAVN'T HAD 🦄 you 10 yea olds really got to stop coming on here saying "i think i'm pregnant but i don't have my period yet." you can be pregnant with out having your period if you have🦄but even though you dont have your period yet the only way you coyld get pregnant is if your about to get your first period pretty soon after you had 🦄 so basically if you don't hae your period or have had🦄YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. and if you are under the age
of at least 16 don't have 🦄 there's no way it can end well.
92 days ago
And I have never had🍦in my lif
92 days ago
It says I’m most likely pregnant I’m 10 years old And I have not had my period yet and it says I should go and talk to the father which I don’t even know who the heck is the father
97 days ago
97 days ago ty i thought i might be pregnant i dont have my period yet so 🤞🏼 Its just that and if not..... IDK WHAT GO FREAKING DOO I MEAN I HATE PAIN SO I DONT WANT TO GIVE BIRTH IF I AM PREGNANT!!!!!
97 days ago
It's somewhat likely you're pregnant, you could get a pregnancy test to be safe but it could come back negative. It's kind of a 50-50 chance here.

101 days ago
hi so i think i am pregnant and it says its extremely likely that i am pregnant but i rlly dont want to be could someone tell if it sounds like i am thanks btw im 13
i was r@ped two months ago (i did not have😘but my own will im not like that pls dont come at me!)
i havent had my period since 2nd Dec
im hungry all the all the time for cheese idk why
im always quite dizzy and tired
and i think my belly is getting bigger
if i am pregnant i know i would be able to afford and look after a child i just dont think im ready to take that step in my life. i would definetly keep and raise it id just be so so so scared thanks guys
103 days ago
ooops i meant to say "it still said i was probably pregnant" not "i said i was probably pregnant"
103 days ago
ik im not pregnant i just wanted to see how accurate this was and i said i have never had ... but checked off all the other symptoms of pregnacy and i still said i was probably pregnant... how does that work?
108 days ago
@lilah and @alley i really hope your not pregnant but mayb you can take a test just to be sure?
all the best,
113 days ago
Guys so I got my period but it's not as heavy.. could it possibly be implantation bleeding?? Im scared
116 days ago
@lilah and @alley we all know you're both on the same device, so I'm assuming you're the same people. You didn't fool us this time I'm afraid!
116 days ago
It says It’s extremely possible I’m pregnant, but the thing is I’m ten!!! Pls help

Sincerely Lilah
116 days ago
Hi, I’m thirteen it says I’m most likely pregnant and also I’m eight days late on my period but idk I’m scared to tell my bf Sam I hope he takes it well
117 days ago
Thanks so much chloe!! Also no I didn't use contraceptives.. I told my bf it would be the safest option but he didn't really think I could get pregnant.. I will probably try to hang out with my friend (she has tons of un used pregnancy tests) and find out then Ig and if I am.. I'll tell my family and give it up for adoption.. or I heard I could call social services and they would help make that decision based on my individual needs... I'll figure it out I hope
118 days ago
You can also have a natural abortion at home so by eating raw papaya or pineapple or something else it will basically cause you to miscarriage but intentionally (so it's natural abortion). But you need to do a lot of research about the risks and how to do it safely if you want to do that.
118 days ago
Hm did you use contraception? And I don't know if you can have an abortion because you're quite young but I think you can? Or you could also give the baby up for adoption and you can still visit it. Can you visit a doctor by yourself because I think they can do a test for you?
118 days ago
And now i have heartburn idk why lmao
118 days ago
Yes chloe I did actually.. but I can't purchase a test or else my dad will jump to conclusions no matter what but I definitely think im pregnant bc I literally ate for dinner two double burgers, fries, and a triple chocolate fudge shake.. this was yesterday and my period has been missing for a while idk tho im worried.. im only 13.. I don't have a job or money or anything really like that lol so yeah idk what else to say.. but thanks chloe!