Are you pregnant?

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Signs you're pregnant, the higher the percentage the more you need a test. Hope this helps!

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    When was the last time you had sex with someone of the opposite gender?

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25 days ago
So I took a test, and it was positive ahhhh. Someone please give advice on how to tell my bf and my parents I'm only 13!!! I'm so so scared. And my back has been hurting a lot lately and my belly has gotten quite big it's hard to wear my normal clothes. So pls give advice!
27 days ago
@Pls give advice! I recommend getting a test asap even though your scared, it could lead to bigger things if you don’t. As a girl who also had my first child when I was 14, I was really scared but it was ok! If you test positive, tell your parents / experienced adult about it. It might be scary at first, but it will be all right!
32 days ago
cause I'm too scared to tell Ben or my mom or to get a test.
32 days ago
and I've been feeling really sick in the mornings please please give advice.
32 days ago
and my belly is getting really big!
32 days ago
and I haven't had a period for 4 months
32 days ago
please help I'm only 13
32 days ago
I've had💝though so maybe I am
32 days ago
this is what the tests says,

Are you pregnant?

It's extremely likely you're pregnant, I'd recommend getting a pregnancy test as soon as you can and talking to the possible father.
45 days ago
Lexia you are only 15!? Why did you do that!? Also, you might want to tell a doctor instead of doing a test because these things are not accurate. You might just be overweight. Do not rely on stupid tests! 😡
45 days ago
I'm a virgin. And I got... BRUH LETS JUST SAY THAT THIS TEST IS NOT ACCURATE! I don't even know why I took this test
81 days ago
basically having twins, triplets, etc, runs in my family im 15 and i know im pregnant but im hiding it from my mom (yes, i only live with my mom). im pregnant because i took a test about 2 months ago and im so scared because my belly is already really big and im only about 2 months pregnant and i keep getting back pain because im not used to having a giant ball hanging of of my stomach. ( my belly is low ) i dont even know how many babies i have in my belly but its probably 3 or even 4. i was a chubby teen before i got pregnant and my mom keeps looking at my belly. i cant tell her so most of my clothes dont it but the ones that do i have to squeeze into because my belly doesnt fit in it. i want to go out and buy maternity clothes in secret but my mom isnt gullible so it wont work. my shirts and tops are getting really tight and soon i might have to tell her. advice please, im only 15!!
94 days ago
Ahhh it says I am most likely pregnant! I am 12 and was r aped. I don't know what to do!!!
153 days ago
You're probably pregnant! Get a pregnancy test, check with your doctor, and speak to whom you think is the father.

Yeh true. I am pregnant with twins ! :)

Though i have a husband and 7 kids
234 days ago
it says i might be pregnant my period is a 8 days late and i have been having a lot of stomach problems and have been wanting pickles but i don't eat pickles and have been feeling sick

what should i do
298 days ago
ok guys let. me. break. it. down. for .you. there is not medical or scientific way for you to be pregnant if you DON'T HAVE YOUR PERIOD or if you HAVN'T HAD 🐬 you 10 yea olds really got to stop coming on here saying "i think i'm pregnant but i don't have my period yet." you can be pregnant with out having your period if you have🐬but even though you dont have your period yet the only way you coyld get pregnant is if your about to get your first period pretty soon after you had 🐬 so basically if you don't hae your period or have had🐬YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. and if you are under the age
of at least 16 don't have 🐬 there's no way it can end well.
323 days ago
And I have never had💗in my lif
323 days ago
It says I’m most likely pregnant I’m 10 years old And I have not had my period yet and it says I should go and talk to the father which I don’t even know who the heck is the father
329 days ago
329 days ago ty i thought i might be pregnant i dont have my period yet so 🤞🏼 Its just that and if not..... IDK WHAT GO FREAKING DOO I MEAN I HATE PAIN SO I DONT WANT TO GIVE BIRTH IF I AM PREGNANT!!!!!