What Kind Of Spanking Do I Deserve? Quiz

Been a bad boy or girl, have you? Did you get in trouble and now you're going to get a spanking? All right, then. To find out which kind you deserve, take this test now. You might even enjoy it! Even though the point is to punish you! ;)

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    What position will you be in when you get spanked?
    What position will you be in when you get spanked?

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87 days ago
it's pretty interesting, and thanks to it, my butt was still burning...
96 days ago
I enjoy taking the test
111 days ago
Thanks for this test! Was so much fun!
How many times have y’all be sparked in the past 30 days? Me, at least70 80 times!
125 days ago
Sorry mummy I didn’t mean to break the vase.
130 days ago
ok i just took the quiz agian and i got 30 with hand 30 with brush 30 with belt 30 with strap
130 days ago
i took the quiz and got 10 with hand 10 wih belt 20 with brush i am going to ask m sister to do it
130 days ago
haliey i would also love to be in your house i love to get spanked
175 days ago
haliey i would love to be in your house. im a virgin btw ;)
191 days ago
Got a good spanking! Spanky spanky!
226 days ago
Bruhhhh hailey pretty much same here -_-
228 days ago
You guy are lucky I get spanked on my bare bottom with a swich and my dad swings hard even though all I did was walk out side BE Glad you Don't live In my House your butt would never be normal colored in this House
246 days ago
I love spankees survey
268 days ago
Because of almost everything
285 days ago
I get spanked bc bad additude
370 days ago
If eat without asking is misbehavior deserve punished, then i... But actually i never get spanked before haha
469 days ago
...I just did this to have an idea to draw
482 days ago
um I never go a spaked when i was young