Are you ready to have sex with your boyfriend?
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Are you ready to have sex with your boyfriend?

So you think you're in love (or aren't concerned with loving each other before having sex- whatever...) Are you really ready to have commit to him entirely?

Question 1:Have you talked to your boyfriend about sex?
no way- why would we talk about sex when we don't need to?
we've only talked about some things- like whether we're virgins, etc.
yea, we've talked at least once about everything concerning sex, pregnancy, and birth-control.
No, but I definitely plan on bringing it up before we have sex

Question 2:Do you love your boyfriend?
with everything in me
no- why is that necessary?
I'm not sure

Question 3:What's the one thing you love most about your boyfriend?
He's so hot and/or we look so good together
He's sweet and treats me really well
We work perfectly together
Uh... I don't love him.

Question 4:Do you have plans for birth control?
Yea- we've already bought condoms, birth control- whatever.. and know how to use it
no- we're thinking about what would work best for us, and with the highest protection rate
no- we don't want to worry about that
I dunno yet

Question 5:Describe yourself in one word.
Sexy, popular, and all-around hot
Responsible and smart
sweet and caring
fun and happy

Question 6:How long have you been together?
less than a month, but we made a really good connection
a few months
like half a year
over a year

Question 7:What's the most important part of having sex?
making your relationship deeper
showing your love

Question 8:What would you do if you got pregnant?
pregnant? huh?
abortion or adoption
wow... I'm not sure- it depends
keep it

Question 9:How many STD's or STI's do you have to worry about?
Isn't there just one?
A few- the rest are curable
A few dozen

Question 10:Why do you want to have sex?
Who are you? My mom??
I love him...
Not sure

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