How Old Will I Be "My First Time"? The Virginity Loss Quiz

Losing your virginity is a huge, very personal event. It's one of life's biggest - and hopefully most special - moments. Do you wonder how old you're likely to be when you pass this major milestone? Since you're here, probably so. Try my test and find out right now. Answer honestly for the highest accuracy. And for goodness sake, please don't take your result as my "instructions." Wait until you're ready. There will never be another first time.

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    Do you dream about sex?
    Do you dream about sex?

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28 days ago
28 days ago
Wait what's a woman? or girl or man, boy?What are these things?I never heard of such things outside of movies they are probably not real
64 days ago
QUIZZZZZZ don’t give me this “you know the possible consequences” 🚔 IM NOT GONNA GET 🚔 PREGNANT IM GAYYYYYYYYYYY
64 days ago
When are u gonna have ur first kid? The options: as a teen or as a slightly older teen
67 days ago
Do not say bad words there incredibly bad , and do not do bad things either there violent and gory don't do it
95 days ago
my 15 yr old neighbor lost her virginity to an 11 yr old bcuz his gf didnt want to have🦄with him bcuz they were too young!
120 days ago
i use my fingers allllll the time it fells amazing. anyway I got within the next year. i mean cmon! im only 11 yrs old! I am kinda a hoe tho. Iv had more than 15 bfs. ayyyyy. go me! I kinda want to wait a little longer. I think Ill stick to making out with my bf thank you.
124 days ago
OMG Chloe!!! that's against the law! u should file a law suit for r@pe and will probably win - he will go away for a long time. It counts as r@pe if u were trying to impress dude but didn't rly want 2. I'm a smart-@$$ b¡tch! (Yes, I figured out how to say b¡tch on the website without getting flagged). I took my own virginity so that I never lose it to someone and if I get r@ped I wouldn't have lost it to someone random. I just used my fingers and it worked fine. I also do it regularly and it feels really good. anyway u should file a claim that he r@ped u. he did this to a minor so its against the law. good luck to u
127 days ago
my result was totally incorrect. just saying
159 days ago
I lost my virginity way to young trying to impress an older guy I was 12 he was 24 biggest regret of my life you only get 1 virginity so don't rush it
161 days ago
it said i can have it any time soon oooooof
186 days ago
Hi, my name is Kelly

I'm 11, to be honest I'm confused why I even took this quiz because, you know I'm not planning to lose my virginity soon anyways. I got 18+, to be honest I feel that is the right age because you can only lose virginity once so you have to make that once-in-a-lifetime moment special. ❤❤❤

Also congrats attocus! Good luck! :)) I wish you the best!
188 days ago
So I am 15 and I hve been proposed to twice in my life the second time is by my boyfriend who I am happy with any way it said 18+ I think its ok for me to lose my virginity at that age cause then my mom can't get mad either cause I made a promise to her i wouldn't lose it when Im 15...So me and my boyfriend are both virgins and made a promise will lose our virginity together as long be with each other till the end of high school till we graduate and see where it goes from then on there...Goodluck all my sisters who are virgins we made it this far so lets see how much longer the boys can handle^Angel
193 days ago
OMG attocus! Good Luck!
194 days ago
im 15 and pregnent :)))))))))))))))))))
205 days ago
I just got 25+ 😍
217 days ago
Acculy it is right I do want to wait until I am 18 and have a stable job so I will be ok
217 days ago
OMG I got 18+ for my result it said that I don't want to rush.........
217 days ago
Ikr I eeal with the same type of thing you are not alone a lot of people have this happen to them to so be who you want to be and don't do what your friends want you to do.
218 days ago
I don't want to lose it, I don't want to know. I took this quiz for fun because my friends call me virgin👍