How Old Will I Be "My First Time"? The Virginity Loss Quiz

Losing your virginity is a huge, very personal event. It's one of life's biggest - and hopefully most special - moments. Do you wonder how old you're likely to be when you pass this major milestone? Since you're here, probably so. Try my test and find out right now. Answer honestly for the highest accuracy. And for goodness sake, please don't take your result as my "instructions." Wait until you're ready. There will never be another first time.

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    Do you dream about sex?
    Do you dream about sex?

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2 days ago
Yes if they have the female organs
61 days ago
I'm 12 and i want to, you know, get in bed with my boyfriend SO BAD!!!!!!! Any ideas on how to calm the feeling without having $*×? I would never be allowed to see him again if we did that thing and i love him SO much!!!
64 days ago
Okay what-
There are people who aren't even in high school in these comments... Yall aren't even old enough to know about all this stuff unless you're at least 12 (in my opinion I guess cause obviously, you know) yet there are 10-year-olds in here..
117 days ago
25? Likely, but def not cause im mature-
Asexuality baby, i only want someone when im 🕊
150 days ago
Hi I am 12 years old and I took my bf while he was sleeping and did the thing so I could get pregnant!!!! 🤰and my tum is so huge and my bf sleeps on it and rubs it and he lets me play with him and we still sleep together but he also licks me bc I ask him too
150 days ago
I am 13 and I was 🍦ed by a 15 year old and I have a bc and my mom blamed it on him but I fainted at the hospital and this 15 year old took me and 🍦ed me and so now I am 5 months pregnant and my tummy is soooo big bc I am having twins but don’t do it!! It could really mess up ur life so yeah!! You only have one!!! Bty the babies are almost finished cooking
220 days ago
I'm under the age of 13 I was dared to take theses quizzes because of my cousin who is younger than me and has already kissed like 5 different girls!
248 days ago
Some people don't have dreams.
261 days ago
hey i have a really off question can gay girls get prago?
261 days ago
why tf are there kids here ?!
Seriously !?
289 days ago
i want to have💗before 18 dude like yeah sure i am in middle school but still just give me 13+ 💗
312 days ago
okay why tf are there CHILDREN in this comment section??? like the literal ten year olds?? just a warning to you young'uns, underage🐬is maybe not the greatest way to live your life. be careful about what you decide to do. because whatever decisions you make now will impact your life for forever. i can't stop you from it, but first take a moment to stop and think about what will happen afterwards, how it will affect you, and how you'll look back on it in a couple years. just stay safe my dudes.
317 days ago
the amount of middle schoolers is embarrassing 😭
345 days ago
u cant lose it to ur fingers. im 10 and really want to with my bf but i mean.. we have never evwn kissed
354 days ago
Uhh 18+? why the hell am I looking at this…
354 days ago
This comment section is full of toddlers I’m concerned
397 days ago
397 days ago
Wait what's a woman? or girl or man, boy?What are these things?I never heard of such things outside of movies they are probably not real
433 days ago
QUIZZZZZZ don’t give me this “you know the possible consequences” 💗 IM NOT GONNA GET 💗 PREGNANT IM GAYYYYYYYYYYY
433 days ago
When are u gonna have ur first kid? The options: as a teen or as a slightly older teen