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Do you know if your ready or just want to have sex for the first time? Do you wonder if the person you want to have this experience with is true to you? Well if so you really need to pay attention and take this short quiz to find out.

Question 1:What do you you think of sex?
its an act of love and comittment
for pleasure
everyone else is so you think you should
So you can have a little boy or girl
Peer presure because he wants to but you dont and you dont want him to leave you

Question 2:Scale your boyfriend on the way he treats you!
1 to 3
4 to 6
7 to 10

Question 3:Whats his outlook on sex?
just wants to get laid
wants to share this wonderful experiences with you and only you
wants to so he can impress his friends
never had before and wondered what it would be like

Question 4:What have you had related to sex?
real sex
sex dream

Question 5:How does your boyfriend mention sex?
that he wants to wait because he loves you
he just comments on it casually
asks you alot and puts lots of pressure on you

Question 6:What do you carry in your purse related to sex?
a manual about how you can have safe sex

Question 7:Which of these do you think of when someone mentions sex?
none of the above

Question 8:How old are you?
10 and under
11 to 15
16 to 20
20 to 30
older then thirty

Question 9:What song reminds you of sex?
Slave for you
Hit me baby one more time
Love Shack
Lollipop kids
I knew i loved you before i met you

Question 10:What is the first letter of your boyfriends name?
U -Z

This Quiz has been designed by Melissa Naomi Marshal.