Women, Rate your Married Sex life
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Women, Rate your Married Sex life

After having children, do you and your mate ever wander where your sex drive went? Maybe this Quiz can help put the spark back in your life, if not maybe it can get you to get some help.

Question 1:Do you feel drained all of the time, the kids wearing you out, and by the time your ready for bed, your husbands ready to play and you are.....
Ready to crash in the bed and sleep for a week!!!!
Ready to romp in the sack all night if I have to
Tired, But I will do anything to keep my man happy
Crawl in Bed with one of the kids

Question 2:Husband does something nice for you, You feel it is your duty to Pleasure Him, You know, reward Him for His good deeds, would you.....
Smile, give Him a peak on the cheek, and say thank you
Wink, and say I owe you one
Rip His clothes off and rock His world
Fix a candle light dinner for two, and rub His back

Question 3:Do you feel less sexy than you did two years ago?
I feel the same way I felt when I was 18
I feel I've gotten sexier in my later years
After having kids, I feel like I look like a slob
I wish I could feel like I used to feel about myself

Question 4:How do you feel when you Husband wants to take a shower with you?
Violated!!!!! I want to be alone !!!!
Uneasy, But I will just to make Him happy
I love to take showers with my Husband
I will take a shower as long as the lights are out !!

Question 5:What is the Best way you sleep at night?
Fall asleep watching Television
Closely cuddling my hubby
Curled up with a good book, and hot cocoa
In bed with Hubby, turned the opposite way

Question 6:How would you rate your sexual experiences with your Husband?
I enjoy it very much
I watch the clock, hoping like hell I don't miss my show
wishing I were somewhere else
I totally throw myself in the heat of the passion

Question 7:Is you Husband Romantic?
Romantic? What’s that ?
Somewhat, I don't think he really knows how to be Romantic
My Husband is very Romantic, Roses, Dinner, Cards, Walks
I think My husband over does the Romance

Question 8:How often do you and your mate have sex in different or odd places?
Sometimes, Maybe once a month
Every chance we get
I think we did that once when we were dating

Question 9:Do you feel like you are over stressed and over worked in the home?
Very much, I have too many things going on at once
I do, But I can juggle everything
My Husband helps me do everything, I'm not stressed
I feel like my Husband could help out a little more than he does

Question 10:Your over all Relationship with your Husband, How do you feel?
I am Totally satisfied, couldn't be happier
I am happy, But I am also stressed
I am tired, stressed, and ready for a separate vacation
Ready for a divorce, I would rather live alone with the kids.

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