What Turns You On?
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What Turns You On?

We all have different turn-ons. Take this test to see how you compare to others.

Question 1:Which of the following gets you "in the mood" best?
Watching a steamy movie or video
Reading a racy romantic novel
A long soak in the tub
A full-body massage
Cuddling with my partner

Question 2:Which of the following movie stars would you most quickly take to bed if you could?
Justin Timberlake
Mel Gibson
Pierce Brosnan
George Clooney
Brad Pitt

Question 3:When you stimulate yourself, do you reach orgasm?
Every time
Some of the time
I only stroke or touch my body in general, I never try for an orgasm
I never touch myself

Question 4:When you fantasize during sex, it most often includes:
Thoughts of a sexy stranger
Thoughts of a sexy movie star
Thoughts of a person I know (not the one I'm with)
My mind might wander a little, but I don't dwell on anyone in particular
I never fantasize at all during sex

Question 5:Your experience with infidelity (physical or mental)
I am currently in an affair
I have had a one-night stand or two
I have considered it seriously, but never acted on it
Every so often I will wonder about it, but I would never act on it
I have never once thought about it

Question 6:Does anyone besides your partner turn you on? (Make you think sexual thoughts)
Quite a few
One or two
No one

Question 7:Your ideal lover's length would be
5" or less
9" or more (I like them huge!)

Question 8:Your ideal lover's thickness (girth) would be
Very thick (I really like that filled-up feeling)

Question 9:In foreplay, what part of your body do you like touched the most?
I like my whole body stroked
Breasts and nipples

Question 10:What is missing most from your sex life?

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