How Do You "Do IT"?

We all have different preferences in the bedroom. Just how do YOU do it?

Question 1:How satisfying is your foreplay?
Extremely--It is lengthy and varied and get me very ready for the main event.
It is good, but could be longer and more varied.
It is very routine, and not long enough.
Foreplay, what's that?

Question 2:What is your absolutely favorite position for sex?
No real favorite, I have many and use them all.
Missionary works for me.
I absolutely love to be on top.
Doggie style is the best for me.

Question 3:How do you use fantasy while making love?
I fantasize about many and it helps me orgasm
I fantasize about one or two in particular, including my partner
I fantasize about the partner I'm with only
I have lots of general fantasies that help me "get there"
I don't fantasize while I make love

Question 4:Where is your mind when you masturbate? (solo)
On the hottest hunk I can think of.
I fantasize about someone I find attractive, and sometimes include my partner
I fantasize about someone I find attractive (not my partner)
I fantasize about my partner
I never masturbate

Question 5:What role do your fantasies play in lovemaking?
They help get me more excited and get me to orgasm
They help me forget the one I'm with
They help me relieve the boredom
They let me make love to someone more attractive than my partner (mentally)
I don't fantasize during lovemaking

Question 6:What do you like best about your partner's lovemaking?
His kiss
His touch on my body
His oral technique
The way he uses his "tool"

Question 7:What are your feelings about sex toys
I use them and they do things for me my partner can't
I use them to increase my satisfaction and achieve orgasm
I use them to excite my partner
I never use them

Question 8:How do sex toys compare to the real thing?
Better, bigger, faster
They make up for some inadequacies in my partner
I like the real thing a lot, but sex toys do things for me he can't
They are not even close to the real thing
I don't use sex toys

Question 9:Which of these gets you most excited?
Thinking about the hottest guy I know naked and wanting me
Thinking about a certain movie star naked and wanting me
Thinking about a "perfect 10" stranger naked and wanting me
Thinking about my partner naked and wanting me.

Question 10:How do you feel about you ability to stay faithful?
I'm sure I'll never manage it
I doubt I could resist if the circumstances were right
I will more than likely stay faithful, but who can say for sure
Although I have wondered what making love to another would be like, I'll stay faithful
I am 100% sure I'll be faithful forever

This Quiz has been designed by Allen.