Girls: What Kind Of Sex Do I Like Most?

If you've ever wondered what thing or things you love the most about sex, find out now by taking this quiz. At 10 questions, it's quick, easy, and fun, and I'm sure you'll find the results most satisfying. I mean, who DOESN'T enjoy a sexy quickie? ;)

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    What body part arouses you most?
    What body part arouses you most?

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200 days ago
I don't love that this is only guy/girl 😻 I'm a bisexual demigirl and I lean more towards girls. I also don't like that there weren't any options for possible virgins bc I'm still a virgin (I'm fifteen, guys)
233 days ago
i got 💑sex which is actually true lmao i LOVE 💑:)
731 days ago
There should be a choice about loving to be in charge, not just submissive choices.
1365 days ago
Kissing is fine !!!! I want to kiss my crush !!!!
1375 days ago
I got is kissing and it's fine with me.
1403 days ago
Why is this only a guy and girl relationship lol
1506 days ago
Na I'm not a girl I'm a boy😜
1506 days ago
Yep boy should be included
1835 days ago
I think this should be for boys too because they might want to have💑too