Are You a Sub or a Dom? Quiz - Test Yourself Now!

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Hi, loves! Before you dive in, this sub or dom test is meant for GIRLS! Sorry, guys, but what I will talk about simply doesn’t apply to males. There's bound to be a similar test for you on this site.

With all that out of the way, let’s find out now if you are the commander, or the one being commanded! Take this test and see if you're what you think you are!

  • 1
    So, how do you feel about participating in group projects?
    So, how do you feel about participating in group projects?
  • 2
    Who are you in your friend group?
  • 3
    Are you good at making decisions?

  • 4
    Which color and texture do you prefer out of these?
  • 5
    Which of these would you most enjoy listening to when doing homework or relaxing?
  • 6
    You sexually gravitate toward males with which of these zodiac signs?

  • 7
    When you masterb*ate, how do you do it? Pick the closest.
  • 8
    Which kind of physical affection do you prefer out of these?
  • 9
    When cuddling, who’s the big spoon?
  • 10
    When you think about getting married, what kind of dress do you think you'd wear?

  • 11
    What do - or would - you call him during sex?
  • 12
    What does sex mean to you?
  • 13
    Which of these sexual fantasies sounds the best to you?
  • 14
    Imagine you are having sex with him. What position are you in?

Comments (20)


17 days ago
I'm a Sagittarius and I got Switch leaning towards Sub. Also I'm bi
121 days ago
Nob is good nob is nice
128 days ago
I got switch leaning Dom but I can also lean sub I just answered depends on a mood honestly being a switch is confusing
186 days ago
Switch but mainly bottom, but also a Lesbian lol
199 days ago
I'm a 😘 lesbian bruh
211 days ago
NO i refuse to accept i am sub
237 days ago
im a scorpio and i could tell u right now that i am not a dom, i am the complete opposite ;)
258 days ago
I mean I’m a Scorpio but I’m more sub than a dom lmao
295 days ago
I mean since I'm attracted to women I just kinda replaced everything with equivalent words where I could, and that held through to the end and I got my result, so yeah.
295 days ago
This test seem to assume anyone taking it are either a straight woman or a gay guy.
Or at least that your partner identifies as male.

Is dating a woman unheard of?
319 days ago
I guess I am submissive but also have sexual needs
353 days ago
how did the quiz know me so well dominate girl thats on periodt. ^-^
354 days ago
I am always submissive to young, handsome masters who love directing me to do what pleases them.
364 days ago
This test is so heteronormative.
369 days ago
I have dick. You forgot about women like me.
422 days ago
452 days ago
514 days ago
but I like it when my woman takes control!

BTW I am a girl so that makes me lesbian!!!!
514 days ago
I got dominant which is very TRUE!
And my man likes it that way hehe!
514 days ago
Well I got switch which is sorta tru, but I could dominate any time, any place and anyhow ;-)