Are you a good kisser?
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Are you a good kisser?

Are you sweetly sensual or a mouth rapist? Find out now!

Question 1:You and your boy/girlfriend lean in for your first kiss together. You:
Kiss gently with no tongue, then pull back and look into their eyes to see if they want more.
Lean in for a quick peck. You don't want to gross them out.
Grab them and give them a good one. You want them begging for more next time!
Kiss them gently on the cheek. You want to tease them until the right time.

Question 2:Do you nibble?
Yes! I bite and expect them to bite back.
No, I'm no vampire!
Only if they nibble me first.
Yes, only gently though. It adds variety!

Question 3:Do you kiss on the first date?
Yes, it's the best way to say you had a great time.
No way! I want to know whose saliva I'm sucking!
If they lean in first, sure! Hey, it's free action!
No, kissing is reserved for a steady boy/girlfriend.

Question 4:Your ex-boy/girlfriend calls you out of the blue and says, "Hey, want to go for some non committal make out? You're the best kisser I've ever had." *Non committal make out is making out....without the date. You:
Say, "Go to hell, you perv!" and hang up.
Think about it for a second, after all, they are a good kisser, but you don't want to renew your feelings for them.
Tell them you'll be up in five minutes to decide on a location.
Say, "Absolutely, I'll be there as soon as I can." Then hang up and never intend on going.
Smile, you are flattered. It will be fun to kiss them with out that freaky relationship obligation.

Question 5:The purpose to kissing, in your opinion, is to:
Excite the other person! Make them never want to kiss anyone else ever again!
Grow closer to your boy/girlfriend.
The boring stage before things really get exciting.
It's a recreational sport and should be included in the Olympics.

Question 6:Kissing with your eyes open is:
Very exciting. It takes kissing to the next level.
Embarrassing! You look like a bug that close up.
Dishonest! What are you looking for anyway?
Funny, especially when the other person doesn't know you are looking at them!

Question 7:How many times do you think about kissing in a day?
About every hour.
You mean, when do I think about anything else?
Uhhhhh....that's stupid. I've got other things to worry about.
Eh, a few times a day. It's not my main focus.

Question 8:Do you suck on your boy/girlfriend's lips hard?
Not really. Just enough to add variety.
Yes. I like it when they do it to me. If the lips aren't swollen after, you've wasted time.
No, it hurts!
Yes, they call me hoover

Question 9:How do you breathe when you kiss?
Through my nose. I don't make a big deal out of it.
I usually hold my breath.
Through my mouth quickly, it's a real turn on for the other person.
Through my nose and mouth, which ever feels right

Question 10:Where are your hands when you are kissing.
Around the other person's neck or waist.
Anywhere and everywhere you can reach!
Massaging their butt.
I'd rather not say....
Slowly massaging different places on their body.

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